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Rating: 9.5 out of 102ND PLACE

Located in the Oxfordshire town of Henley-on-Thames, Screaming Frog were founded in 2010. From small beginnings, they now have almost 40 experts on the team. Their business focuses on helping other businesses grow their online presence through digital and search marketing.

After reviewing Screaming Frog’s services our researchers have awarded them with 9.5 out of 10. This lands them into a respectable 2nd place in our survey of the best SEO services in the UK.

Screaming Frog have years of experience in search and digital marketing, and they have clients all around the world. From the moment you arrive on their website, the creativity and innovation of these self-styled ‘Frogs’ is obvious.

In 2010, Screaming Frog developed a crawling tool that they called the ‘SEO Spider’. This clever tool is used to help SEO experts with their recommendations to clients. The SEO Spider was launched publicly in 2011 and was an instant hit. It was so much of a hit, in fact, that it was nominated for a UK Search Award for best SEO Software in 2013!

For Screaming Frog, the awards kept coming, with a 2014 UK Search Award for helping ‘inspire and revolutionise the UK search industry. What’s actually amazing about their success is that they achieved all this without a salesman on the team!

The client comes first for the team of Frogs. Their aim is to build long-term relationships with their clients, and work with rather than for them. One of Screaming Frog’s standout features is their goal to empower their clients to learn from the Frogs.

Screaming Frog believe that communication is key to working well with clients. Their honest and accountable methods mean that their clients will get the best possible service from these SEO experts.

logo of screaming frog on a white background

the screaming froglogo on a white background in various sizes


Technical SEO Audit

Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider marks them out as experts in technical SEO. Not all SEO experts will offer this kind of service, so it makes Screaming Frog stand out. A Technical SEO Audit sounds complicated, but it’s really important for businesses who want to improve their Google ranking. When the Frogs run an audit on your website, you can be sure they’ll pick up on any problems that could be harming your SEO and put them right so that you’ll have maximum visibility online.

Penalty Recovery

The last thing you want for your business website is for it to be penalised by Google for bad SEO practices. When you do find yourself penalised, however, Screaming Frog can help put things right. They have a lot of experience in helping websites recover from Google penalties. Whether the penalties are because of Google’s ever-evolving algorithms or because of some past SEO errors, the Frogs have the tools to restore your website’s good ranking.

Content Marketing

The team at Screaming Frog know that for marketing to be successful, content is crucial. As well as employing keyword research and market research, the Frogs can help make sure your content works to your advantage. Their team doesn’t just include SEO experts – they also have writers, designers and developers. What’s more, they have a ton of experience in helping businesses maximise their marketing. With contacts in mainstream media, leading publications and market influencers, they can get your brand noticed!

Onsite SEO

An SEO service wouldn’t be worth a second glance if they didn’t use onsite SEO techniques. Thankfully, the team at Screaming Frog have all the expertise you need when it comes to this. In fact, they go above and beyond what many SEO services provide. Not only do they offer advice about keyword relevancy and targeting, meta-tags, heading tags, they also cover more complex aspects. The Frogs can help you with site migration issues and structured data/schemas that can improve your Google ranking.

Gold Badge Award

We have awarded Screaming Frog our prestigious Gold Badge Award.

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Are Screaming Frog Right For You?

Rated 9.5 out of 10.

When it comes to SEO, the team at Screaming Frog have a lot of years of experience. Graeme Radford began working in search marketing in 1998, and Dan Sharp started out in 2005. If it’s experience you’re looking for, these Frogs have certainly got it. What’s more, Dan won a UK Search Award for being a ‘talented and inspiring practitioner who has revolutionised the UK search industry’. That’s quite an accolade!

Screaming Frog work with clients all around the world, in all kinds of industries. From Disney to Dell, they’ve built up a reputation for being remarkably successful. They understand that all businesses have different needs, so work with clients to develop a tailored SEO and marketing strategy. They’ve worked with big and small brands and are well versed in the challenges that can arise – as well as the strategies to overcome the challenges.

Screaming Frog Service Overview

Screaming Frog’s website presents visitors with a banquet of SEO-related services. Their expertise shines out, as does their genuine desire to work with their clients to bring success in search marketing.

With 20 years’ experience, they have a strategy and service for businesses big and small. Let’s look at the range of services that have made us rank the Frogs 9.5 out of 10.

