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Rating: 9.4 out of 103RD PLACE

GeekySEO are located in the Yorkshire city of Leeds and consist of 24 SEO experts. The company was founded in 2014 and they pride themselves on helping clients to grow their online market share, improve conversion rates and increase revenue.

Our team of researchers have reviewed GeekySEO and awarded them a rating of 9.4 out of 10, so they take the bronze medal position in our survey of the best SEO companies in the UK.

GeekySEO describe themselves as creative and results-driven in their approach to SEO. Their website demonstrates SEO best-practices, which is always a good start for any company offering SEO services! Whilst their website doesn’t offer a price-list as such, this is a positive thing. One of Geeky’s strengths is that they understand that every client is different. They provide custom quotes for potential customers, so you can be sure their service is tailored to your needs.

GeekySEO’s team of experts include SEO Geeks, Web Designers, Social Marketing Nerds and Business Analysts. They offer all the services you’d expect of a high-quality SEO service, including regular content updates, keyword research, digital marketing, and responding to Google’s ever-evolving algorithms.

What’s more, they guarantee the quality of their work. Business-owners can relax safe in the knowledge their SEO and digital marketing is in safe hands.

What makes Geeky great is that they don’t just specialise in SEO. Their experts can combine SEO with social media and content marketing to really boost their clients’ websites.

GeekySEO offer a comprehensive approach, which is one of the reasons we’ve ranked them so highly. Their website is easy to navigate, free of unnecessary jargon, and refreshingly simple. Too many SEO companies overcomplicate their websites! Their friendly and personal approach to clients makes us delighted to rank them 9.4 out of 10.

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the geekyseo logo on a white background in various sizes


Keyword Research

It’s universally accepted that Keyword Research is crucial to effective SEO. The team at GeekySEO have years of experience in effective keyword research. They understand the complicated ways that Google rank websites in terms of keywords and strive to find the specific keywords that provide the greatest ROI. As Geeky point out, there are good keywords and bad keywords. GeekySEO ensure that your keywords are working well for you.

Link Building

For GeekySEO, link building is king. They recognise the need for high quality backlinks, unlike some other SEO companies who are all in it for the money. Geeky want their clients to succeed, so their link building techniques avoid creating spammy backlinks. They focus on creating backlinks that are relevant, that don’t duplicate content, and which use effective anchor text for each backlink created.

On Page Optimisation

Most businesses don’t have in-house SEO experts, and their websites are often poorly optimised. GeekySEO take a proactive approach to on page optimisation. They analyse the content and structure of their clients’ websites before making changes that will improve the website’s ranking. One stand-out feature of Geeky’s approach is that they always stick to Google’s guidelines.

Competitor Research

Knowing how your competitors rank for keywords that your business is targeting is an important part of GeekySEO’s services. They will investigate this tricky aspect of SEO for you and provide content and keyword strategies that will help you to rank higher than your competitors. Geeky will take control of your SEO so that you can concentrate on running your business.

Gold Badge Award

We have awarded GeekySEO our prestigious Gold Badge Award.

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Are GeekySEO Right For You?

Rated 9.4 out of 10.

GeekySEO are located just outside Leeds City Centre in West Yorkshire. As a young, vibrant and growing company, they have a team of 24 experts available to drive traffic to your website and increase your ranking.

Wherever you are based in the UK, Geeky offer a perfect balance of knowledge and experience. The fact that they always make sure to stick to Google’s policies makes them stand out as genuine and honest.

Not all SEO companies have the same moral compass and will damage your ranking rather than improve it. Geeky provide more than just SEO services, which makes them perfect for businesses looking for more than just simple search engine optimisation.

Their friendly, personal service can take care of your digital and social media marketing needs as well as your SEO. With GeekySEO, you can stop worrying about SEO and marketing concepts you don’t fully understand. You’re in safe hands.

GeekySEO Service Overview

Taking a quick tour through GeekySEO’s refreshingly simple website, you’ll soon realise that they really care about their clients. They focus on giving their clients the best possible chance of success and are committed to strictly following Google’s guidelines. It is based on their extensive services that we’ve rated them 9.4 out of 10.

So, let’s look at these services in more detail.

