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Rating: 8.8 out of 108TH PLACE

Found are a London-based agency focusing on digital performance. With a history going back to 2005 (as Artemis Eight), they take an innovative approach to digital marketing and SEO. Their focus is on giving businesses a great ROI.

This futuristic-thinking digital performance agency like to do things differently. Their website reflects their brand beautifully, and it’s clear they like to turn marketing on its head. This extends to their approach to SEO. They’re enthusiastic about what they do and have a reputation for being easy to work with.

Our review has looked over Found’s strategy and services and ranked them 8.8 out of 10 in our survey of UK SEO companies. That puts them in a well-earned 8th place. Their engaging website and forward-thinking approach to SEO and digital market makes them a viable contender for your business’ SEO needs.

Found’s passionate approach to SEO incorporates a range of different techniques. Their focus is on a holistic strategy that uses technical knowledge, content, backlinks and outreach. They’ve had a huge amount of success using this model, raising their clients’ brand visibility, ranking and traffic volume.

For Found, SEO is more of an art than a science. They pride themselves on this innovative way of looking at SEO strategy. Their genuine desire to see their clients’ rankings soar isn’t just because it makes them look good – they really do want their clients to succeed. This is one of the reasons they’ve earned a rating of 8.8 out of 10 in our SEO service review.

logo of found on a white background

the found logo on a white background in various sizes


SEO Audits

Found understand the importance of starting every SEO project with an in-depth site audit. It’s this process that identifies the kinds of problems that lurk behind the scenes and damage a site’s ranking. Getting things right to begin with means that the rest of the SEO strategy has a solid foundation. Found’s technical site audit also includes looking at backlinks. This involves looking at links that are working well, those that are harming your ranking, and those you don’t yet have.

International SEO

One of the things that sets Found apart from some of their competitors is their specialism in International SEO. They understand that this type of SEO, similar to Local SEO, is a complicated beast. Businesses who are looking for a global reach will appreciate the expertise that Found can offer in this critical area. International SEO involves targeting different countries and/or languages through optimisation, and it is easy to get wrong.

Marketplace Analysis

Found believe that failing to prepare is simply preparing to fail. That’s why they put a lot of time and effort into Competitor & Marketplace Analysis in their SEO strategy. This combines keyword, industry and competitor research. It’s an effective means of understanding how your competitors are using SEO and identifying lucrative keyword opportunities. Found use this knowledge to build an SEO strategy that will improve your ranking and give your business authority in the marketplace.

SEO Content

In Found’s experience, SEO optimised content that is ‘mind-blowing’ is vital for SEO success for any business. It’s one area of SEO in which they particularly excel, having an in-house team of writers and content marketers who are wizards when it comes to words. Found also specialise in regular fresh content for their clients, so that your business is seen to be genuine and valuable by Google. Their results in this area are impressive and has proved to be a great ROI for their clients.

Gold Badge Award

We have awarded Screaming Frog our prestigious Gold Badge Award.

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Are Found Right For You?

Rated 8.8 out of 10.

Found’s mission to provide their clients with a great experience and ROI means that they’re an attractive solution for many businesses. They’ve pioneered a model of digital marketing strategy that they call ‘Web of Moments’, which is always seeking new opportunities to reach your target market in innovative ways. Found are dedicated to their clients’ success and are proud of their performance. Their holistic approach to digital marketing means that their strategy doesn’t stop with SEO.

They blend different approaches such as PR and content with technical aspects of SEO and PPC advertising. The combination of these strategies has been effective for their clients, and it’s a model they continue to develop. They’ve won awards for their digital marketing and have amazing testimonials that you can read on their website. Google Partner Emea have endorsed them for their creative and innovative methods and their customer focus. It’s clear that they are good option for businesses looking for these qualities.

Found Service Overview

Taking a journey through Found’s website reveals a delectable menu of digital marketing and SEO services. Many of these are the standard kind of SEO offerings you’d expect to find, but there are some that are less widespread. Found have a strong background in PPC advertising, but their SEO services are a considerable focus in their marketing strategies. Their passion to give their clients a great ROI forms an important part of their service offerings.

Let’s take a closer look at what Found can do for your business.

