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Rating: 8.5 out of 109TH PLACE

Manchester-based Soap Media have been helping clients succeed in digital marketing since 2005. Their award-winning services have helped big brands boost their business and earned them an impressive reputation.

Soap pride themselves on being results orientated, intuitive and creative, and have a lot to offer besides SEO. Since SEO is the focus of our review, though, we’ll be focusing on the SEO services Soap Media have on offer. Our researchers have rated Soap 8.5 out of 10, allowing them to slip neatly into 9th position in our review of the UK’s top SEO agencies.

With a decade of experience in successful SEO strategies, Soap know how to use SEO to your business’ advantage. They only use white hat SEO and promise rank building strategies that really work. For Soap, successful SEO works best when it’s combined with your overall digital marketing strategy and site design.

Soap offer a comprehensive, integrated SEO service that helps businesses get to the first page on Google searches. Page 1 is where your business needs to be to get the best possible ROI. Soap have all the skills needed to make it happen.

Like some other SEO agencies we’ve reviewed, Soap Media are passionate about user experience (UX) as well as satisfying Google bots. They work hard to make sure your site’s SEO gives your visitors a positive experience, which increases conversions. Aspects such as mobile-friendly design, fast page loading speeds and intuitive URL structures are a big part of Soap’s strategy.

Their website features case studies of successful SEO strategies to back up their claims. The detail in the case studies show potential clients the depth and breadth of Soap’s services and inspire confidence in their abilities. Soap’s thorough approach and years of experience have led us to rate them 8.5 out of 10. They’re not at the top of our table, but they’ve got plenty to offer in terms of SEO services.

logo of soap media on a white background

the soap media logo on a white background in various sizes


SEO Friendly Pages

Soap’s SEO strategy starts with your site’s structure. This forms the foundations for successful rank building and looks at user experience as well as the more technical aspects. Soap have a team of designers who specialise in creating web pages that boost your authority, increase site traffic and improve ranking. They employ a strategy that encourages visitor interaction, which is important for both revenue and ranking. Technical issues such as page loading speed, easy navigation, bot-friendly structures and mobile-friendly design also play a part in Soap’s SEO strategy.

Link Building

Link Building is well known to be a great means of boosting ranking and getting impressive results. Soap’s years of experience mean they have all the tools you need to improve your online presence. Their Link Building strategy involves content marketing, blogger outreach, PR, infographics and social media promotion. The combination of these techniques means that your site will have high quality, relevant backlinks that Google will value. Your business will get noticed and you’ll have a much better chance of appearing on page 1 in search results for your target keywords.

On Site Optimisation

When it comes to On Site Optimisation, Soap understand the necessity of priming your site both for visitors and for search bots. On Site Optimisation benefits your site ranking and your conversion rates, so it’s understandably a big part of Soap’s SEO strategy. They start with an evaluation of your site’s content and look at ways to funnel your visitors towards conversion. In addition, they’ll use keyword strategies, titles, descriptions, headings and internal links that will make it easier for Google to rank your business highly for the keywords you’re targeting.

Social Media & PR

Soap believe that using Social Media & PR are hugely effective in improving your online presence, authority and value. These are aspects of SEO that Google use when making ranking decisions. This white hat SEO technique has benefited countless businesses. Site authority really matters, especially when your business operates in a competitive market. PR and Social Media increase your online presence and reputation, making your business attractive to customers and valuable in Google’s eyes. Soap’s Social Media & PR strategies will help your business leapfrog over your competitors!

Gold Badge Award

We have awarded Soap Media our prestigious Gold Badge Award.

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Are Soap Media Right For You?

Rated 8.5 out of 10.

Soap Media have over 10 years’ experience in helping businesses just like yours achieve success through SEO strategies. They have a comprehensive approach to digital marketing, so their service is more than just basic SEO improvements. Soap are results driven, meaning they really care about their clients’ ranking and revenue.

They promise a great ROI and have a whole host of client case studies and testimonials to back it up. For Soap, SEO and digital marketing isn’t just about driving up ranking and increasing site traffic. They believe that success is rooted in giving your visitors and potential customers the best possible experience.

Soap understand the dangers of having a website that is optimised for Google bots and ranking but which lets the site users down. Ranking and traffic are great, but it’s giving users a good experience and funnelling them towards conversion that really matters in terms of your ROI.

Soap pride themselves on their thorough approach. They claim that no other agency digs as deep into competitor analysis than they do. They strive for the best possible results and don’t do mediocracy. Everything they do is aimed at giving you the results your business needs.

