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Jumping Spider Media make significant claims on there website but our reviewers were unimpressed with the quality of their own website and their services leading to an utter trash award.

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Rated: 1.7 Out Of 5 – Utter Trash Award

Our team of reviewers recently conducted a thorough evaluation of Jumping Spider Media. Jumping Spider are a self-styled dynamic web marketing and SEO provider. Although they claim to “help companies harness the power of the internet”, we weren’t impressed by Jumping Spider’s services. That’s why they’re receiving our Utter Trash Award.

As a web marking service, Jumping Spider aim for a tailored service designed to meet individual needs of their clients. These are bold claims to make but Jumping Spider don’t always deliver on their promises.

When evaluating SEO and web marking companies, a good benchmark for the quality of their services is their own website. Analysis of Jumping Spider’s SEO revealed a less-than-impressive score. This includes many warnings and recommendations. These are lack of quality backlinks; a poor page speed test result, basic meta-tag errors, and missing alt tags for images. Keyword optimisation is also poor. With these results it’s hard to recommend Jumping Spider’s SEO services. If they can’t get it right for their own website, would you want to trust them with yours?

In terms of marketing, Jumping Spider’s social media presence is poor. Their Facebook page hasn’t had an update since 2015. Their LinkedIn company profile is bare, and they seem to rely on Twitter for their social media presence. Even this isn’t a shining example of their marketing abilities.

Jumping Spider’s website does feature client testimonials and endorsements. But there is a generic quality to these testimonials, and they’re also very non-specific. Only the older testimonials mention actual results. It seems that Jumping Spider’s services may have gone downhill since those reviews.

Services Provided by Jumping Spider

print screen of the jumping spider media homepage

Jumping Spider are a web marketing and SEO provider with a wide range of services. These include SEO, AdWords, Copywriting, Link Building, Reputation Management and Social Media. One disconcerting aspect is the duplicated content on the services page. This is directly copied from the homepage, word for word.

It’s still worth looking at the services Jumping Spider provide.


Jumping Spider claim to use a 4-step approach when it comes to SEO. The first stage is Strategy. This includes keyword research, competitor analysis, and designing a tailored campaign. The second stage is Audit. This includes on and off page content. A blueprint is agreed between Jumping Spider and their clients.

The third stage is Implementation. This involves blogger outreach, in-bound link activities and website improvements. The fourth stage is Reporting. In this, regular monthly reports generated on traffic, rankings and conversions.

On the surface, this seems like a comprehensive approach. But, the description of the stages is vague. The SEO page of the website doesn’t particularly inspire confidence, either. Its SEO scoring is low and there are problems with meta-tags and alt image tags. The page load speed could also be improved.


Jumping Spider are proud of their comprehensive Pay Per Click (PPC) management service. They aim to provide a target-based, results-focused approach to AdWords. Their client feedback suggests this is one area they may do well in. They claim to be always up to date with changes in strategy and aim to deliver a great ROI.


Jumping Spider offer a copywriting service based on Bill Gate’s adage that “Content is King”. No copywriter would disagree with this statement. With Jumping Spider, however, there are concerns. One of the high-priority recommendations for Jumping Spider’s site is better content.

Unfortunately, Jumping Spider’s website doesn’t inspire confidence in their copywriting service. The Hemingway App’s analysis shows 2 sentences are hard to read, and 4 are very hard to read (out of 11).

Link Building

Jumping Spider acknowledge the importance of link building. It’s this that helps websites improve their Google ranking. Although claiming to have a team dedicated to link building, Jumping Spider’s own backlink score is poor. Their whole site only has 8 backlinks. This is just another aspect that contributes to Jumping Spider’s Utter Trash Award!

Reputation Management

For Jumping Spider, reputation management is all about dominating the front page of Google’s search results. Their service aims to maximise a website’s visibility. They claim to have an industry-leading reputation management service. But when we checked their keyword ranking for SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, and Web Marketing, their website didn’t even make the top 100. Jumping Spider can’t manage their own reputation, it would seem.

Social Media

According to Jumping Spider (and every other SEO company), social media is a must for any business. Jumping Media’s social media service offers to help businesses stay in control of their profiles and building the right content. That’s what any good SEO and marketing company should be doing. Jumping Spider’s own social media presence doesn’t suggest they’re particularly good at it.

Getting To Know Jumping Spider

Reviewing Jumping Spider’s services and looking at their approach to SEO, it’s clear that if they can’t get it right themselves, they’re probably not the best option. They don’t rank in the top 100 on Google, and their social media presence is poor.

Previous Work

Jumping Spider’s client list looks impressive on the surface, with clients such as Goodmans. However, with SEO and web marketing it’s difficult to gauge previous work. With web designers, you can see the results clearly, but with SEO and web marketing, it’s less obvious. Jumping Spider don’t offer any details about the projects they’ve completed for their clients, either.

print screen of the jumping spider media portfolio page

Why not take a look at Jumping Spider’s Portfolio for yourself?

Customer Testimonials

Finding client reviews and testimonials outside of Jumping Spider’s own website has proved impossible. This means that it’s difficult to judge whether all Jumping Spider’s clients have been satisfied with the service provided. Of course, Jumping Spider are not going to publicise negative reviews in their portfolio, either.

The earlier reviews on Jumping Spider’s website reveal increases in traffic and revenue. More recent reviews are vague and generic, however, and impossible to properly verify.

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Website: http://www.jumpingspidermedia.co.uk
Phone: 020 3070 1959
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jumpingspidermedia/
Address: Jumping Spider Media, Studio 412, Level 4, 1 Kingdom Street, London, W2 6BD

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