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Logo Designers: Top 5 Review 2019

Published: 4th October 2018 | Last Updated: 4th October 2018

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The importance of a high quality logo is worth researching, as it’s the beginning of your company’s branding and conveys your business’s vision. Your logo is the first introduction your consumers receive so you’ll need to make it count. While this is not the only factor consumers consider when judging your business, a logo can be an appealing invitation to learn more.

Strong logos that are well-designed inform customers about a company, using effective colours, shapes, and different fonts. There’s no denying a visually striking image can intrigue customers, leaving them curious about the company behind a bold design.

The most well-known companies all share one thing in common – an instantly recognisable logo. Whether it’s Apple’s iconic fruit, or McDonald unmistakable yellow ‘M’ arches, logos can become synonymous with the brand they represent. It also works the same way around. A company that lacks the best branding practices and has poor design can become associated with their worst efforts, making it hard to shake the negative image and so gain an unprofessional reputation. You don’t want this to be your business, do you?

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It’s important to remember that you are not simply hiring someone to design a ‘graphic’ but rather, to listen to your needs and to build a relationship to help your business grow.

You now understand the importance of a strong logo design, but how do you go about finding the right graphic designers that understand your ideas and have the skills to bring them to life? We’ve done the tedious research for you!

Below is a short list of the UK’s very best logo designers.

1) Logo Design GRP

RATED: 4.7 out of 5

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Who Are They?

Logo Design GRP work with clients in just about every sector from their London office and studio near Plymouth in Devon where the business began some 35 years ago.

All of their talented designers, developers and marketeers have one aim: to help you grow your business.

It’s really important for them to understand your business, your budget and your aspirations for any project. The focus is always on your brand. After all, that’s what they’re communicating to your audience. In any conversation they will always share good practice.


This company doesn’t have any standard answers or solutions but bespoke ones tailored to fit your needs. They can move quickly and effectively to help with designing or updating a logo, build online assets such as websites or really drive your business with SEO or other online marketing.

They also have a wealth or experience with print design. Whether it is stationery, exhibition design, newspaper adverts, leaflet/handout design or a full showcasing brochure, they can help.

Logo Design GRP also offer a full marketing support service in which they simply act as if they’re your in-house team. It’s an incredibly cost-effective way to revolutionise your business.

How They Work

They always start by understanding your business and your brand. Once they’re happy they know what you’re all about they’ll help with projects ranging from creating new brand identities, designing and building online assets.

The logo design process begins when you call them or complete their straightforward briefing questionnaire. One of the account managers will contact you to discuss your project in detail, agree which of their packages is appropriate and arrange payment by card or bank transfer of 50% of the total fee. If it is relevant the account manager will undertake web-based research into your competitors and target market.

Working to your brief, the design team will create a selection of prototype designs. These initial visuals will often be wide ranging in their interpretation of the brief and some will deliberately challenge any preconceived notions for the design. It is important to appreciate that the initial designs offered to you are in no way attempts at offering you the final design. They do not believe in quick fixes and will want to explore possible alternative routes with you.

Their Work

This team have worked on thousands of projects and each one has built their experience. Their portfolio of previous work is evidence that they love logo design and do it with all the focus and passion they have.


Our Thoughts

Speak to Logo Design GRP and you’ll probably speak quite a lot. That’s because first and foremost, they like to listen. From the logo design brief to master artwork, they will support you through the whole process.

We’ve chosen Logo Design GRP as our number 1 logo design company as they put a credible amount of time and their best effort in to all their work, whether it’s for a small start-up or established business.


2) Logo Geek

RATED: 4.5 out of 5

screenshot of the log geek website landing page

Who Are They?

Logo Geek is the professional logo design service from award winning graphic designer, Ian Paget, based in Manchester.

Ian Paget is a graphic designer with over 10 years’ professional experience, working with companies ranging from start-ups through to large corporate. Ian spends part of his working week as creative director for an ecommerce solutions firm and the rest of it showcasing his art and design skills in the area of brand identity for his own company, Logo Geek.


This logo design company specialises in creating unique and memorable logos and brand identities.

Through Logo Geek, Ian has been able to offer his expert logo design experience to entrepreneurs and startup businesses that need a new identity as well as offer a logo redesign service to growing businesses that wish to take their brands to a new level.

Being passionate about branding, and inspired by legendary graphic designers, Ian aims to offer a logo design service where he can create a timeless mark for your growing company that’s simple, memorable, versatile, resizable and timeless.

Aside from a logo design service, Ian also writes a popular logo design blog and runs an active social media community for graphic designers around the world where he shares the latest industry news, tips and advice.

How They Work

Unlike many logo designers, Ian takes the time to learn and understand the business story, its mission and vision, and its target audience to create a concise set of goals which the new identity needs to meet.

