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When we turned our focus on to The Startup Guys we found an inquisitive company that showed a genuine interest in their customer’s business and ideas. Rated: 3.7 Out Of 5 – Silver Badge Award

Rated: 3.7 Out Of 5 – Silver Badge Award

When the Web Design Review team turned our focus on to The Startup Guys we found an inquisitive company that showed a genuine interest in their customer’s business and ideas.

An important part of our review process is establishing the level of professional responsibility the web design agency show. In this area we were really impressed by the pre-quote process The Startup Guys went through, the details they requested and the way they tried to gain an all round feel for the business behind the project.

However, we were slightly suprised and disappointed when we discovered that the web hosting and domain name registration requirements would have to be met by the customer. Most agencies include support in this area at the bare minimum, so we would suggest The Startup Guys try add these services to their repotoire.

Other areas The Startup Guys excel in though are, the simple process they go to design and build a website, which is detailed on their website, alongside the speed with which they complete projects they work on.

Services Provided by The Startup Guys

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We cannot speak highly enough for the levels of professional responsibility The Startup Guys operate with, and also found their willingness to provide free advice for people starting out in business another major plus. But what about their actual work:

Website Design

Responsive websites, optimised for mobile devices, are a must have for any modern business. The Startup Guys have a record of creating easy to navigate, striking mobile designs alongside effective desktop sites for their clients.

Ecommerce Websites

We looked in depth at several ecommerce websites designed and developed by The Startup Guys and we found them brilliant in their simplicity. Subtle, yet relevant colour schemes, working with attention grabbing calls to action make them more than competent in the ecommerce design arena.

Business Branding

As one would expect based on their name, The Startup Guys have a superb record of assisting newly created businesses develop a brand. Our researchers felt the branding projects we researched were relevant and memorable.

Hosting With The Startup Guys

As we’ve already mentioned, The Startup Guys do not offer a hosting service to their clients. While this isn’t all that uncommon across the web design industry, we found the fact they don’t as standard offer support in finding hosting, nor registering a domain, quite concerning. We felt it took a great deal away from what were otherwise an extremely compotent web design agency.

Getting To Know The Startup Guys

The Startup Guys were founded in Altrincham, Cheshire and are now based in the heart of Manchester. They are a small team, yet each bring a particular talent, helping to make their customers ideas and projects come to life.

Previous Work

On their homepage, The Startup Guys tell of having worked with 204 clients in the past. Their ‘Our Creations’ page provides a link to a detailed and enlightening story behind just 4 of those.

print screen of previous websites designed by the startup guys on their homepage

Take a look at those 4 stories for yourself on The Startup Guys website?

Customer Reviews

Previous clients stories and feedback about their experience of working with The Startup Guys is available on their website. However, despite an in depth search we’ve been unable to find a single review for them on any third party review website.

This isn’t always a bad thing – small businesses do tend to be less likely to leave reviews. Another thing it shows is The Startup Guys are 100% honest, unlike some of their competitors we’ve investigated in the past, who we suspect of posting fake 5 star reviews.

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