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Maistro, who were formerly known as Blur Group prior to a rebrand, have previously been amongst our Top 10 SEO Companies and have a reputation for providing high quality, in depth SEO services.

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Rated: 3.9 Out Of 5 – Silver Badge Award

Our review team have conducted an in-depth review of Maistro and are quite impressed with their service. Maistro is the new name for Blur Group, who were in the Top 10 in our Summer Review of SEO companies. Unfortunately, they have just slipped out following their rebrand. We’ve rated them 3.9 out of 5 and given them the Silver Badge Award nonetheless.

Maistro say that their rebrand reflects their commitment to help companies buy, sell and deliver complex business services in a digital world. The name change incorporates their belief that AI and humans together improve corporate processes.

Maistro aren’t SEO providers themselves. They can help you get connected with companies who have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your business objectives. Finding the right SEO provider for your needs can be complicated, so Maistro take the stress out of the process. They take control of the administration, meaning you get a better choice, a faster turnaround and more competitive pricing. We’ve found that they also deliver great value for money.

The marketplace on Maistro offers thousands of service providers across the world who are willing and able to help you achieve your business goals. While that could seem quite overwhelming, Maistro’s AI platform makes it easy to choose the right provider for your needs. Maistro’s teams are committed to helping their clients and will support you through the whole process from brief to final deliverables.

We think Maistro’s approach to purchasing business services is both innovative and impressive! It’s a great solution for people who are overwhelmed by the options offered by SEO companies, as well as for businesses who’ve been dealing with SEO providers for years. Who wouldn’t want a simplified and time-saving process for getting your SEO sorted?

Services Provided by Maistro

print screen of the maistro seo services company web site homepage

Maestro is, obviously, not like the SEO services that we’ve reviewed previously. There are both positives and negatives to the AI platform approach to purchasing business services, depending on your standpoint. For some businesses, the way Maistro works might not be ideal, especially if you’re used to handling all the details yourself. The marketplace method might be off-putting if you’re more used to personal discussions with SEO providers.

For others, Maistro is perfect, taking out the hassle of contacting various providers individually. Maistro is a streamlined, time-saving platform that doesn’t just provide SEO services but can offer a whole range of different business services. It could well prove to be a one-stop-shop for your business. These services range across marketing (including SEO), advertising, market research, customer acquisition, website and app development, data management, cloud services, software, design services, video services and consulting. With such a wide array on offer, it would be hard to imagine not finding the service you need on Maistro.

Rapid, AI Driven Sourcing

One of Maistro’s biggest selling points is the way that their platform harnesses artificial intelligence to identify, sort through and select the service providers best suited for your needs. AI is better equipped to shortlist the possible providers, matching budget, goals, and other elements that make for the right decision. AI is not as easily swayed as humans, meaning the Maistro platform can make better selections.

Dependable Suppliers

Forget having to scrutinise every SEO provider in order to decide. Maistro does the vetting for you. The 65,000 service providers on their marketplace are rigorously pre-vetted and continuously evaluated. This means that you can trust the providers Maistro connects you with, without worrying about reliability and quality of work.

Sourcing and Delivery Success Team

Maistro guides their clients through the process of purchasing business services step by step. They offer a sourcing and delivery success service that includes help with writing briefs, shortlisting, negotiating contracts, sealed bids, and much more. Maistro want to provide the very best service to their clients and they work hard to do this. At the project management stage, they can help with resolving disputes and managing milestones.

Time Saving

When you’re in business, you know that time is money. Yes, that’s cliched, but it’s true. One of Maistro’s biggest benefits is the time they save their customers. Selecting the right SEO service provider can be incredibly time-consuming. There’s initial enquiries, shortlisting, selection and communication – but with Maistro, the AI platform deals with those things. That means that businesses can get on with what they’re good at, leaving the time-consuming processes to Maistro.

Maistro claim that they can reduce what is normally a minimum of a 10-week process to 2-3 weeks. In SEO terms, that means that you can get started on improving your site ranking much sooner and reap the rewards in revenue. When you factor in the fact that Maistro also helps to manage your budgets, this means that there’s a big financial benefit to using Maistro’s platform.

Getting To Know Maistro

Maistro’s services cover pretty much every base imaginable, and they offer budget management in addition to handling the process of selecting an SEO provider. Whilst they’ve slipped out of our prestigious Top 10 during their rebranding process, we’re confident that a future review may well see them re-enter the Top 10.

Previous Work

Maistro’s website features case-studies and testimonials from satisfied customers who’ve benefited from their platform. Newcastle-Under-Lyme Borough Council generated a 300% revenue increase within 5 months through Maistro’s Marketplace. Up until using Maistro, the council had struggled to find a specialist provider that met their needs. Within 10 days of submitting a brief to Maistro, 3 providers had been sourced, vetted and shortlisted. They were able to select a provider and finally move forward.

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Why not take a look at Maisrto’s Customer Stories for yourself?

Customer Testimonials

There are plenty of reviews to choose from regarding Maistro’s service. They’re predominantly positive and endorse the ROI of using the Marketplace. Here’s what Newcastle-Under-Lyme Borough Council had to say:

“The team at Maistro held my hand throughout the brief development, shortlisting, selection, and project delivery stages – allowing me to get back to the job I was hired to do.” – Communications Director, Newcastle-Under-Lyme Borough Council.

Facebook: 2 Reviews, Rated 3 out of 5 | Google: 3 Reviews, Rated 3.7 out of 5

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Phone: 0800 048 8664
Email: [email protected]
Address: Maistro, 3 Kew Court, Pynes Hill, Exeter, Devon, EX2 5AZ

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