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Rating: 9.3 out of 104TH PLACE

Located in the West Midlands city of Birmingham, Chameleon Web Services began serving local businesses in 2001. Now, 17 years later, they have clients not just across the UK but around the world.

Founder Ian Bevis started Chameleon with the intention of providing small businesses in the West Midlands with internet services. Chameleon’s company motto – “big enough to cope, yet small enough to care” highlights their commitment to client care. The team includes web developers, SEO consultants, PPC consultants and media producers, and they’ve won an award for “best cost-effective SME internet solution” at the 2018 UK Enterprise Awards. After thoroughly reviewing Chameleon Web Services, we’ve awarded them a rating of 9.3 out of 10, earning them a respectable 4th place.

Chameleon pride themselves on an all-inclusive service that maximises the potential for every client they work with. The range of services they offer is not limited to SEO; they also offer web design, marketing, and PPC advertising services. The company market themselves as a service that helps clients attain a sustainable future. What’s more, they’ve worked with high-profile brands, celebrities, business leaders and technological giants.

Aiming to be affordable for businesses of all sizes, Chameleon are honest in their claims when it comes to SEO. They admit that they cannot guarantee to get your business a #1 ranking – but then, neither can any other SEO company. What they do promise, however, is a service that has a track history of attaining long term ranking success for their clients. They themselves have a high Google ranking as a top SEO expert agency, so their own website SEO is up to scratch. Chameleon haven’t quite made it into our top three, but they’ve come close.

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the chameleon web services logo on a white background in various sizes



For Chameleon, the key to successful SEO is a detailed plan of action. This aspect of their service incorporates competitor research and keyword research. This two-pronged approach is what guides the implementation of SEO practices. Chameleon fully understand the importance of analysing the way that competitors have used (or abused) SEO, and the results they’ve achieved. Equally important is keyword research, ensuring that the keywords that will be optimised for are the best ones for your business.


This aspect of Chameleon’s SEO strategy revolves around content creation and optimisation. Chameleon Web Services have 17 years’ experience in building successful Google-friendly content. Their experience has taught them that content has to be relevant to the keywords you want to rank for. Well-written content that isn’t relevant is not going to improve a site’s ranking. Link building also forms part of the building aspect of Chameleon’s optimisation process. They understand that high-quality backlinks are what give trustworthiness to a website’s content.


For Chameleon Web Services, monitoring and analysing a website’s results is an important part of SEO. This begins before a single keyword is optimised, because to understand what’s working and what isn’t, Chameleon need to know a website’s initial rank. After that, analytics allow a clear picture of the speed of ranking improvements. Chameleon’s attention to detail and focus on close monitoring ensure that any problems will soon be picked up on and resolved.


Google’s algorithms are frequently changing, so Chameleon pride themselves on keeping up to date with even the slightest changes. For them, SEO is something that always needs to be fine-tuned. Long term, sustainable ranking improvements are what they aim for, rather than short term instant results. They have clients who’ve been working with them for over ten years, which suggests their fine-tuning SEO process is a hit with clients. This level of client retention is impressive in the SEO industry!

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Are Chameleon Right For You?

Rated 9.3 out of 10.

From local beginnings serving small West Midlands businesses, Chameleon Web Services have expanded their reach worldwide. Their wealth of experience, and the fact that they’ve won Google awards means they’re an attractive solution for businesses seeking SEO experts. Chameleon offer a friendly and cost-effective service that puts their customers’ needs first. Boasting testimonials of clients who’ve seen 50% increase in revenue within 6 months, Chameleon have experience in working with clients in highly competitive industries.

One of Chameleon Web Services’ greatest strengths is that their SEO solutions are innovative and tailored to their clients’ needs. They’ve worked hard to earn their reputation, and they promise to continue to work equally hard for their clients.
Their services cover everything a business needs to achieve success, and at reasonable prices, too. What’s more, they don’t tie their clients into restrictive contracts, either.

