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Rating: 9.5 out of 107TH PLACE

Jellyfish UK are part of a global agency offering a huge range of services for businesses. They have teams of experts whose goal is to help businesses achieve sustainable, long term growth. SEO is just one of their many offerings.

Jellyfish style themselves as the world’s biggest boutique agency, with impressive reviews to back up their claims. Whilst we’re focusing on their SEO offerings in this review, they offer many more services that can help businesses build their brand and online influence.

When it comes to SEO, Jellyfish have teams who specialise in different areas of SEO. These areas include technical optimisation, content optimisation and authority optimisation. When you work with Jellyfish for your SEO solutions, you get a team who’ll work together to give you the best possible strategy.

Our team of researchers spent some time reviewing Jellyfish UK and have given them a ranking of 8.9 out of 10. This puts them in 7th place in our survey of the best SEO companies in the UK. They have a lot to offer for business owners, but they don’t quite rank as highly as some of the other services that we’ve reviewed. As a global company offering a huge range of services, their approach is less personal. Additionally, their website lacks the level of important information that other SEO agencies provide.

That’s not to say that their SEO service offering isn’t impressive. They have a host of happy customers who testify to Jellyfish’s SEO competence. Jellyfish aim for a combined approach to digital marketing, using both SEO and PPC strategy to drive appropriate traffic to your website. They understand that a sustainable SEO strategy takes time, and they commit to working with you to build the best approach for your business.

logo of jellyfish on a white background

the jellyfish uk logo on a white background in various sizes


Research & Discovery

Jellyfish UK recognise that every business is different, and their SEO approach is tailored to the needs of their clients. They take time to get to know your brand and your goals, and who your target customers are. It’s this in-depth research that guides the keyword research that will contribute to your SEO success. In pursuing keyword research, Jellyfish look at the best converting keywords your competitors use, keywords for different stages of the marketing funnel, and keyword opportunities that will maximise your success.

Technical SEO

It’s Technical SEO that Jellyfish see as a means of unleashing the hidden potential of your website. Their Technical SEO experts spend time first analysing your website, and then making sure that everything is in place to give your SEO strategy the very best chance of success. Underlying issues that have been hindering your site ranking can hold your business back. Jellyfish will tackle everything from crawl problems to content duplication, and everything in between.

Content Marketing

The teams of Content Optimisers at Jellyfish UK aim to utilise good content marketing strategies that will improve their clients’ ranking. They also focus on content creation that raises your brand profile and encourages customers to return for repeat sales. Jellyfish use blogger outreach (sometimes known as influencer outreach) to build your business’ reputation and authority. One of Jellyfish’s strengths is that they have a long-standing relationship with a large number of influential bloggers who can boost your business profile and rank.

Penalty Recovery

Jellyfish UK have pioneered the Jellyfish Penalty Checker which is a great tool for understanding why you’ve been penalised by Google. Recovering from the damage of a Google Penalty can be a difficult process, but Jellyfish have a lot of experience in restoring business’ online presence. They have a proven system of actions that have achieved a 100% removal record, making this service hugely valuable for businesses that Google has hit with penalties.

Gold Badge Award

We have awarded Jellyfish UK our prestigious Gold Badge Award.

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Are Jellyfish UK Right For You?

Rated 8.9 out of 10.

With an extensive team of experts in different aspects of SEO, Jellyfish are able to offer a strong and reliable service to boost your business ranking. However, they are part of a large global company, and their customer-focus isn’t quite as high as some other SEO experts. That being said, Jellyfish’s SEO offerings are comprehensive. Their Penalty Checker is a valuable asset for clients hit by Panda and Penguin Google algorithm changes.

The fact that they have experts specialising in different areas of SEO means that Jellyfish can offer a tailored service that draws on highly developed expertise and collaboration. The extra knowledge that these specialists can bring to an SEO strategy are valuable. You can be sure that with Jellyfish UK you have the very best experts working together on your strategy. They’ve worked with some huge brands, which gives them credibility, and their reviews reveal some very happy clients. If it’s knowledge and expertise you’re looking for, Jellyfish have a lot to offer.

Jellyfish UK Service Overview

There’s no disputing the fact that Jellyfish have a lot of services to offer. They have experts across the board in SEO strategy, and their approach to SEO is tailored to their clients’ needs. They do seem to genuinely want to see your business succeed, and their experience means they have a lot of strategies to draw on. Let’s have a look at some of the SEO services they can offer your business.

Research & Discovery

Jellyfish UK’s SEO strategy begins with getting to know your business, your industry, your brand and your goals. This is before any technical site audits or keyword research takes place. For Jellyfish, this background research is what makes SEO strategy work well for your business. Only when their experts have a good understanding of your business and what you want to achieve can they start to build up an SEO strategy that’s right for you.

