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Our research found a company that pride itself on low cost and places a huge emphasis on keeping all the work they do in-house, with zero outsourcing. Rated: 3.2 Out Of 5 – Silver Badge Award

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Rated: 3.2 Out Of 5 – Silver Badge Award

Our research into Fresh Page Web Design found a company that pride itself on low cost and places a huge emphasis on keeping all the work they do in-house, with zero outsourcing.

As admirable as this is, our reviewers were slightly put off by the preachy tone of some of Fresh Page’s own website, which at times prefer to do down the competition rather than focusing on their own strengths.

We found one of these strengths was the amount of information requested by Alex, the founder of Fresh Page, prior to providing a quote for our project. He responded with different ideas, and intelligent questions, giving our team confidence he fully understood the idea and business behind the project before he provided any quote.

Alex’s quote was also extremely easy to understand, explaining exactly what was included, and more importantly, what wasn’t and would cost extra. This included a very low ‘ongoing support, hosting & maintenance’ charge.

Services Provided by The Startup Guys

print screen of the homepage of the fresh page web design homepage

As we’ve explained above, we found Alex and Fresh Page showed high levels of interest in our project, and this leads us to our key criteria of professional responsibility. We felt they more than met this.

Website Design

The Fresh Page website repeatedly states that their Brochure Website Design Service ‘starts’ at £295, yet elsewhere says this figure is £495. However our team felt this was rather misleading as in order to have many features modern sites require, significant extra charges apply. That said, our research into sites they’d built revealed they seem to favour simple, but well thought out designs which are easy to use.

Ecommerce Websites

As we’ve already described, extra features mean extra charges with Fresh Page – and ecommerce features are certainly in this category. It must be said that the ecommerce sites they have built are typically easy to use, but some do feel quite basic and are lacking any kind of ‘wow’ factor.

On-Site SEO

Fresh Page include on-site SEO with their packages which we’ve found is pretty standard in the web design industry. One concern our team had was that, despite their own website stating on-site SEO was useless without off-site SEO, they provided no mention of any off-site SEO in the quote made on our project.

Support & Hosting With Fresh Page

Like many web design companies, Fresh Page offer hosting services alongside the design and development of a website. Where they differ is this service includes ongoing support and maintenance of the site meaning the site will be kept up to date as WordPress software updates are covered.

Getting To Know Fresh Page Web Design

Fresh Page Web Design were founded by Alex Rees in 2011 and are based in Ringwood near Bournemouth. Their commitment to do everything in house with no outsourcing is to be admired, as is their emphasis on having one designer take charge of a project from day one, through to the ongoing support phase.

Previous Work

The portfolio section of their website showcases dozens of the companies that Fresh Page have designed and built sites for since their creation. We were very impressed at the fact they show so many, rather than choosing a select half a dozen like many other web designers.

print screen of the portfolio page on the fresh page web design website

Head over to Fresh Page’s website and see some of the websites they’ve built?

Customer Reviews

The feedback provided by customers can be a clear indicator of a companies abilities and trustworthiness. Testimonials are posted on almost all web designers own websites, and Fresh Page Web Design are no exception.

However, we only found a single third party review on any of the review sites we check. It’s a hugely positive review for sure, but it does beg the question, why is there only that sole review? One thing it shows though, is that Fresh Page, unlike some of their contemporaries, don’t spam these sites with fake reviews.

Google: 1 Review, Rated 5 out of 5

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