Link Building

GeekySEO use link building extensively in their strategy. This is probably the area in which they excel most. Their link building strategy is comprehensive, and they highlight the fact that not all SEO companies focus on this.

Link building is one of the things that sets Geeky apart from their competitors.
Their strategy is focused on relevance and originality. Unlike some, they make sure that the backlinks they create will be highly valued by Google, not penalised.

This kind of strategy takes time, and this is reflected in GeekySEO’s pricing. They’re not the cheapest SEO provider, but their link building strategy is worth the extra cost for the ROI it brings.

One of GeekySEO’s goals is to avoid Google’s bots seeing content as spam. For this reason, they insist on 100% unique text when backlinks are being created. They won’t simply copy and paste content into various blogs and forums.

Social Media and Directories

Because GeekySEO’s service is comprehensive, they will create accounts on various social media platforms and online directories. Having listings in directories, such as Yelp, Yell and Scoot, means that Google sees websites as genuine and authoritative.

Backlinks from social media and directories often give a website’s ranking a boost. Geeky go above and beyond when it comes to this – they don’t just advise that you create the accounts. They create them for you!

Social media and directories are powerful ways of creating business credibility, and GeekySEO make sure that things like business name, address and phone number are accurate in all the directories and social media platforms. This is one of the reasons we’ve ranked them highly.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a crucial part of SEO. Geeky take the time to make sure the keywords that your campaign is optimising for are the right keywords for the business. The extra time spent on this area of strategy adds value to Geeky’s services and makes them stand out.

Geeky are total nerds when it comes to keeping up with Google’s policies and algorithm updates. This gives them an edge when it comes to keyword research. They’re constantly adapting their processes to be the most effective. With Geeky, clients don’t need to worry about getting caught out by Google’s ever-evolving algorithms for ranking.

On-Site Optimisation

Geeky excel at on-site optimisation. Their finger is always on the pulse when it comes to Google, so they’re always tweaking and adapting code and content on client websites. They also offer the option of letting you do your own changes following instructions.

Content on websites often needs to be changed or updated so as to not be ignored, or even penalised, by Google. Geeky do a great job of making sure their changes and/or recommendations drive more traffic to your website, not less.

Website Analysis

While implementing good SEO practices is a huge focus of Geeky’s work, it’s also important to remove any spammy content or harmful backlinks. Geeky know that good SEO practise can easily be overshadowed by past mistakes. That’s why they analyse their clients’ websites and get to work putting things right.

Analysing websites for bad SEO practice isn’t something all SEO services providers offer. Geeky stand out for their genuine focus on their clients’ success.

Ranking SOS

A sudden drop in ranking despite generally good SEO practice can be a business’ worst nightmare. The lost traffic and revenue can be devastating, especially for smaller businesses.

GeekySEO will investigate these problems and put measures in place to reverse drops in ranking. Their expertise and experience in SEO strategies makes them well placed to diagnose the cause of drops and then rectify it.

Of course, they’re not miracle workers (though some client reviews suggest they think differently after their experiences!) and recovering from a dip in rank can take time. Rest assured, however, that Geeky have got their clients’ backs when it comes to all things SEO.

Competitor Research

When you think about it, SEO is really all about having a better ranking for your keywords than your competitors. You want to make sure that people Googling your keywords visit your website, not your competitors!

That’s why GeekySEO spend time on competitor research. Their expert geeks analyse your competitors’ websites to find out their keywords and ranking. This information can then form a key part of your overall SEO strategy.

Final Thoughts

Overall, GeekySEO, offer a complete and affordable range of services covering all aspects of an SEO strategy. Their team is large enough to provide expertise in different aspects of SEO, and their customer-focused approach to business is a real plus.

We’re delighted to be able to bestow on GeekySEO a rating of 9.4 out of 10. Out of all the SEO companies we’ve reviewed, they fully deserve their third-place spot.

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Customer Testimonials

We all know that customer reviews are a good way of getting a true picture of a company. GeekySEO have a number of positive reviews and testimonials.

These kind of glowing reviews highlights why GeekySEO is deserving of a rating of 9.4 and third place in our top SEO service providers list.


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GeekySEO, Engine House, Roundhay Road,
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