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Rating: 9.5 out of 101ST PLACE

Cambridge based Design With Style’s SEO service is the aptly named Style Rank, which promises a tailored service for all types of business. Backed by years of experience and success, Style Rank is a great solution for your website ranking woes.

Founder Jacob Silver’s approach to SEO is one of empowering clients as well as increasing rank. With a team of knowledgeable SEO experts and a proven track record, Style Rank have what it takes to drive your business to the next level. Their menu of SEO services is extensive, meaning they’ve got solutions for every SEO issue your business might face.

Our team of researchers have reviewed Style Rank by Design With Style, and we’re impressed enough to rate them 9.7 out of 10. This puts them into a very well deserved 1st place in our survey of the UK’s Top SEO companies.

Style Rank’s objective is to help their clients achieve success in terms of both ranking and sales. Unlike some other SEO agencies, Style Rank believe that you are the expert in your business. This means that they take the time to ask you the questions they need to know to provide the best possible service for your needs. They look at your understanding of your target market, your service or product, and your biggest challenges, as well as what you want to achieve.

The proof of an SEO agency’s value is in the results they can achieve for their clients. With Style Rank, it’s clear that not only do they have a passion for SEO, but they are successful at it, too. They’ve had clients who they’ve brought back from the brink of bankruptcy with their SEO services, which is an incredible testimony. It’s successes like that which have led us to rate Style Rank an impressive 9.7 out of 10.

logo of style rank on a black background

the style rank logo on a black background in various sizes


Style Monthly

One of Style Rank’s standout SEO offerings is their monthly SEO package for businesses who are committed to ranking up on Google. This subscription package, which starts at £1000 + vat, is a link building service that has generated success for countless clients. Style Monthly offers regular high value links to your site to rocket your ranking. This long term means of giving your site value and authority in Google’s eyes will allow you to rank up for even high competition keywords.

Style OnPage

When Google’s bots crawl your site, the last thing you want is for them to encounter errors that will reduce your ranking. Style OnPage is a full-optimisation service that makes sure every page of your site is error-free and correctly optimised for target keywords. Style OnPage also makes sure your site is optimised for your human visitors, ensuring the right visitors hit the right pages through keyword research. Priced by number of pages, this service covers all aspects of on page optimisation.

Style Social

The rise of social media in the last decade means that no business can afford not to have a strong online social media presence. The Style Social service from Style Rank guarantees to super charge your business on social media, which leads to great quality backlinks to boost your Google ranking. Social media is a great way of cultivating a strong brand reputation that has a dual purpose. Customers will trust you brand more, and your site will rank higher for competitive keywords because of your reputation.

Style Boost

Style Rank’s authority-increasing Style Boost service is great for businesses who want to make sure their brand gets noticed everywhere. This comprehensive SEO offering revolves around creating all the directory listings, social media profiles and PR you could ever need. Consistency is key, and this package ensures that your business has that consistent online presence. It’s a great way of rocket propelling your brand’s image both with customers and with Google. Rank improvement is guaranteed when your online presence is boosted.

Gold Badge Award

We have awarded Style Rank our prestigious Gold Badge Award.

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Are Style Rank Right For You?

Rated 9.7 out of 10.

With impressive results and rave reviews, it’s clear that Style Rank is an SEO service that works. Jacob Silver’s passion for seeing businesses succeed and desire to empower clients makes Style Rank a great choice for businesses big and small. You only have to take a glance at the Design With Style website to see the impressive array of skills on offer. Quite simply, the website is a joy and delight to spend time on.

Testimonials galore endorse Style Rank’s success rate with the businesses they’ve worked with. Clients are reporting steadily climbing up the search engine rankings and reaping the rewards in revenue.

Businesses appreciate the time and care taken not just to provide the very best service possible, but also to teach them how to optimise their own sites more effectively. For Design With Style, there’s no agenda just to get money out of you – the desire to empower clients is genuine.

What makes Style Rank our number 1 rated SEO agency in the UK? It comes down to their comprehensive service packages, transparency with pricing (no nasty surprises when you get a quote) and their passionate approach to helping other businesses succeed. Style Rank don’t just promise great results for your business – they deliver those results, too.

Style Rank Service Overview

To be honest, we could spend all day on Style Rank’s website and never get bored of the bright, funky layout, and snappy style. It’s one of the best websites from an SEO agency we’ve seen in a while, and it showcases their skills perfectly. Jacob Silver strives for a personal approach to the business that makes for a great user experience (UX).

SEO agencies that don’t practice what they sell in terms of SEO, content and UX sell themselves short. Style Rank certainly don’t make that mistake. We’re absolutely delighted to rate them 9.7 out of 10 and crown them into 1st position in our review of the UK’s top SEO companies.

Let’s have a closer look at all that Style Rank have got to offer.

Style Monthly

When it comes to SEO, most businesses fail to realise how much of a long-term project SEO actually is. Some SEO agencies will help you rank up in the search engines but fail to provide you with long term sustainable results. Not Style Rank. Their Style Monthly SEO Package, which is a best seller, enables you to relax knowing that your SEO is in good hands.

