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A print screen of the seo services page on the red cloud agency website
Red Cloud Agency are not only an award winning web design agency. They also offer dedicated SEO services which our researchers were so impressed with we awarded them our Gold Badge Award.

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Rated: 4.2 Out Of 5 – Gold Badge Award

Our review team recently took the time to take a thorough look at Red Cloud Agency’s SEO services. Based in London, Red Cloud are a team of experts who have an SEO solution to suit every possible business and budget. They understand that an effective SEO strategy is what makes all the difference when it comes to your business’ online success. As an agency, Red Cloud have a lot of non-SEO services on offer, too, with experts offering web design, marketing and much more. We’re impressed with their offerings and have awarded them the Gold Badge Award and a rating of 4.2 out of 5.

Red Cloud only ever use ethical, white-hat SEO services that are proven to be effective in boosting traffic and converting visitors into customers. They monitor results rigorously to ensure that their methods are the most appropriate and also test the data to improve accuracy. Red Cloud leave no stone unturned when it comes to SEO for your site. Their results are proven to increase profit for businesses and they offer a great ROI.

One of Red Cloud’s strengths is in their approach to working with clients. They have a results-driven approach that looks at your business goals and develops an SEO strategy to achieve them. Red Cloud have oodles of testimonials to prove that they really value their clients and genuinely strive for their success. In addition, Red Cloud offer the best advice for their clients’ business goals, whilst remaining honest about what’s actually achievable.

The team at Red Cloud are proud of their company values: hard work and collaboration. They have an excellent work ethic that means they strive to hit deadlines and guarantee their clients are ecstatic with the results. Combined with their collaborative approach, this makes for an excellent all-round agency, not just in terms of SEO.

Services Provided By Red Cloud Agency

A print screen of the seo services page on the red cloud agency website

Red Cloud’s service offerings are truly impressive, but since we’re reviewing their SEO service, and that’s what you want to read about, we’ll just mention briefly Red Cloud’s other offerings. As a comprehensive agency, Red Cloud have web developers, content writers, social media specialists, logo designers, and teams who specialise in website maintenance. Quite simply, they have pretty much everything you could need all under one roof. But let’s get back to their SEO services.

SEO Audit

Red Cloud’s SEO service starts with a full site audit that uses a 70-point checklist. This checklist looks at shortcomings in your current SEO strategy and identifies opportunities for improvement. The problems they look for include missing meta descriptions, spammy links and much more. Opportunities for improvement will be implemented to ensure that your site ranks up and reaches more potential customers.

Keyword Discovery

Ah, keywords. The cornerstone of SEO! Red Cloud fully understand how big a part keywords play in effective SEO strategy and so spend time delving deep into keyword research.

They identify the top keywords for your industry using competitor websites, keyword tools, and in-house discussions.

This leads on to a more comprehensive look at how competitive your keywords are. Competitive keywords can be hard to rank for. Therefore, Red Cloud aims to find long-tail and short-tail keywords that your business can rank highly for, increasing your online presence and revenue.

On-Page Optimisation

The keyword discovery stage leads on to a process of optimising your site at page level. This includes both written content and meta data that search engines use to understand your site better. Without accurate and keyword-focused content and meta data, search engines will struggle to know what to rank your site for. Red Cloud ensure that your site is fully optimised for your target keywords so that your rank will increase.

On-page optimisation includes unique alt, title and description tags, and schema mark-up. Well placed internal linking and strategic keyword placement in content also forms an important part of Red Cloud’s process at this stage.

Local SEO

SEO isn’t just about ranking on international or national level. For small to medium sized businesses, Local SEO is also hugely important. Red Cloud understand that smaller businesses can generate a lot of business through local leads, and their experts will ensure listings in Google Business and Bing Local are up to date and accurate. Incorrect data can not only mean lost customers but may also affect how Google views the trustworthiness of your business.

Website Analytics

Red Cloud know that their clients like to see the results of the SEO strategy, so use advanced analytics to measure success. The goals and metrics of your SEO strategy are analysed on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis to recognise new opportunities and make any necessary changes.

Getting To Know Red Cloud Agency

After reviewing Red Cloud’s services, there’s no doubt they have a great deal to offer. They understand the elements that make up an effective SEO strategy and can be trusted to deliver the results you’re looking for.

The fact that they’re prepared to put the hours in to guarantee your satisfaction with their services goes a long way in our opinion. Red Cloud Agency are able to offer a whole range of website, SEO, design and marketing services all under one roof. This makes them great for businesses who want to use one provider for all of their web-related needs.

Previous Work

Red Cloud have plenty of testimonials on their website, showing that their teams are highly skilled and proficient in all areas. With SEO, however, it’s not easy to validate results (unlike web design, where you can simply see the stunning results of an excellent developer). That being said, we’re sure that Red Cloud wouldn’t have so many satisfied customers if they didn’t know what they were doing!

A print screen of the testimonial page on the Red Cloud Agency website

Why not take a look at Red Cloud Agency’s testimonials for yourself?

Customer Testimonials

Speaking of satisfied customers, Red Cloud have received rave reviews. Here’s just one of them:

“Please say a big THANK YOU to your team from me for working such late, long hours on my website. You guys are amazing! Again, thank you so much for being such a great company to work with”

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