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Rating: 9.1 out of 105TH PLACE

Mersey offer a number of website related services to customers both in their home city of Liverpool, and throughout the UK and Europe.

They celebrate their 10th birthday in 2009 and at the time of our review employed 21 members of staff. These 21 members of staff specialise in different areas of the web service and marketing industry. We found in addition to the standard qualified web designers, WD Mersey also employ dedicated staff for their SEO and marketing operations, in addition to a full-time writer and graphic designer.

Following a thorough review by our team which included submitting a ‘dummy’ quote to ascertain their honesty and ability to explain complex information to naïve customers we have decided to award Mersey a rating of 9.1 out of 10, making them in our opinion, the fifth best web design agency in the whole of Great Britain.

Our researchers thoroughly explored several websites that they were responsible for designing and maintaining. Not only did we consider the actual visual design of the websites, but due to their claim to provide SEO services on all web pages they are responsible for building, we paid a particular focus on the backend of these sites. This included the coding used. We found the claim to be fully valid and this played a significant role in our decision to rate WD Mersey so highly.

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Mersey are primarily a business that focus on designing bespoke websites for small to medium sized companies. Our research uncovered a plethora of customers who had hired them and were satisfied with the results. Our reviewers were impressed in particular at the variety of navigation options that made things simple for visitors. This, coupled with striking call to action features, was a hallmark of each website we evaluated that they had built.


Modern businesses rarely conform to the stereotypical 9-5 opening hours. While many companies now feature extended hours where they are available to clients in evenings and on weekends our team discovered WD Mersey have taken this one step further.
We tested their claim to be available 24 hours a day by attempting to make contact in the early hours of a Saturday morning. We were pleasantly surprised to be greeted by a trained member of staff who was able to answer our questions appropriately.

Social Media Marketing

The growth of use in social media amongst consumers has provided a wealth of opportunities to companies looking to harness the incredible marketing opportunities this presents.
WD Mersey have specialised, qualified and fully trained staff who have a complete understanding of marketing techniques and tactics that can be employed on a variety of platforms.


As alluded to in the introduction of our review, we conducted a thorough appraisal of the coding on many of the web pages designed and built by WDM. While many companies claim to optimise pages for SEO as standard, experience has shown us that only basic practices ae followed by many.
We found that each page WD Mersey were responsible for contained an enhanced level of SEO optimisation. This is a time-consuming process going through all the intricate areas and few companies include this as standard. Therefore, WD Mersey’s inclusion of enhanced SEO as standard plays a huge role in our rating of 9.1.

Gold Badge Award

We have awarded Mersey our prestigious Gold Badge Award.

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Are Web Design Mersey Right For You?

Rated 9.1 out of 10.

The process of building and designing a website, along with web hosting and SEO optimisation is typically a costly undertaking. We found the prices quoted by WD Mersey lower than many of their competitors. This focus on creating memorable, SEO optimised websites at affordable prices greatly impressed our research team.

Amongst the most important things we look for are that a company is honest and avoids trying to upsell and charge for services which are not necessary.

Our ‘dummy’ quote presented WD Mersey with the opportunity to do this, but they didn’t take the bait. In the honesty and professionalism stakes WD Mersey scored 10 out of 10!

The fact they have a solid track record of building appropriate, professional and stylish websites, including effective ecommerce sites, make us happy to recommend making them one of the companies you give serious consideration to for your website requirements.

Mersey Service Overview

Our reviewers are noted for the lengths they go to to gain an understanding of how a web design company operate. WD Mersey are to be noted for the professional approach they bring to each project they undertake, and their expertise is at a level above most agencies we review.

Web Design

Despite the fact WD Mersey have developed such a significant capability in areas such as SEO and marketing, it hasn’t impacted in any way on either the effort put into or quality achieved in the websites built by them. It remains the key area of their business.

As part of all WD Mersey’s website design services you can expect to receive a bespoke website which is completely unique. The websites we have reviewed that they have created and designed are both striking and memorable, while also being simple to navigate. Navigation is often overlooked by designers, an accusation our team found certainly cannot be levelled at WD Mersey.

Another feature of their websites is the quality of the content writing service. Our findings are that not only is the content user friendly and easy for the reader to understand, but fully optimised to meet all current SEO algorithms.


As consumer shopping habits increasingly move online, the demand for creating ecommerce websites has increased dramatically. We found that ecommerce sites built by WD Mersey typically provide clients with significant amounts of analytical data, so the shopping habits of customers are easily monitored. This information assists businesses in devising marketing strategies more likely to generate interest and engagement with consumers – not to mention increased numbers of orders!