Keyword Research

It’s not possible to do effective SEO without Keyword Research, and Jellyfish put a strong emphasis on this aspect of their SEO strategy. Correctly targeted and optimised keywords are essential when it comes to site ranking and organic traffic. Jellyfish understand the dangers of using the wrong keywords and have developed a tried and tested means of making sure your keywords are right.

They describe their keyword discovery process as a ‘deep-dive’ that looks into short-tail search terms, long-tail keywords, search volume, competition and relevancy. For Jellyfish, making good use of Keyword Research means looking not just at the right keywords for your business, but the right place to put them. They’ll look at ways to place keywords to guide your visitors towards conversion, so that your SEO strategy is a good ROI.

Landscape & Competitor Analysis

Understanding your market and your competitors allows Jellyfish to assess SEO strategy both before and after it’s implemented. They have teams that specialise in this kind of research, who are at the very top of their game. They also use tools to extract the most valuable data for your long-term SEO strategy.

Competitor content analysis involves examining the way your business rivals use keywords, content and structure, and how that helps them to rank well with Google. Jellyfish Competitor Analysis experts also look into your competitors’ backlinks strategy, marketing campaigns and trends in performance. All of these things help to develop a picture of what works and what doesn’t in SEO in your industry and will guide the strategy for your business.

Technical SEO

Business owners often get hung up on keywords and content and overlook the technical side of SEO. Jellyfish’s Technical SEO experts, however, dedicate themselves to site structure analysis and identifying issues that could be holding your business back. The structural foundations of a website are actually vital to the success of an SEO strategy. If there are hidden technical problems, the best keyword and content techniques in the world aren’t going to get your site onto page 1 on Google.

Jellyfish’s experts have worked with huge and complex sites, so they have the technical knowhow to do a thorough site audit that can really boost your SEO success. They’re able to provide actionable lists of issues that need fixing if you have in-house developers but can also make the fixes for you themselves.

Content Audit

In conjunction with Technical SEO and On-Site SEO, Jellyfish’s strategy includes auditing your content for the best possible results. In this they examine things like content length, types of content, the way content is positioned and tone of voice. They’ll also look at media assets such as images and videos which are missing, not relevant, or poorly optimised. The content audit gives your business the opportunity to leapfrog over your competitors in ranking and revenue.

Content Marketing & Outreach

Content is King when it comes to SEO, because it’s good content that ultimately drives up your ranking and site traffic. For Jellyfish, content marketing within SEO is also an important way of securing return visitors, conversions and sales. Jellyfish’s strategy starts with an understanding of what your customers want or need, in addition to the keywords they’re searching for.

The second most important strand of Jellyfish’s Content Marketing SEO strategy is Outreach. They have developed a huge network of loyal bloggers (or influencers) who can add authority and value to your business. Jellyfish are careful to make sure they use the right blogger for your business and industry, and they have enough contacts to make sure it’s a perfect fit that will boost your business successfully.

Google Penalty Recovery

A Google Penalty can be devastating for a small business that depends on search engine traffic for their revenue. Since the introduction of Panda and Penguin algorithms, Google has come down harder on businesses who’ve violated SEO good practice.

Unfortunately, not all of these violations have been deliberate, and what Google views as manipulation is often just past SEO mistakes such as keyword stuffing, bad and over-optimised backlinks. The strictest penalties can see websites removed completely from Google.

Fortunately, Jellyfish UK have a 100% success record when it comes to helping businesses to recover from Google penalties. They have an established system that enables them to identify the reason for the penalty and rectify the problem. The Jellyfish Penalty Checker is a useful tool that can also help businesses to avoid penalties in the first place.

Final Thoughts

Jellyfish UK’s SEO services are an impressive array of techniques that have proven popular with their clients. Their experience working with big brands, and the global nature of their agency lends them expertise and authority in the industry. Their focus on big brands, however, means they come across as a little less suitable for smaller businesses, and that’s why they’ve come in at 7th place in our review of the top UK SEO companies. They’ve still earned a respectable 8.9 out of 10, though!

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Customer Testimonials

Jellyfish’s customers seem pleased with the results the agency have delivered, which speaks for itself in terms of the quality of their service. There are a host of gushing testimonials on their website, mainly from big brands such as Toyota and Mazda. Here’s one client’s comments about Jellyfish’s overall approach.

“I like to get a feel for the people, both guys that came up very very personable, it was very easy talking to them, very informal – but they knew their stuff and that’s what impressed me more.”

Customer satisfaction goes a long way in building a business’ reputation, and it’s clear that Jellyfish have built up a very solid reputation of being a top-quality agency for businesses looking for marketing and SEO services.


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