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Rating: 8.3 out of 1010TH PLACE

Located in London, Go Up is one of the leading SEO and digital marketing agencies in the capital. They’ve got a lot of experience behind them, and they specialise in maximising their clients’ business potential. What’s more, they offer cost-effective solutions suitable for every budget.

Go Up has a great track record when it comes to SEO, and a host of satisfied customers to back up their claims. They strive for excellence in everything they do, from communication with clients to SEO results. The team at Go Up have different specialisms, so businesses can be sure to find an expert that’s right for their needs.

Our team of researchers have assessed Go Up’s offerings and rated them 8.3 out of 10. They’re in 10th place in our survey of the UK’s top SEO agencies, but that doesn’t mean they’re not right for your business. They’re up against some tough competition in the digital marketing industry.

For Go Up, SEO needs to produce sustainable and long-term results that transforms businesses. They know that isn’t easy, but they’ve the expertise to make it happen. They’re also passionate about delivering great results for their clients. Go Up have an ethical ethos and donate 10% of their annual profits to deserving causes.

With a reputation for being one of the UK’s best SEO agencies, Go Up works with clients across all kinds of industries. They’ve done work with some big brands, but they also work with small business. Go’s result focused approach has a proven record of driving targeted traffic and improving business’ online presence substantially.

Go Up has a multi-faceted approach to SEO, and their strategy is tailored to each business they work with. They have a range of SEO services that offer a comprehensive solution that will increase your site’s Google rank.

logo of go up on a white background

the go up logo on a white background in various sizes


Competitor Research

Although Go Up start every SEO strategy with getting to know you and your business, Competitor Research is one of the most crucial aspects of their SEO campaigns. Their team look at your competitors’ websites and analyse keyword rankings that can inform your SEO strategy. Go Up see SEO as a science that can easily be investigated and explored to maximise your success. They spend time understanding why your competitors are ranking higher (or lower) for target keywords, and also identifying keyword opportunities.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is foundational for SEO best practice and Go Up exploit its full potential. With their analytical and technical focus to SEO, they use Keyword Research not only to boost your rank, but also to understand strategy performance. Go Up see Keyword Research as putting a magnifying glass up against the search terms your target market is using and using this to drive the right people to the right places on your site.

On Site Optimisation

On Site Optimisation is where SEO strategy gets technical. It’s in this that Go Up focuses on making your site Google bot-friendly and ironing out any potential issues that could harm your site ranking. They look at factors such as meta data, anchor text optimisation, 404 errors, 301 redirects, coding issues, and sitemap optimisation. All of these behind-the-scenes elements of your site are important – but often overlooked – means of boosting rank and revenue for your business.

Link Building

Go Up know the importance of good link strategy. Their experience promises that they will not only look to get you high quality links, but also deal with previous bad backlinks. Many SEO agencies fail to make the most of the potential of link building – but Go Up have specialists who excel in it. They use online PR such as online influencers and social media to generate backlinks that Google will see as valuable, directly impacting on your rank and authority.

Gold Badge Award

We have awarded Go Up our prestigious Gold Badge Award.

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Are Go Up Right For You?

Rated 8.3 out of 10.

Go Up are genuinely passionate about SEO and digital marketing. They are always learning and adapting to changes in Google’s algorithms, and that means they can keep your business ahead of the game.

One of Go Up’s strengths is their Go Up Academy, which is where their whole team gather to discuss new developments and strategies. What’s more, their clients are welcome to come along to Go Up Academy sessions.

The discussions and training is then posted on their website blog afterwards. For businesses, this transparency about their evolving strategy makes Go Up an attractive agency.

Go Up believe that good communication with their clients is the key to successful working relationships. They have a genuine desire to help their clients to understand the mysterious world of SEO, too. They’ve earned a reputation for being excellent at what they do, with client testimonials to back it up.

Go Up Service Overview

When it comes to SEO, Go Up have a range of options to meet the needs of businesses both big and small. They’re always on the cutting edge of SEO developments, and their impressive offerings demonstrate this. Although in 10th place in our review of the top UK SEO agencies, Go Up have a lot to offer, particularly since they promise affordability as well as expertise.

So without further ado, let’s have a look in depth at the services Go Up offer.

