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Rating: 9.2 out of 105TH PLACE

SEO Professor was founded by Brett Tudor in 2011 in the North Wales city of Wrexham. Providing SEO services to SMEs and sole traders, the Professors have a solid skillset and a reputation for taking on the most challenging SEO projects.

SEO Professor’s chief aim in SEO is to make a genuine difference to businesses, watching them grow and develop from often small beginnings. With an organic approach to SEO, built on strong, high quality web content, SEO professor has helped countless businesses improve their rank. The Professors believe in transparency for their clients and see constant monitoring as an absolute must.

Our researchers have reviewed SEO Professor’s services and have awarded a rating of 9.2 out of 10, putting them in 5th position in our survey of UK-based SEO companies.

Brett Tudor was a web content writer before he was an SEO expert, and it’s that experience that gives SEO Professor a slightly different operational slant. For SEO Professor, content is at the root of the very best SEO practices. Having worked with SMEs and sole traders who have had high expectations and small budgets, the Professors have embraced the challenges of these clients successfully. SEO Professor see challenges as an opportunity to develop and refine skills – resulting in a better service for clients.

SEO Professor consider that good SEO arises from basic foundations rather than shortcuts that many businesses fall into the trap of using. For SEO Professor, effective SEO is an amalgamation of web designing, content and marketing, not just the technical aspects. They have a proven record of helping clients rank onto page one in Google search results, using a combination of SEO best practices. The extensive service offering, and client-focused approach allows SEO Professor to slip into 5th place with a ranking of 9.2 out of 10.

logo of seo professor on a black background

the seo professor logo in various sizes in a pattern on a black background


SEO Copywriting

Whilst other SEO service providers will offer content writing, many don’t have the experience that SEO Professor has. A background in content writing has given Brett Tudor a different perspective of web content. Copywriting and SEO Copywriting sound similar, but they’re not the same. SEO Professor’s clients will get the best of both – content that is powerful and engaging combined with the technical understanding of SEO copywriting that Google bots will love.

Online Reputation Management

One of SEO Professor’s standout features is the Online Reputation Management aspect of the SEO strategy. Ranking can be harmed by damaging reviews from disgruntled clients who delight in discrediting businesses. Other businesses will sometimes engage in campaigns to destroy your reputation, dedicating entire websites to this unpleasant scheme. Part of SEO Professor’s strategy is to have offending content removed from search results. This, combined with positive news and reviews can help bolster damaged ranking.

Content Marketing Strategy

Whilst content is king for SEO, the Professors’ strategy helps businesses overcome the dangers of creating unnecessary content that’s ineffective or damaging. SEO Professor pride themselves on Content Marketing Strategy that is built around an understanding of your customers. This SEO practice allows for targeted campaigns that reach visitors and generate revenue. Developing a business’ online presence well can be hugely important for a site’s ranking. This depends on quality content and a consistent campaign that increases conversions.

Link Building Strategy

Without the right kind of backlinks, your website isn’t going to rank well in Google’s results. SEO Professor bring years of experience to this important area of SEO strategy and promise high quality links. The higher the quality of the backlinks, the greater your site’s authority and trustworthiness. Google rewards this with a better ranking, and greater chance of reaching more customers. Certain kinds of backlinks, however, will harm your site, and SEO Professor will help you to avoid these, as well as removing any bad links from the past.

Gold Badge Award

We have awarded SEO Professor our prestigious Gold Badge Award.

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Are SEO Professor Right For You?

Rated 9.2 out of 10.

SEO Professor rank as one of the top UK SEO companies, and have over 7 years’ experience to back up their services. Having worked with the challenges of high client exceptions and low SEO budgets, they have skills to help any business, big or small, improve their ranking.

The Professors aim to help your business generate greater profit streams, not just in the short term, but long term. They want to ensure that their clients get a good return on investment.

SEO Professor are proud of their successes as an SEO service, and their site has a series of impressive recent SEO case studies to back their claims up. Their transparency in validating their results lends them credibility and makes them a good fit for businesses looking for an SEO service you can trust.

Their past experience makes them especially suitable for small businesses with smaller budgets who are looking to grow their ranking.

SEO Professor Service Overview

SEO Professor’s website contains a wealth of information about their wide range of services, and it’s clear that they know what they’re talking about. They genuinely care about even the smallest business’ success and are committed to reasonable pricing. Their range of services have earned them a rating of 9.2 out of 10, so let’s explore some of those services.

