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This company have been operating for 10 years, and in that time they have developed a process whereby the drill down into the requirements of their client’s business. Only then do they begin developing a website that will add value to the business, but more importantly they use the understanding of the client to tailor the website to boost growth.

This approach really impressed our research team. Far too often companies will blindly follow their client’s ideas, even when they are flawed, and create expensive, advanced websites that are simply unaffordable. WDL’s process avoids this and shows to us a high degree of professional responsibility to their clients. This is very high on our rating factors and is one of the main reasons we are so impressed with WDL that we have rated them 8.9 out of 10, meaning they feature in our Top 10 Web Designers in the UK.

But WDL. do so much more than offer a design and development service. In addition to offering marketing expertise and content creation like many agencies, they also offer a Professional Video Production service. They assist in creating a script, the filming of said video and a thorough editing process. With video marketing growing all the time their service certainly caught our attention and impressed us greatly.

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Web Design

The cornerstone of WDL. business is the business of designing and building websites for an array of clients. We found they have developed a process that places the client’s business at it’s heart from start to finish. Rather than rushing into the design phase they first gain an understanding of what the website is aiming to achieve and tailor the design to meet this. All websites built by WDL are built using an open source CMS so that it is easy for the owner to manage the site following a single training session.

Content Creation

One of WDL’s services is to create content for your website. Content is often overlooked by web designers, yet it is a crucial part of converting visitors and tells them all about the business. To this end WDL offer services which include writing content on your behalf, creating blog articles for your website and even a proof reading service. In addition, they include a service where they work with the client to ensure the content of the website is placed in the most effective areas, making conversions more likely.

Video Production

WDL.’s Professional Video Production service caught our eye simply because it is so uncommon amongst agencies. It comes under their marketing umbrella and has obtained proven results. Not only can these videos be used on the website to boost sales and conversions, they can be incorporated into social media too. Our team looked over some of the videos WDL have worked on and were suitably impressed at the sharp production leading to a fantastic end result.

Marketing & Branding

Our research into a number of Website Design Ltd.’s previous projects found they are highly skilled in creating effective, appropriate branding. They place huge emphasis on providing consistency. To this end once a colour scheme and font styles are agreed with a client they tailor everything, from the website through to the logo and letterheads to compliment it. We’ve found their team are competent in both simple designs and more complex, eye catching works.

Gold Badge Award

We have awarded WDL our prestigious Gold Badge Award.

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Are Website Design Ltd. Right For You?

Rated 8.9 out of 10.

WDL are a team of 12 staff based in central Colchester, Essex. The team is divided amongst designers, developers and marketing experts, ensuring all work on a project is typically kept in-house. This way a client can be confident all their needs will be met and issues resolved by an expert in a timely manner.

WDL’s own website is home to a blog section, and each member of staff has several articles posted here.

These articles showcase the plethora of knowledge amongst their team as they cover a wide variety of relevant topics. These skills and knowledge are visible across much of WDL’s portfolio of previous projects.

Our review team looked in detail at a number of these websites and were impressed at the user experience of each and the subtle design techniques which make them visually attractive to visitors.

Website Design Ltd. Service Overview

WDL emphasise that their core principle is to learn as much information about their client’s business and wider industry then use this information to design a website to boost conversions and customers. The well-established process they employ has proven time and again to be effective.

Web Design

WDL tend to start web design projects with a process called Information Architecture. During this stage they gain a thorough understanding of the client’s business and industry. From this knowledge they map out a user journey through a website, placing emphasis on generating leads at every available opportunity.

It is here that they explore and decide options on which key features will be incorporated. Once these agreements are reached with the client the Design stage gets underway.

It is at this point that the relevant visual elements, colour schemes and such, are planned. Our research has unearthed that WDL have a talent for creating designs that are relevant to the business and in most cases, they accentuate it.

Web Development

WDL employ in house web development experts whose role is to make the design team’s visions come to life on the website. They do so using easy to use CMS (Content Management System) which ensures that, once the website goes live and ownership is handed over, the client can administer the website, adding and removing content and such, with the minimum of fuss. WDL offer one thorough training session on how to complete these edits. Such is their confidence in the development side of their website projects they aim to complete this training in one session.


Another part of the web design process at WDL is to ensure one of their marketing team are involved in all aspects to keep the target of increasing the client’s conversion rate front and centre of the website. The digital marketer responsible for the account will then provide recommendations to the client as to how the website can be used going forward to continue to grow conversion figures.

In addition to this service, the WDL marketing team have several additional services available such as Email Marketing and Pay-Per-Click Advertising. We found the marketing strategies they offer are functional and online reviews are positive.

One area of the WDL marketing arm we were extremely impressed with was the Professional Video Production service. This is a niche service amongst web design companies and our researchers found that it is a service with proven results.


Our researchers have found many web designers who promise the earth when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation. We were impressed by WDL’s honesty where they are clear they cannot promise results. Instead they promise that their Digital Marketers will ensure best practice is adhered to and give your website the best chance of ranking highly.

Having a trained, experienced marketer involved throughout the design and development process works for WDL and we found their clients do typically experience rather impressive results when it comes to Google searches.

Business Applications

The WDL team also offer a service which aims to tackle inefficiencies in businesses through the development of bespoke business applications. Whether it be a full intranet that will grow a company or simple data processing and recording tools, our team looked over their past work in this area and were taken aback at the effectiveness of the tools they create.

The benefits of investing in these tools are clear, as wasted hours and missed opportunities are reduced. By assessing the exact needs of a particular client in advance the consultant at WDL is then able to offer services as part of the application that are relevant and most likely to provide value for the client’s money.

Customer Service

The customer experience WDL offer is one previous clients speak highly of. Our team found they are proficient at meeting their goal of responding to all enquiries within 1 business day which is a vital part of starting on the right footing and breeds client confidence.

Once a project is underway they have tried and tested communication processes meaning the customer is kept abreast of what is been done with set deadlines WDL rarely fail to meet.

Final Thoughts

Returning to the theme of honesty and professional responsibility, there is no question amongst our team of researchers that WDL meet this essential business practice. By simply acknowledging they cannot guarantee any results with SEO they immediately scored significantly for the purposes of our rating system.

We were also impressed with the slightly different process they employ from Day One. We felt their attention to learning about the customers business and industry first shone through in many of the websites they subsequently created.

Some may level the accusation that WDL place substance before style, indeed their own website could be classed as simple, rather than elegant. But it is obvious to us a user journey and experience in navigation and functionality is their chief concern. We feel such is the quality of those caveats the occasional lack of dynamism can be overlooked.

We’ve awarded WDL an 8.9 out of 10 rating, equating to a Gold Badge award, and a place in our top 10.


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Customer Testimonials

The words of previous customers can tell a significant amount about a company. Every review our team found was positive and, particularly on Google Reviews, many reviewers had many positive things to say. We took all this account when compiling our review.

However, one of our concerns was that aside from Google we found no reviews (other than on WDL’s own website) which had any detail. In fact, only the Facebook page has any additional reviews and not one of these has any details. We are conscious, following years of experience, that third party reviews are not always the most reliable indicator of a company. Instead we prefer to place most emphasis on our own findings.

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