Bird Marketing In Billericay – Silver Badge Award

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Bird Marketing In Billericay – Silver Badge Award
Bird Marketing are highly regarded amongst their previous client’s and our research uncovered a number of websites they have created which certainly looked impressive. Rated: 3.6 Out Of 5 – Silver Badge Award

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Rated: 3.6 Out Of 5 – Silver Badge Award

Bird Marketing are highly regarded amongst their previous client’s and our research uncovered a number of websites they have created which certainly looked impressive. Bird’s own website, while not the most user friendly we’ve encountered, is without doubt one of the most visually striking.

We contacted Bird to obtain a quote for a project and it must be said, our initial communication was fantastic. Lewis, one of their web designers, took a great deal of time to discover the specific needs and requirements of the project. He also kept things very simple, taking time to explain technical details.

Unfortunately, when the actual proposal was received, while the price was very reasonable, it was presented on a document that contained a mass of information only someone well versed in web design services would fully understand.

Their own website makes use of a number of icons and clever interactive content – however we felt it was let down by the portfolio section which fails to do any kind of justice to the sites it is meant to be showcasing – it feels as if the ‘slick’ layout they’ve chosen was prioritised over the actual content.

Services Provided by Bird Marketing

print screen of bird marketing's homepage

Bird Marketing may be a young company, but they are dynamic, knowledgeable and offer everything one could possibly need from a web design agency. Maybe they just need to reflect on their quoting and remember their prospective clients are not well versed in web design, so using non-technical language in their proposals so a layman can understand is important.

Bespoke Website Design

Bird are rightly proud of their website creations and the praise of past customers pays tribute to quality of work they produce. Stunning visuals, attention demanding sliders and banners, alongside dynamic content are hallmarks of a website designed by Bird

Ecommerce Websites

Bird’s chosen method is to add a ‘shop function’ to a website post build and from the ecommerce sites we’ve seen that they have developed – it’s a method that can produce spectacular results.


We discovered Bird focus on SEO when building and then maintaining a website. The proposal we viewed contained a large section describing in detail the SEO services they would include. We confess ourselves impressed at the depth of their knowledge.

Hosting Through Bird Marketing

Bird offer web hosting to all their clients through Google Cloud. This includes military grade security, high speed bandwidth (500GB) and an SSL certificate as standard. At £20 per month cheaper hosting is available, but the service is great value for money.

Getting To Know Bird Marketing

Bird Marketing are a relatively young company who are based in Billericay, Essex. They have previously worked on behalf of a variety of clients, ranging from small start up businesses to large organisations, including Essex County Council.

Previous Work

We feel it’s a shame that Bird Marketing haven’t given the actual websites they’ve built greater exposure on their website, as they do deserve to be showcased in all their beauty.

print screen of the portfolio page on the bird marketing website

Why not take a look at Bird Marketing’s portfolio for yourself?

Customer Testimonials

Nothing says more about a company than the experiences of previous clients and that is why we both research, and link to external reviews. That said, we are mindful that few checks are in place to stop false reviews been submitted to skew overall figures.

Regardless, Bird Marketing have a significant number of positive reviews available online, providing evidence of the level of satisfaction they bring to clients.

TrustPilot: 8 Reviews, Rated 8.6 out of 10 | Google: 30 Reviews, Rated 5 out of 5

Contact Bird Marketing

Phone: 01277 286 565
Email: [email protected]
Address: 128a High Street, Billericay, Essex, CM12 9XE

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