Style Monthly has a proven track record of helping businesses just like yours climb the rankings for even competitive keywords. Its focus is on link building, which is absolutely essential when it comes to Google ranking. Backlinks help you to secure your site’s authority and trustworthiness in the eyes of Google bots. Other SEO agencies will happily help you build backlinks, but Style Rank do this on a consistent basis.

By building up your reputation with regular backlinks on high authority sites, spread out across the month, Style Rank have created a service that consistently performs well. Using target keywords, Style Monthly helps you to be seen by Google as valuable, and the frequency of the links adds to your authority. Even the toughest, most competitive keywords can be harnessed with this service. When your ranking rises, so does your revenue.

Style OnPage

On page optimisation is hugely important for SEO ranking success, and Style OnPage is a comprehensive on page optimisation service that works. Google have strict standards when it comes to webpages, and many businesses inadvertently lose ranking because of issues on their pages. Style Rank’s Style OnPage takes care of the hassle of making sure your site has the best chance of ranking for your target keywords.

Style Rank will look at everything from page loading time, to broken links, and any other issues that Google bots might have crawling your site. Then, using intensive keyword research that highlights both opportunities and level of competition, Style Rank will optimise your site’s pages. This process aims to ensure your site is ranking higher than your competitors for your target keywords, even in competitive areas.

Style OnPage deals with all the often-forgotten aspects webpages such as titles, metatags, headings, URL structure, image alt-tags, and image file names. When all these things are optimised to their full potential, your site rank will improve, generating more traffic and more sales.

Style Boost

A website’s authority is one of the many things that Google takes into consideration when ranking your business in search results. Style Boost is Style Rank’s one stop shop for businesses who want to get their ranking rocketing to the top of page 1. It’s a package that incorporates social media, directory listings and PR to make sure your business gets noticed everywhere.

Style Boost isn’t just about impressing Google, although that’s a big part of it. Getting your site to the top of the rankings is important, but Style Boost goes one step further. This package, which is competitively priced considering its ultimate value, also boosts your profile with your customers. When your site can be found on over 500 high authority websites, then customers know that your business can be trusted. It’s not just your ranking that gets a boost – your revenue will, too.

For businesses looking to grow their online presence, Style Boost is a package of SEO strategies that are proven to work. It kickstarts your SEO and makes it easier for your customers to find you. More than that, it gives you an edge over your competitors.

Style Directory

Every business needs their customers to be able to find them, right? Whilst Google ranking means that your site can be discovered in search engines, many businesses overlook online directories. Style Directory is a Style Rank service that hand submits your site to major online directories to improve your reach. What’s more, this service ensures that the data submitted to the directories is consistent. Google likes consistency, and this can help your ranking.

Submitting your site to online directories provides three key benefits for your business. It enhances your visibility to customers; it provides high quality, high authority backlinks to your site; and it increases your authority in Google’s eyes. With Style Rank’s Style Directory service, you’ll see your online presence, site traffic and revenue rising within weeks.

Style Social

Social media is something that’s exploded over the last decade, and your business can’t afford to miss this SEO opportunity. Most businesses make sure to have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram presence, but these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to social media. There are, in fact, hundreds of potential social media platforms, and Style Social ensures that your business can be found on them.

Having a strong social media presence doesn’t just increase your reach when it comes to customers. Google also values businesses with great social media presence, because social media sites are high authority and high value backlinks in Google’s eyes. The extra traffic you get because of your social media presence also means a lot in terms of Google’s ranking algorithms.

Style Press

Style Rank have discovered that broadcasting your business through PR channels can be hugely beneficial in terms of SEO. Style Press is their PR offering that can catapult your business into the big league. Style Rank guarantee to place a carefully crafted press release, written by their experts, onto at least 450 websites that have high traffic. This proven method of reaching customers has resulted in huge traffic spikes and soaring revenue for many businesses.

Not only does this get your business noticed by your potential customers, it also boosts your rank. This kind of publicity tells Google that you’re an authority in your industry and can help your business to leave your competitors in the dust in ranking terms.

Final Thoughts

Style Rank have a lot to offer businesses wanting to get ahead of the competition in the SEO stakes. They have services for every budget, and the fact that they’re upfront about their pricing means you’re not going to be shocked when you get the bill. Style Rank genuinely want to see businesses like yours hit the big time, and they’re passionate about getting great results. Their reviews and testimonials showcase a magnitude of satisfied customers who only have positive things to say about Style Rank by Design With Style.

We’ve crowned Style Rank with 1st place in our survey of the best UK SEO companies. With an outstanding rating of 9.7 out of 10, we’re convinced they have the very best to offer out of all the agencies we’ve reviewed.

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Customer Testimonials

The reviews left by Style Rank’s clients speak for themselves, so we’re going to let them do just that. With testimonials like these, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed if you decide to choose Style Rank by Design With Style to handle your business’ SEO.

“We have been a customer of Design With Style now for the past four months, and the results have been amazing.
Each month we are climbing up the search engine rankings and getting those all-important new customers.

“I have worked closely with Design With Style on a number of occasions for search engine optimisation. My clients have been very impressed with their efficiency, and more importantly results. I would recommend Design With Style to anyone looking for an honest, friendly, professional and great value service.”


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