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screenshot of the home page of the web kitchen website
Our opinion of the company is that they push the boundaries in terms of creativity, which can either create fantastically unique results, or some odd designs that don’t always work well. Rated: 3.8 Out Of 5 – Silver Badge Award

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Rated: 3.8 Out Of 5 – Silver Badge Award

The Web Kitchen are based in the City of Westminster, London, so have plenty of competition with the very best UK web design companies.

Our research team found that they have no qualms when it comes to pushing the boundaries in terms of creativity. This seems to either create fantastically unique results, or some odd designs that don’t always work well.

Although, it is apparent that their mission is to go beyond client’s expectations without being afraid to challenge themselves. They do this by bringing design and technology close together with a target of inspiring emotion.

Services Provided By The Web Kitchen

screenshot of the home page of the web kitchen website

When browsing their website during our research processes we actually came across a few loading and speed issues. This doesn’t inspire total confidence about their development ability.

We believe navigation on the site could also be improved with the use of drop down menus, that would allow users to quickly find the information for the service they require, instead of scrolling through a long page.

Web Design

The Web Kitchen have established a tried and tested web design process that ensures every website that they design is able to deliver on the core aim.

The process begins with research into the target market to clarify the main goals of the site. They then create a rough design vision to explore their concept for the site, which gives a basis for discussion and welcomes feedback.

Web Development

The developers have in-depth knowledge of coding and build their sites with maximum visibility in mind. They use open-source software such as WordPress for flexibility. They favour content management systems as they are customisable and able to be designed to perfectly fit their clients needs.

Branding & Corporate Identity

The Web Kitchen have an in-house creative team that have years of experience in brand creation and evolution. This means they can assess every prospective client before they begin working with them and decide if their brand needs improvement.


This company provides honest SEO services and know a website can only rank well in Google if it has been structured and built in a SEO friendly way.

The developers at The Web Kitchen have an expert understanding of search engine rules and principles, so they create all sites, so they can perform well in search results.

Getting To Know The Web Kitchen

The Web Kitchen are a creative digital agency made up of a small team of professional creatives, that have been working in the heart of London since 2006.

They believe true craftsmanship exists when design and development go together hand in hand, rather than working separately. They are passionate about creating emotive experiences like no other and understand that the true mark of success is to inspire conversation and action.

Previous Work

You can see from their vast range of work that everything they create has form and function, which provides flawless results. Just scrolling through their portfolio it’s clear that they stay up to date with the latest design trends and pay close attention to the importance of easy navigation.

portfolio screen shot from the web kitchen website

Why not take a look at The Web Kitchen’s Portfolio for yourself?

Customer Testimonials

The Web Kitchen don’t actually have many reviews, although the ones they do have are all positive and credit them for their hard work and excellent customer service.

Facebook: 2 Reviews, Rated 5 out of 5 | Google: 6 Reviews, Rated 4.8 out of 5

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Contact The Web Kitchen

Phone: 020 7637 3001
Email: [email protected]
Address: 32 Portland Place, London, W1B 1NA

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