The hallmark of an ecommerce website designed by WD Mersey is the simple layout employed which features striking calls to action. This plays into the ethos they place at the centre of their designs of putting the user experience first. An additional benefit, especially from the site owner’s perspective, is that ordering products is easier and less time consuming which increases the likelihood of purchases being made.

As part of all WD Mersey’s ecommerce packages we found that an SSL certificate is included as standard, as is the input of one of their marketing team who give their advice to the client on how to create strategies based on the content style of the site.

Social Media Marketing

WD Mersey include a dedicated marketing team who we found take a keen interest in any project, so they can plan for marketing campaigns they will be active in.

Our team looked over, in detail, several social media accounts of customers who had utilised this part of WD Mersey’s business. We found that these campaigns were well thought out, engaging and effective. Consultation with these customers found they held the social media marketing campaign spearheaded by WD Mersey responsible for the fact they had experienced an increase in both engagement, and more importantly, profits.


Search Engine Optimisation is a process whereby your website is built to meet certain criteria to increase its ranking on Google. Many web designers include extra fees and charges to include this service as it is more specialised and a very time-consuming process.

We found that the coding on all the websites, and each individual web page, we checked that were built and developed by WD Mersey were fully optimised to impress Google’s bots. We were very impressed by the fact this service is included in the packages offered by them.
It was this that was one of the primary reasons we awarded them a rating of 9.1 out of 10.

Website Hosting

Included in all packages offered by WD Mersey is the hosting of your new site for 12 months and domain registration. After the initial period, the pricing of annual renewal is extremely competitive.

But when it comes to hosting, our reviewers have previously found many web designers will host the website they build but neglect to pay much attention to this side of their operations. Far too often any issues that occur outside office hours remain unresolved until the return of business hours between 9 and 5 – Monday to Friday.

In this area WD Mersey again lead the way. They are proud to ensure a fully qualified, trained member of staff is available at any time of the day or night. This member of staff can deal with any queries you may have too, be it web hosting, design of your website or SEO.

Time Scales & Affordability

WD Mersey have staffing levels significantly higher than many other companies in the UK. It goes without saying that different projects have different requirements, different levels of complexity and different technical requirements. But our experience of researching companies means we have developed an understanding of what sort of time frames are standard in the industry.

As alluded to the fact WD Mersey employ over 20 members of staff gives them an edge when it comes to setting tighter deadlines than most. In addition, we found that the staff members who are available overnight are regularly members of the design team, meaning projects are in many cases being worked on throughout the day, every day, until completion.

Another element of WD Mersey’s appeal is the fact they aim the pricing structure of their packages at the lower and more affordable end of the scale. Our findings are that the adage – you get what you pay for – doesn’t apply with WD Mersey. Despite being in some cases over 75% cheaper in cost than their competitors, their output is at a standard as impressive as any the WDR team have encountered.

Customer Service

In other sections we’ve covered how WD Mersey massively impressed us by offering a 24/7 service across all areas of the business. But it’s well worth repeating due to the fact it’s such a rare service in the website designer industry. Other than for hosting issues it’s almost unheard of!

Equally we’ve already mentioned the fact we gave them the opportunity to charge us on our ‘dummy quote’ for things we didn’t need and we were hugely impressed at the fact they did not attempt to do so. Indeed, they quite firmly advised us that one item we mentioned repeatedly would be ‘a complete waste of your money.’

They come across both on the phone and online as a friendly team who are professional but easy to talk to and take the time to explain the complex areas of projects in layman’s terms.

Final Thoughts

Our team of reviewers found nothing in their in-depth research on WD Mersey to create any cause for concern. Not only was their direct contact with the staff in Liverpool always a positive experience but they were also struck by the quality of their work.

The facts that really stood out were their SEO optimisation of websites they build as standard, their honesty and professionalism in their contact and communication with us, and the quality of stylish, modern and simple to use designs.

In addition, they regularly have special offers which, at the time of going to press, includes a free television or laptop with an order or £1000 cashback.

To summarise, we are more than happy to bestow a rating of 9.1 out of 10 on them and would recommend them for any project, from a small start up website to a huge redesign.

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Customer Testimonials

Experiences from previous customers tell potential clients a great deal about a company regardless of the industry. While the website development industry is no exception we’ve found, during the course of researching hundreds of companies, that many clients don’t take the time to leave reviews unless they are dissatisfied with the experience they’ve had. It’s also worth noting there are many examples across the industry of former employees or rivals with a grudge effectively spamming third party review sites with both negative and baseless reviews.

For this reason, we don’t really place a massive weight on third party reviews and keep in mind they can be unreliable. We evaluated WD Mersey’s reviews, as well as the customer testimonials on their website and find that on balance, a significant majority are positive and refer to WD Mersey’s professionalism sing the companies praises and pay tribute to the quality of work and service received.

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