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Rating: 9.1 out of 102018 BEST SMALL WEB DESIGN COMPANY

Our reviewing team found Webo are an offbeat, dynamic web design company with a small team but huge talent. The creative nature of their design team shines through with a focus on grabbing a visitor’s attention.

Websites designed by Webo have a hallmark of being totally unique, with no set ‘corporate’ template. That’s not to say they detract from the user journey and experience, indeed our researchers found every site we checked simple to navigate, with the clever use of graphics typically enhancing this.

We’ve awarded Webo our Gold Badge Award and given them a rating of 9.1 out of 10, giving them a place in our Top 10 UK Web Design Companies – the smallest agency amongst this elite group.

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Web Design

Webo are primarily a web design agency and this is certainly where their talents lie. We found they have a record of creating visually stunning websites which live long in the memory. Alongside easy navigation tools and thoughtful content placement, we found most Webo designed websites make effective use of sliders and images to create a real Wow factor!


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a critical part of getting ahead of the competition online and Webo have clearly understood this and make all the websites we checked in a Google friendly manner. What shone out to our team was the fact that small details that can make or break an SEO strategy were all tended to on these sites, which tells us Webo take SEO very seriously and actually know what they are doing.

Web Design

An often overlooked service by website design companies, Webo also include a hosting service, which surprised our team as few companies of Webo’s size take the time to do this. The hosting we looked at was appropriate, subject to regular checks and backups, and rarely were issues reported. Best of all we found the pricing to be extremely competitive.

Graphic Design

It is in this area that Webo really earned their high rating from our team. The portfolio of websites boasts a number of past clients that rave about the design itself and the use of gradients and texture to accentuate different areas of web pages. This really emphasises key content and call to action buttons. Alongside the website graphics, Webo also offer a logo design service which has also proved popular.

Gold Badge Award

We have awarded Webo our prestigious Gold Badge Award.

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Are Webo Web Design Right For You?

Rated 9.1 out of 10.

Webo immediately stood out to our reviewers based on their own website which is certainly unique and creates an impression that they are company who don’t take themselves too seriously and ultimately are fun.

Bright colours, irreverent language and eye-catching graphics all combine to create a memorable visit. Based in the creative hub of Leeds, Webo pride themselves on being a small team with big personality.

Our reviewers found they have a record of creating functional, well laid out websites for corporate clients, but it is smaller companies looking to create a website that makes a lasting impression who have truly benefitted from Webo’s talents.

We also discovered that Webo take their responsibility to their clients very seriously. Our team presented them with an opportunity to quote excessively for a test project and we are delighted to report this opportunity was rebuffed and instead advice was given freely.

Who Are Webo & What Can They Do For You?

After nearly 9 years Webo continue to be at the forefront of innovation in the website design industry. They operate out of an office in central Leeds and their portfolio shows in detail just how talented their team of designers are. Be it attention grabbing and memorable you require, or simple and subtle, we believe Webo can meet both ends of the website design spectrum.

Web Design

As already alluded to Webo have a record of building websites that stand out in the crowded cyberspace market. Our reviewers found that they typically met the criteria for using stunning graphics to enhance the content of a website, unlike many agencies who develop sites with graphics that detract from the content. This is a skill in itself and one that our team never fail to be impressed by.


Webo’s creative flair plays incredibly well on many of the ecommerce projects they have worked upon. They make the challenge of using the site to enhance the products being displayed look effortless. Our team also noted that they ensure that each ecommerce site they build has a login feature, so customers details are saved, making it easy for both the site owner and also increasing the likelihood of repeat purchasing.


Search Engine Optimisation plays an increasingly significant role in the level of traffic to a website. Many users arrive at a site having searched in Google and Webo have clearly understood this. Our team conducted site audits on several of Webo’s past projects and found them fully optimised to appeal to Google’s bots.

Website Hosting

As part of a web design package ordered through Webo, a client will receive up to 12 months web hosting for free. Our reviewers checked speeds and bandwidth offered as part of this and found it to be fully up to date. Regular back ups are included and Webo also offer ongoing support if any issues occur.

Final Thoughts

The experienced team at Web Design Review were pleasantly surprised how an agency with so few members of staff contained so much skill and talent, while not compromising on either quality or time. Despite the small team, Webo consistently deliver quality websites ahead of schedule and we are delighted to award them our Gold Badge Award with a rating of 9.1 out of 10.


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Customer Testimonials

Online reviews are an important part of our reviewing processes and tell us a little about the customer experience offered by the web design company we are reviewing.

Unfortunately we couldn’t uncover any reviews for Webo, although this is not uncommon for smaller website design companies.

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