Chameleon Service Overview

Chameleon’s years of experience have allowed them to understand the evolving nature of SEO and develop tried and tested practices that guarantee success. Rather than just provide SEO services, they also focus on educating their clients as part of the process, enabling businesses to get ahead of their competitors. Let’s take a look at the SEO services that Chameleon Web Services have to offer.

Technical SEO Audit

Before any real SEO work can be done on a website, Chameleon want to get to grips with the current state. They’ll analyse structure, meta tags, content, backlinks, and use this as a starting point for planning SEO strategy.

Broken links, broken images, and poor website speed can all have a serious impact on ranking. Chameleon’s site audit highlights these issues, and the team will fix the problems so that their strategy has good foundations.


Keyword and competitor research are some of the building blocks of a good SEO strategy. Chameleon Web Services don’t just look at what your competitors are doing. They analyse your competitors’ gameplan and formulate a plan that will not only improve your rank but leave your competitors trailing far behind.

When it comes to keyword research, Chameleon have years of experience behind them, so they’re easily able to discover the keywords that are best for your business to rank highly for – and which ones are not. Some of the tools they use are those which they’ve developed themselves.


A huge part of successful SEO is in the content of a website. Chameleon’s focus is on keyword-optimised content that is relevant and has trusted authority. Combined, these two aspects of the building aspect of SEO allow websites to rank higher than their competitors.

Chameleon check the content to make sure the right keywords are being used in the right places, and to avoid detrimental mistakes like spammy content and keyword stuffing.

Link Building

Although part of Chameleon’s building aspect of SEO, link building deserves a separate mention here. Chameleon claim that most SEO companies go about link building in the wrong way. Chameleon make sure to get it right.

Their focus is on links that are both safe and powerful – and, most importantly, relevant. Part of their process is what they call a ‘backlink detox’, fixing past problems and spammy backlinks. Chameleon will never create low-quality links, because they believe their customers deserve the very best.


When it comes to monitoring, Chameleon like to go the extra mile. They don’t just provide web analytics monitoring but offer daily ranking reports and the ability to see what actions Chameleon are taking, too.

Monitoring site performance, traffic, conversions and bounce rate can help Chameleon optimise the SEO strategy for better results. This level of close monitoring is one of the reasons we’ve rated them 9.3 out of 10.

Not all SEO companies will go the extra mile. Being able to see ranking results for keywords as well as view the SEO activities being done gives clients confidence in Chameleon’s SEO work, and this kind of transparency is really refreshing.

ROn Site Optimisation

Optimising meta details, structure and on-site content is standard for most SEO companies, and Chameleon are no different here. It’s not an area of their SEO service that they particularly promote, however.

They recognise the importance of relevant, keyword rich meta details and optimising content for the greatest success, however, and promise to make all the necessary adjustments.


The evolving nature of Google’s algorithms means that SEO strategies are always in need of fine-tuning. This is something which Chameleon Web Services prides themselves on.

They consider it vital to be one step ahead, and so they have in-house developed software that helps with this aspect of SEO. Chameleon will make sure that your website is always optimised in the best possible way, all the time.

Final Thoughts

With over 17 years’ experience, the award-winning Chameleon Web Services have a lot to offer for businesses looking to outsource their SEO. They rank highly on Google for SEO services and pride themselves on being the very best they can be.

Chameleon Web Services haven’t quite made it into our top 3 SEO services, but their wide range of services and expertise have earned them a respectable 4th place with a ranking of 9.3 out of 10. Their caring, cost-effective, client-focused approach to SEO makes them well worth considering for your business’ SEO needs.

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Customer Testimonials

Chameleon Web Services have received some outstanding reviews, so it’s clear they have a lot of very satisfied clients who’d happily recommend their services. Here’s just one of the many 5* reviews.

“We’ve been clients of Chameleon Web Services for over 6 months now, and our experience has been nothing but positive. Ian Bevis and his team are extremely hardworking, and they go above and beyond what is expected of them to help their clients. They have increased the traffic to our website and as a result, we’re receiving so many more enquiries, which has resulted in us gaining more clients. Can’t recommend them enough!”

It’s this kind of review that supports our rating of Chameleon Web Services as 9.3 out of 10.


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