Soap Media Service Overview

Soap Media’s delightful, interactive and creative website showcases their huge range of services well. Their skills in design and user experience are clear to see, and it’s a great advertisement for these aspects of their services. Although they’re in 9th place in our reviews, that’s more down to some tough competition than anything being really lacking from their offerings. Their rating of 8.5 out of 10 is pretty good overall.

Since Soap like to deep-dive into their clients’ websites, let’s take a dive of our own into their SEO services.

Integrated SEO Services

Soap understand that what matters to most businesses is getting onto the first page of Google’s search results. Increasing your site rank has a considerable impact on your revenue, and Soap have a great track record of navigating Google’s algorithms.

Getting onto page 1 is a challenge for any business, but Soap Media’s experience and comprehensive strategical approach makes it look easy. Their clients’ successes with Integrated SEO speak volumes for Soap’s abilities.

SEO Friendly Pages

SEO Friendly Pages form the foundation for successful SEO. For Soap, this means creating a great user experience as well as making crawling and indexing easy for Google bots. Soap look at URL structures, page loading speeds and how your site looks on mobile devices. Then they work to fix any problems and issues that could be holding your business back.

Soap have an in-house team of creative designers who know how to create web pages that convert visitors into customers. They focus on high-quality content that Google will value, and categories and sub-level content that boost your site’s authority and meet your visitors’ needs. Soap work on the principle that your site should guide visitors through to conversion with CTAs, promotions and contact forms.

Link Building

Soap know that link building matters. Not any old links, and certainly not links that Google will disapprove of, but genuine, high quality links that will boost your ranking. Soap have a strategy of link building that relies on great content from their in-house and contract writers to add value and authority to your backlinks.

Soap use a combination of content marketing, influencer outreach, PR, social media and infographics to rocket-propel your online presence. They operate on the principle that while any business can build backlinks, Soap generate quality backlinks. Backlinks that will get your business noticed in all the right places, by all the right people, including Google’s bots.

On Site Optimisation

Using On Site Optimisation, Soap prepares your website for SEO and marketing success. The best marketing campaigns can fail if care hasn’t been taken with On Site Optimisation, so Soap make this a priority. They’ll audit your site to get a benchmark and then work at improving things.

On Site Optimisation uses keyword research to its full potential, placing keywords on the right pages for the right targets, and aiming to increase conversion. The often-forgotten meta tags, headings, URL structures and alt-text on images are all taken care of when Soap does On Site Optimisation.

Social Media & PR

Social Media & PR strategy, for Soap, have a big influence on SEO. These crucial elements help to build your business’ authority and value, so that Google ranks you higher and visitors flock to your site. Soap utilise techniques that increase engagement and conversion and have had great success.

Their case studies show how well targeted Social Media & PR can see your business being endorsed by journalists, which will sky-rocket your Google ranking. There’s a cycle illustration on Soap’s website that shows how social media positively impacts SEO.


Pay Per Click (PPC) forms a part of Soap’s integrated SEO strategy, as it’s a great way to get rapid results. Soap help businesses to identify the right keywords for their target market, and they test extensively before beginning any campaign. This way, it’s risk free for your business. Soap have a lot of experience in this field and have achieved impressive results for businesses big and small. They see their PPC strategy as a great ROI for their clients.

Analysis & Reporting

No SEO agency would be complete without offering Analysis & Reporting on the results their SEO strategy generates. They keep an eye on how well the SEO strategy is working and offer advice and feedback to make sure you’re getting the very best from their service. This kind of close monitoring means that it’s easy to identify areas of improvement, and make sure that there’s consistency in ranking increases.

Final Thoughts

As a digital marketing agency with over 10 years’ experience, Soap Media have a full range of SEO services and a great track record of success. Their offerings aren’t quite as extensive as some of the other agencies we’ve reviewed, but they’re still a good choice. Their focus on getting great results in terms of ranking and online presence means they’ll work hard to give you the best SEO strategy possible. User experience is important for Soap and this aspect of their services could be a big selling point for some businesses.

We’ve rated Soap Media 8.5 out of 10 in our survey of the best UK SEO agencies, and that allows them to slip into 9th place.

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Customer Testimonials

When it comes to evaluating whether Soap Media are right for your needs, you don’t have to take our word for their successes. Their site has plenty of reviews, case studies and testimonials that prove they have a long line of satisfied clients. Here’s just one of the fabulous reviews they’ve received.

“I was impressed with Soap Media’s personal and hands-on approach. They took time to understand our business objectives and created a tailored strategy that delivered.”

You can view the other case studies and reviews on Soap’s website, to see for yourself what their clients are saying about them.


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