SEO Audits

Most businesses are surprised by the number of technical issues on their websites affecting their Google ranking. It’s these under the surface issues that often get forgotten, but they have a huge impact on SEO success. Found know that no matter how good the rest of your SEO strategy is, if there are underlying site issues, your site won’t make it to page 1 on Google. That’s why they start every SEO project with a thorough SEO Audit of your site.

Technical site audits can highlight coding errors, crawl problems, duplicate content, and much more. Found will make sure these problems are resolved before continuing with your SEO strategy development. They also handle issues resulting from site migration and look at problems with your site’s loading speed.

Local SEO

For businesses looking to improve their local ranking and brand authority, found offers comprehensive Local SEO services. It’s important that Local SEO is done right, or you might find that your business is negatively impacted. Found have a team who specialise in optimising your site’s pages to target your local region. Local SEO matters for your business revenue and Found use online reviews and referrals to bolster your local presence.

Found will help with aspects of Local SEO such as Google My Business, which can be complicated to optimise if you don’t know what you’re doing. The team at Found will use a range of tools and tricks to build up your business credibility. They consider themselves experts in Local SEO, and their reviews back up their claims.

International SEO

If you thought Local SEO was likely to give you a headache, International SEO is even more difficult to achieve. Found, however, have because specialist experts in this area, and promise to boost your business’ international reach. They work hard to avoid optimisation mistakes that can leave your potential customers seeing search results for the wrong region or language.

For International SEO to be successful, Google bots have to be able to recognise which parts of your site are targeting which regions and/or languages. Get it wrong and you’ll lose valuable conversions. Found have built up a reputation for achieving great results for International SEO, despite its complexities.

Structural Optimisation

Found make sure not to overlook the technical and structural aspects of optimisation when working on your SEO strategy. They’ll make sure that things like navigation, meta tags, titles, headings and your site architecture are all optimised well. It’s in these areas that some sites suffer a reduction in rank, so Found understand how important structural optimisation really is.

Competitor & Marketplace Analysis

Businesses who fail to do Competitor & Marketplace Analysis as part of SEO strategy are doomed to fail. Found will make sure that this crucial aspect is taken care of. They have excellent success rates for maximising opportunities for ranking improvement through competitor analysis. Knowing what is working for your competitors (and what isn’t!) helps Found to develop a strategy that will help your business outrank your competitors.

This aspect of Found’s service uses keyword research to gain an understanding of the best keywords for your market. It can identify keywords your competitors have missed or are using poorly. It’s in these little details that SEO strategy can enable you to rise to the top of the rankings.

Digital PR & Outreach

Found have built up a considerable list of influencers, high profile contacts and other PR opportunities to boost your business ranking. Using influencers is a tried and tested means of getting Google to view your site as valuable and authoritative. Your SEO results can be accelerated by Found’s exceptional skills in PR and Outreach.

SEO Content

In Found’s (considerable) experience, content really matters when it comes to SEO. Yes, technical SEO is also important, but content is what Google uses to assess your site’s value. That’s why Found have a team of content creating geniuses who can create copy that’s rocket fuel for your ranking. Found’s expertise means that they have the skills to squeeze every possible drop of value out of content.

Final Thoughts

It’s no secret that Found have a lot to offer businesses who are looking for an innovative, creative team to take on your SEO strategy. Their services will especially appeal to local businesses wanting to improve their local presence, and global companies looking to maximise International SEO.

Found’s comprehensive offerings mean we’ve rated them 8.8 out of 10, putting them in a comfortable 8th place in our review of UK SEO companies.

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Customer Testimonials

When it comes to evaluating the best SEO agency for your business needs, customer testimonials can go a long way. It’s not surprising that Found proudly display some truly fantastic client reviews on their website. Here’s a couple of satisfied customers’ take on Found’s services.

“Found’s ability to think outside the box has boosted both awareness and engagement with our core target audience. Their combined skills in SEO, content – including video – and paid media have cleverly thrust YHA into the mind-sets of key influencers in the travel and lifestyle community, which will significantly help us to drive long term growth and loyalty.”

“Found’s impact has been staggering. Their ability to plan effective, time-sensitive search marketing strategies has transformed our ROI.”


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