SEO Copywriting

Brett Tudor’s content writing background has led to a focus on SEO copywriting as a lynchpin of the Professor’s strategy. For him, there’s a crucial difference between regular copywriting and SEO copywriting – and many businesses are blissfully unaware of this. SEO copywriting is a fusion of technical SEO principles and the ability to write outstanding copy.

As a copywriter and SEO expert, Brett has a clear advantage over some other SEO service providers. Clients benefit from expert SEO copywriting that considers Google bot requirements and what problems site visitors are looking to solve. The Professors recognise that the quality of content is just as important as the keywords, especially since Google’s algorithms will compare your web content with others in your industry to see who comes out on top.

Technical SEO

SEO Professor describe Technical SEO as the nuts and bolts of SEO strategy. Even the best designed websites will have some kind of technical issues that can impact on Google ranking. With this in mind, SEO Professor make sure to go through your website with care, identifying and correcting any issues. These can include 404 errors, broken links, site migration problems, duplicate content, spam links and page redirects.

SEO Professor use SEO software to ensure that nothing that’s affecting your rank is missed. These checks take place before any other aspects of the SEO strategy are implemented. It’s no good having SEO experts working on your ranking if there are underlying problems still holding your site back!

Local SEO

Although not necessarily high on some businesses’ priority lists, local SEO is important for businesses who are targeting customers in their local area. For these clients, SEO Professor will focus more on Local SEO than National SEO. Examples of businesses who might benefit from this kind of SEO strategy include driving instructors and private tutors.

For e-commerce businesses, however, Local SEO is of much less importance; it’s more important to reach a wider audience. SEO Professor work with both types of business and will help their clients to decide on the best possible strategy for their business.

Link Building

Whilst just one part of an overall aim to improve your website’s authority, link building is essential for SEO. Without the right kind of inbound links, your site will never make it to page one of the Google search listings for your target keywords.

SEO Professor only aim for high quality backlinks to emphasise your business’ authority and trustworthiness. The way Google views backlinks has changed over the last decade, and certain types of links now harm site ranking.

The Professors will audit backlinks and work to remove those links that do more harm than good.

Content Marketing Strategy

SEO Professor understand that whilst content is hugely important for building a website’s search ranking up, not all content is equal in Google’s eyes. Content only works if it’s relevant and will answer questions for your site’s visitors. Some businesses get into a bad habit of creating content for content’s sake, and this can actually be damaging.

SEO Professor work on the principle that for content to boost your business’ online presence and ranking, consistency is key. This helps to create an impression of trustworthiness. The Professors offer a range of content marketing services that aim to get the best possible results, whatever your budget.

Ranking Reports

SEO Professor provide their clients with monthly ranking reports that allow you to see at a glance how well the SEO strategy is working. These detailed reports show how keywords are performing in search engines across the world, and on a range of devices.

In addition, the Professors also include data on competitors, such as inbound link value and page authority, which can help with future SEO strategy planning.

Online Reputation Management

When it comes to rankings, reputation management is an important part of SEO Professor’s offerings. Bad reviews from vindictive customers set on damaging your reputation, and competitors who dedicate whole websites to discrediting your business can be a huge problem. SEO Professor’s Online Reputation Management service works to reduce the impact of these problems.

The Professors have had success in having offending content removed and bolstering reputation with positive news. Not all SEO companies offer this service, and SEO Professor stand out because of their dedication to the success of their clients. It is a cost-effective alternative to pursuing legal action for defamation.

Final Thoughts

With a focus on helping smaller businesses improve their website ranking and online presence, SEO Professor offer a comprehensive SEO service that has some standout features. The SEO Copywriting and Online Reputation Management services are not offered by some other SEO companies, and this gives SEO Professor a competitive edge.

We’re happy to give SEO Professor a rating of 9.2 out of 10 in our review of SEO companies in the UK. Their 5th place position is well deserved.

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Customer Testimonials

Customer reviews are a good way of seeing how well a company lives up to the claims it makes. In the case of SEO Professor, a plethora of 5* reviews speaks for itself. Here’s one from a satisfied customer.

“Brett has helped considerably on my SEO and is very clear with his advice. He is very knowledgeable in his work. He also gives valuable tips on SEO, content, keywords etc. I highly recommend SEO Professor.”


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