SEO Consultancy

At the beginning of the working relationship with a client, the team at Screaming Frog focus on understanding SEO objectives. They genuinely want their clients to succeed in their strategies, so for the Frogs it’s important that any SEO strategy is realistic.

The team are flexible in the way they work, too. They understand that some businesses have marketing teams that need guidance, whilst others need the Frogs to be their SEO team. It’s refreshing that they don’t push for (the more expensive) option of the two but will recommend what’s best for their clients.

Keyword & Market Research

You can’t do SEO if you don’t do keyword and market research, which is why Screaming Frog put effort into this area. For the team, who care about their clients, keyword and market research means they can make realistic projections not empty promises. The Frogs use keyword research and research into viable opportunities in the client’s market to guide their strategy.

Technical SEO Audit

A good SEO strategy will never be effective if past SEO mistakes are still impacting your Google ranking. Screaming Frog use a Technical SEO Audit, and their SEO Spider crawling software, to pick up on problems Google’s bots may have crawling and indexing your site. Identifying and rectifying these problems can be a big boost to a business’s online presence.

Onsite SEO

Onsite SEO is a cornerstone of good SEO practice, and the Frogs spend time analysing the structure, content and internal architecture of your site. Always up to date with the latest search engine algorithms, Screaming Frog offer recommendations that will improve your Google ranking.

Beyond the basics, the team also provide more complex onsite SEO services. These include dealing with site migrations and schemas (which many business owners don’t have the first clue about!). This extra-technical aspect of Screaming Frog’s services is one of the reasons we’ve ranked them so highly!

Website Analysis

While implementing good SEO practices is a huge focus of Geeky’s work, it’s also important to remove any spammy content or harmful backlinks. Geeky know that good SEO practise can easily be overshadowed by past mistakes. That’s why they analyse their clients’ websites and get to work putting things right.

Analysing websites for bad SEO practice isn’t something all SEO services providers offer. Geeky stand out for their genuine focus on their clients’ success.

Penalty Recovery

Being penalised by Google is a business owner’s nightmare, but the Frogs can help put things back in order. Sometimes websites are penalised simply because of the ever-evolving algorithms; other times it’s down to some previous SEO mistake.

Spammy content or bad backlinks can really hurt a website’s ranking, but Screaming Frog have experience in rectifying these problems. They use link audits and backlink profile reviews to identify the culprits and remove them.

Link Building

Screaming Frog think Link Building is an outdated term for something that is hugely important. There is so much more to Link Building than just link building, and this is something which the Frogs specialise in. As far as Screaming Frog are concerned, Link Building is more of an umbrella term for a number of crucial SEO practices: content marketing, PR and outreach.

Content Marketing

With a focus on compelling content, the Frogs have creative team members who specialise in writing, designing and developing. A huge part of Screaming Frog’s Link Building strategy, Content Marketing strives to get businesses noticed and talked about.

Digital PR

The Frogs have built up a network of media contacts, bloggers, journalists and influences. Getting clients noticed by these contacts is important when it comes to Link Building.


Linked in with Digital PR, Outreach aims to make sure their clients’ messages are being talked about and shared by online influencers.

Reporting & Analysis

No SEO strategy is complete without the obligatory analytics and reports. Screaming Frog claim to love data, so analytics is a breeze for them. They provide all their clients with monthly reports that show how their SEO strategy is impacting on traffic, conversions and sales revenue. For the Frogs, this is important because they believe that their clients should be able to see, in the reports, what ROI they’re getting from engaging Screaming Frog’s team.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Screaming Frog tick a lot of boxes when it comes to excellence in SEO services. They have a large team of experts and creatives and have won awards for their innovations. The fact that they genuinely want their clients to succeed is a huge selling point, too.

It’s our delight to give Screaming Frog a rating of 9.5 out of 10, which puts them firmly in 2nd place out of all the SEO companies we’ve reviewed.

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Customer Testimonials

It’s not really surprising that Screaming Frog have a host of satisfied clients leaving them glowing reviews. Here’s just one:

“These guys know what they’re talking about! We’ve seen some excellent uplifts in organic search since working with them. They’re refreshingly open and are always happy to share their knowledge. Huge thumbs up from us.”
Sara Davies, Digital Communications Specialist – Unum.

With a review like that, it’s no wonder that Screaming Frog have galloped into 2nd place in our review table.


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Screaming Frog Ltd, 6 Greys Road,
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