Website Audits & Technical SEO

Go Up offer to analyse and audit your site before starting on any kind of SEO strategy. This allows them to get a picture of where you’re at now in terms of site health, rank and revenue.

This aspect of their SEO service involves a full technical SEO evaluation, incorporating stress testing keywords, testing user experience, analysing backlinks and looking for bad SEO habits like keyword stuffing and duplicate content.

Go Up will then give you recommendations on how you can fix any problems or can make these implementations for you.

Competitor Research

Competitor Research helps to understand your target market, and what your competitors are getting right (or wrong). When Go Up undertake Competitor Research, their experts will look into the ways that your business rivals are using keywords and other marketing strategies to boost their ranking.

Understanding how your rivals are doing SEO can be a great starting point for SEO strategy. Go Up will be able to highlight any areas of opportunity that are being missed, and which you can capitalise on.

Keyword Research

Google ranking for keywords is what SEO is all about, so Keyword Research is essential for effective SEO. Go Up have a tried and tested process of combining Keyword Research with competitor research, consumer research, your business goals and your current SEO state.

This multi-faceted approach enables a thorough understanding of what keywords your site should be optimised for in order to generate targeted traffic.

Go Up use an analytical approach to Keyword Research, employing tools that give the best possible understanding of your market. Further along in the SEO process, Keyword Research is also used to evaluate the success of the strategy and make changes as and when necessary.

On Site Optimisation

For most businesses, there are a lot of opportunities for On Site Optimisation. These are the tweaks and tricks that SEO experts understand to be important, but which businesses often overlook. Go Up take a comprehensive approach to On Site Optimisation, offering a long list of potential improvements that can successfully boost your ranking.

On Site Optimisation includes optimising meta data, checking for and correcting broken links, using 301 directs effectively, code checking, mobile optimisation, and dealing with page loading speed issues. You’d be surprised how much of an impact problems in these areas can have on your ranking. Go Up make sure everything on your site is working as it should.

Link Building

Self-styling themselves as one of the top Link Building services in London, Go Up pride themselves on the quality of their links. Their aim in Link Building is to give your business authority and value, which Google looks for in ranking websites.

Go Up have a huge network of influential bloggers, journalists and other outlets, and endorsements and links from their network have had fantastic results for Go Up’s clients.

Go Up’s Link Building strategy has given their clients’ ranking and revenue a huge boost, allowing them to rank highly for seriously competitive keywords. The team of content creators at Go Up regularly contribute to high profile sites on behalf of their clients, allowing a high level of exposure on a regular basis.

Content Creation

Naturally, good SEO requires good quality content, and Go Up’s content creators are able to provide regular targeted content for their clients. Google sees sites with regular, useful content as valuable and authoritative, which has a positive effect on your business’ rank. This is especially important if you’re targeting highly competitive keywords. Go Up’s team have a lot of experience and a lot of success behind them in this area.


Go Up’s approach to analysing your site’s traffic and ranking helps gain an accurate picture of how well the SEO strategy is performing. They take a granular approach to data, and it is this that allows them to notice even tiny changes in the way your customers use your site. Keeping such a close eye on these factors means that Go Up are constantly adapting and evolving the strategy for your site, to achieve the best possible results.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubting the fact that businesses need SEO experts to maximise their chances of success in their market. Go Up offer a great range of services in this competitive area of digital marketing and have built up a strong reputation for success. Their dedication to always being up to date with all things SEO makes them a strong provider of SEO services in the UK.

We’ve rated Go Up 8.3 out of 10 in our review, which lands them in 10th place. Whilst they have a lot to offer, particularly if you’re looking for affordability, the other agencies we’ve reviewed have just had a bit more of a competitive edge!

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Customer Testimonials

Go Up have a reputation for excellence in SEO that is reflected in their case studies and customer testimonials. You can see a range of case studies on their website to get a feel of what Go Up can do for your business. Here’s just one example of a review from a very satisfied customer.

“Go Up has been proven to be a valuable and capable SEO partner. Since the commencement of the campaign we have experienced a steady growth in our organic traffic in the range of 17% – 20%* year over year, and an equal increase in rankings for our main keywords.”

This kind of success backs up Go Up’s claims and demonstrates their capabilities in SEO.


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