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Sizzle have been awarded a Gold Badge Award by our team of reviewers and a rating of 9.1 out of 10 after our review uncovered a dynamic, forward thinking team that place innovation at the heart of what they do.

They operate under an ethos that ‘Your Growth Is Our Growth’ and place huge emphasis on creating websites that not only look fantastic (or Sizzle, to use their parlance) but are functional to the user and give their owners an edge.

Unlike many designers we’ve reviewed in the past which tend to focus on particular industries or styles of sites, Sizzle’s portfolio showcases a range of past clients, some of whom have benefited from a corporate, professional design and others who have opted for a more out-there, attention grabbing look.

This talent for creating websites that effectively enhance the client’s audience share really impressed our team and played a significant role in our review that led them to be rated highly enough to feature in our Top 10.

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Web Design

Sizzle’s portfolio is a delight to view as they offer an insight into their talents for designing websites that perfectly meet their client’s industry. With Sizzle, we found a company that go the extra mile to understand their client’s ideas and goals for the website – then use that understanding to create a platform that not only meets, but regularly exceeds those targets.


Our team of researchers found that Sizzle’s method when creating an ecommerce platform is to build a site designed to remain viable when your business grows and traffic increases. Far too many web designers look at likely traffic for the first 6 months and build accordingly – with Sizzle, your website is built to be robust. They also use CMS systems that make adding new products quick and simple, saving you time and money going forward.


Sizzle’s aptitude for learning all about a client’s business and industry isn’t solely trained at creating a website. They also offer a branding service for both new start ups and for well established companies looking to update. Many web designers offer this nowadays, but it usually comes across as rushed, almost like an afterthought. Our team felt Sizzle differ and have really talent in this area.

Digital Marketing

One of Sizzle’s additional services to web design is that of digital marketing – basically attracting people to visit your shiny new website. They take great pride in running ethical campaigns, incorporating SEO, Email marketing and Pay-per-click tactics to drive up interest in your business and get people interested in what you have to offer. We like the fact Sizzle use a long-term approach which proves more beneficial than a short campaign that has mixed results.

Gold Badge Award

We have awarded Sizzle our prestigious Gold Badge Award.

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Are Sizzle Right For You?

Rated 9.1 out of 10.

Manchester based Sizzle struck our review team firstly when we saw the huge variety of industries that they have worked alongside. Our fears were that, as with many designers we’ve researched before, they had over stretched themselves and would show little industry relevance in their web design.

We were delighted to find this wasn’t the case and came across a number of prior projects where the design worked perfectly with the industry. This showcased to us the amount of research they undertake into the background before each project and that they treat each client as an individual.

Our team felt that they truly cover all the bases. It is beneficial to a client to keep everything relating to their web design projects with one agency and it is here that Sizzle’s digital marketing expertise comes into play. We were hugely impressed by the quality of the digital marketing projects created by Sizzle.

These were eye catching and, according to previous client reviews, certainly raised both profile, and more importantly, revenue. Combining a fresh, new website with Sizzle’s effective digital marketing strategies provides businesses with a fantastic way of creating awareness of their brand.

Who Are Sizzle And What Can They Do For You?

Sizzle are based in the heart of Manchester and offer so much more than quality website design services. With a team of 11 people and over 12 years’ experience in the industry they have kept pace with new trends and tools. This allows them to build innovative, modern websites, while offering a number of additional services which are aiming to put the new website into the shop window of consumers.

Web Design

Having already discussed in detail above how Sizzle put together websites that look terrific and are a dream to use for the visitor, our team found Sizzle are also talented at building websites that are responsive to mobile users. Sizzle have clearly understood this and include responsive as standard. This alongside the excellent design and simple navigation tools played a significant role in our decision to award Sizzle a Gold Badge Award.


The Ecommerce market is growing year on year and in this area, we found that Sizzle have carved out a style of their own. All Ecommerce packages include a Content Management System that is designed to cover the demands of a growing business. In addition, the ecommerce packages all include full SSL encryption.

Responsive Website Design

Over 50% of web users now surf using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Sizzle recognise the growth of this area and have a dedicated section to their responsive website design services. Our team’s research uncovered a number of mobile sites designed by Sizzle that have ease of use at their core.


Search Engine Optimisation describes how a website is built to ensure that it ranks in Google and other search engines to drive traffic to your site. Sizzle cover both on-site and off-site SEO, that is creating websites that are coded to impress Google’s bots and creating backlinks from other websites already highly thought of by Google.

Digital Marketing

Your new website can look fantastic and be a dream for a user to navigate. However, Sizzle also offer a digital marketing service that aims to boost traffic. Our team found that Sizzle are experienced in this area and have a specialist team. They are experienced in social media campaigns, email marketing and pay per click advertising – all of which, used correctly, sees a significant leap in the amount of traffic. We found Sizzle have a record of doing this this for client’s who avail themselves of the digital marketing service.

Final Thoughts

Sizzle struck our team as a forward-thinking company with a record of developing quality websites. Innovation is the word that kept striking our team as Sizzle show they can turn their skills to a wide range of industries. This talent is seen in their previous work, and it must be said the additional services, such as digital marketing, do have a record of success.


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Customer Testimonials

Testimonials from previous clients are a great indicator of how customers have found working with Sizzle. The majority of the reviews we found online were hugely positive and suggest a company that has a record of creating satisfaction for its clients.

We always keep in mind reviews aren’t always strictly accurate, but the sheer number of positive reviews indicate to our team of researchers that the claims made by Sizzle on their website are true.

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Sizzle Web Design, The Sharp Project, Manchester, M40 5BJ


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