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Roundhay SEO of Leeds are one of the UK’s leading web designers but also have offer a high quality SEO service specialising in providing affordable but effective solutions leading us to award them our Gold Badge Award.

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Rated: 4.1 Out Of 5 – Gold Badge Award

Our team of reviewers recently took a good look at the SEO services provided by Roundhay Web Design. Roundhay are a fantastic Leeds-based SEO company. They offer excellent value for money and are perfect for those on a budget. We know that Search Engine Optimisation can be expensive, but Roundhay prove that it doesn’t have to be. They take pride in being one of the UK’s leading suppliers of SEO.

Being cheap doesn’t mean they are tacky – far from it! They have an excellent reputation, and hordes of satisfied customers singing their praises. Their SEO gurus have an authentic and honest approach to Search Engine Optimisation – one that delivers great results. It’s for these reasons that we’re happy to be giving Roundhay a rating of 4.1 out of 5 and awarding them our Gold Badge Award.

Roundhay believe that their clients deserve the very best, but at the lowest possible prices. This proves that SEO companies aren’t only after your money! Roundhay genuinely want to get your website onto the very first page on Google’s search results. Their services aren’t only about SEO, either. They also offer social media marketing that can help to boost your online presence and improve your Google ranking, too.

With packages starting at £450 a month, Roundhay have SEO packages to suit all kinds of businesses – from sole traders through to SMEs. Their experts have the knowhow to get your business noticed locally, nationally and internationally, boosting your revenue in the process.

One of Roundhay’s standout features is their content writing team who specialise in web content. They write content that is both SEO focused and persuasive in nature. Instead of creating boring, mundane text, Roundhay’s writers have other strategies up their sleeves. They’re able to produce the right kind of content for your business.

Roundhay care about their clients’ success and believe in being honest about what SEO can achieve for your business. Their advice is realistic, and their services are tailored to getting you the best possible results.

Services Provided by Roundhay SEO

A print screen of the seo services page on the roundhay web design website

When it comes to SEO, Roundhay have a base strategy that they can tailor to your specific needs. Their strategy takes the form of a series of steps that work together to build your online presence and Google ranking. This helps you to reach more targeted customers. Let’s take a look in detail at what SEO services they use.

Keyword Research

SEO wouldn’t be SEO without Keyword Research and Roundhay use this first step to identify the right keywords for your business. As part of this, they look at the keywords your competitors are using and find keyword opportunities that allow your site to rank ahead. Roundhay’s keyword strategy also includes keyword placement to maximise your ranking.

On Page Optimisation

Websites that aren’t search engine friendly will suffer in their ranking, so Roundhay focus on rectifying any issues. Their team of gurus understand that the biggest battle when it comes to ranking is in the area of content and coding.

Behind the scenes aspects of your site are often crucial to your ranking in the eyes of Google. Roundhay make sure that every part of your website is optimised to give you the greatest boost in ranking success.

Content Optimisation

Written content is the most valuable asset on your website. Roundhay’s content team can rewrite your content to give you two distinct advantages. The first is that search engines will understand and value your site more. The second is that your content will be clear and concise, and your customers will thank you for that!

The content writing gurus at Roundhay always strive to go above and beyond to give you excellent content that both Google and your customers will love. They’re experts in all kinds of writing styles, so you can be sure they’ve got the right style to put your business message across in the right way.

Backlink Removal

As an SEO strategy, link building has been around for a long time. Yet, the way that Google values backlinks is often changing, which means that techniques become outdated. Unfortunately, there are a lot of so-called SEO experts who don’t keep up with the changes, meaning that you could be being penalised for spammy backlinks that your last SEO expert created.

Roundhay work hard to make sure that any harmful backlinks are removed – in the correct way – so that your ranking doesn’t continue to suffer. This saves you both time and money. Their experts always keep up to date with the latest backlink rules and regulations, so are much better placed to get you high quality backlinks that improve your ranking.

The experts at Roundhay believe that link building should always be organic and controlled. This means that you can be sure that the methods they use won’t result in your site being penalised by Google (or other search engines). Roundhay care about their clients and only use the strategies that get the best possible results, every time.

Getting To Know Roundhay SEO

Roundhay SEO’s services aren’t only affordable, they’re also high quality. Their dedication to customer care is excellent, and their success in SEO starts with their own website. Roundhay rank in the top 10 pages of Google for over 5000 keywords, which kind of speaks for itself. Using Roundhay for your SEO isn’t going to break the bank, but will help your business to increase its rank, presence and revenue.

Previous Work

With an impressive array of testimonials on their website, it’s clear that Roundhay SEO have achieved a high standard in their previous work. But, unlike with web designers, where you can see the results immediately, SEO is a difficult beast to check in any way other than by the glowing reviews!

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Why not take a look at Roundhay’s testimonials for yourself?

Customer Testimonials

Talking of glowing reviews, here’s one that caught our eye:

“Simon Macbeth gave me sound advice on my websites SEO. He helped me understand that it wasn’t my best option and showed me how to do my own social media marketing. Shocked and delighted by his honesty. Spent over one hour on the phone helping me and did not charge me a dime. A true gent and upstanding guy.”

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