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Mediatopia really impressed our reviewers in some areas, but in others we found them seriously lacking. While their web design abilities seem fantastic, we found their customer experience poor to say the least. Rated: 2.3 Out Of 5 – Bronze Badge Award

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Rated: 2.3 Out Of 5 – Bronze Badge Award

Mediatopia really impressed our reviewers in some areas, but in others we found them seriously lacking. While their web design abilities seem fantastic, we found their customer experience poor to say the least.

There is no doubting Mediatopia have being responsible for designing and developing some visually stunning and functionally sound websites. Many companies neglect one of these caveats in preference to the other so Mediatopia deserve credit here.

However, when we contacted them to obtain a quote for a project, the response seriously undermined the company. Showing minimal professional responsibility and zero interest in our project, they responded to our vague quote request with an email consisting of less than 50 words with a price and a payment structure.

We found this lack of interest in their potential customer’s requirements prior to providing a quote deeply disappointing and as such have only seen fit to bestow a Bronze Badge Award.

Services Provided by Mediatopia

print screen of mediatopia's homepage

As we’ve mentioned already, the quality of Mediatopia’s output speaks for itself and they are more than competent in a variety of services one would expect from a web design agency.

Bespoke Website Design

Mediatopia are rightly proud of their ability to design and build responsive websites that tick the boxes for functionality and attention grabbing layouts. They use a fully customised Content Management System (CMS) for every project and the results speak for themselves.

Ecommerce Websites

The CMS Mediatopia use on the ecommerce sites they build contains many of the features that are to be expected on an ecommerce site’s backend. These include dynamic stats and stock control tools. Our researchers were impressed by the fact they also incorporate Sage 50 accounting tools too.


Our team discovered that Mediatopia offer a full range of SEO marketing services. They build all their sites to up-to-date SEO specifications and research industry keywords to ensure that, where possible, the keywords for your website are high ranking yet have minimal competition.

Hosting Through Mediatopia

Mediatopia, as with many web design agencies of their size, offer web hosting services alongside web design. However, our project saw a quote of £500 per year for this service. Again this quote was given with minimal knowledge of what our project’s hosting requirement’s were, and our team found this price at the very high end of the scale.

Getting To Know Mediatopia

Mediatopia were created in August 2010 and consist of a small team based in central Bristol. It’s fair to say Mediatopia seem to focus their attentions on larger client’s with complex requirement’s, which appears to our researchers, to be detrimental to smaller client’s and start up companies.

Previous Work

We’ve already discussed the quality of Mediatopia’s previous web design projects and their ‘Case Study’ section showcases some of these in all their glory.

print screen of 12 mediatopias website design projects in a grid each on a computer screen
Why not take a look at case studies of previous projects by Mediatopia for yourself?

Customer Testimonials

There is no question that the third party reviews posted online from previous client’s of Mediatopia are overwhelmingly positive. These reviews suggested to our team that client’s who do engage with their services are thoroughly satisfied, but our concern is the lack of professional responsibility in getting to the ordering stage.

Facebook: 17 Reviews, Rated 5 out of 5 | Google: 13 Reviews, Rated 5 out of 5

Contact Mediatopia

Phone: 0117 332 6020
Email: [email protected]
Address: 1 Friary Close, Temple Quay, Bristol, BS1 6EA

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