During the design phase, using the goals as reference Ian will use mind-mapping and visual brainstorming techniques to explore numerous ideas and directions for your brand. Starting with pencil and paper, Ian will draw numerous logo concepts before working on a computer to create scalable vector artwork using Adobe Illustrator. By using vector software, Ian is able to create scalable artwork that can be easily reproduced at any size without any loss of quality, meaning you will have professional, high-quality results every time no matter what size your logo needs to be.

Ian will present 3 options based on the objectives agreed upon, which will be presented with supporting imagery with the logo design in situ so you can imagine how the identity will look in real life. Working in partnership with you, Ian is happy to take on board feedback to refine the designs if needed based on your industry knowledge.

Their Work

Being an influential designer, Ian has been on numerous international design award juries, and has been featured in publications such as Shutterstock.


Our Thoughts

Designing an effective logo is not a quick or easy process. It requires research, thought, care and attention to ensure the final logo design targets the correct market and broadcasts the right message. We feel like Logo Geek demonstrate their understanding of this perfectly.


3) Original Nutter Design

RATED: 4.4 out of 5

screenshot of the original nutter designs website landing page

Who Are They?

Original Nutter Design is based up North – in Garforth, Leeds. They target a large audience, from established companies looking to update or re-brand their graphics, to startups. They have the flexibility to suit all needs and budgets.

This company understands that logo design is the cornerstone of your business’ visual brand. You have one chance to make a first impression so they work with you to get this right.


The small team provides a dozen services, while they specialise in logo design they can also assist you with print and packaging design. Not only this, but they can help you design a website and are able to create graphics for digital marketing.

If you can’t see a service you’re looking for on their website they welcome you to get in touch and offer to get it sorted.

How They Work

Original Nutter Design work within a defined process that’s infused with passion, that goes into everything they do. A project manager will be assigned to you based on your bespoke requirements and the individuals skill set and experience.

The project manager assigned to you will make suggestions and create a plan based off what you need, your budget and turnaround time.

Their Work

This small team of logo Designers will truly work hard to ensure you’re happy with the end result as they put so much pride into their work, and it shows. If you go with these guys you can trust you will receive the best quality of work.


Our Thoughts

What we admire about Original Nutter Design is that they’re not afraid to think differently. They are constantly exploring, looking beyond the horizon, away from the herd, finding the future. They only want the best, and that is exactly what they’ll give you.

Don’t just take our word on it, each individual has excellent testimonials that are a testament to their hard work and successful delivery.


4) Alchemist Studios

RATED: 4.2 out of 5

screenshot of the alchemist website landing page

Who Are They?

This Oxfordshire based company are experts of creative thinking, with an impressive 20 years in the industry. Having worked for branding companies in London including ‘Virgin’ they also have experience in the international market.

They have a desire to produce exceptional branding which is cost-effective with straight forward thinking and designs clients can be proud of. While they cater to all types of clients, they are mostly marketed towards younger professionals looking for trendy designs for their new start-up business.


At Alchemist Studios they provide custom corporate identity services such as: branding, logo design, stationery, straplines and website design.

They specialise in professional logotype designs, but also have a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of graphic design collateral.

How They Work

Alchemist base their designs on supporting documents to act as a brief, and welcome clients to share references for ideas. You’re able to send attached web links to companies that you like the style of a logo and don’t, which isn’t always accepted by a lot of design companies.

At the start of every process they ask for information about your company to be sent via email. The creative process is made simple with four easy steps: client brief, design concepts, design evaluate and delivery.

Their Work

Unlike the companies listed above, they don’t have a vast amount of work on their portfolio. Although, the previous work they do have to view, is well designed and high quality.

Browse their portfolio to get a good idea of the work they’ve done for previous clients.


Our Thoughts

The bespoke logos Alchemist create for businesses are often praised for many years and clients have commented that the distinctive professional style have helped them set themselves apart from their competition and grow their business beyond expectations – and we certainly see why when looking at their innovative work.


5) The Logo Creative

RATED: 4.0 out of 5

screenshot of the logo creative website landing page

Who Are They?

The Logo Creative is a small studio located in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. The team delivers design and branding solutions for international and domestic clients.

They target larger businesses that have an idea in mind and know what they’re looking for. They are happy to assist with putting ideas together and creating a high-quality product, using varied skill sets.


The Logo Design Creative have been very fortunate to work with clients around the world, they’ve been hired for their ability to design: clean minimal, meaningful, adaptable and unique custom logo design, brand identity, and web design solutions.

They have an exceptionally diverse and broad set of creative design and technical skills accumulated over 15+ years of commercial industry experience. The Logo Creative is able to provide new, and existing, clients with a creative service that meets their requirements. 

How They Work

They evidently understand that brand identity design is a company’s unique visual identifier, it must be simple, work well, be memorable, versatile, re-sizable and timeless.

Unlike the majority of modern online designers, they use an interesting and unique technique. They use a sketching process to draw up drafts of ideas. They then progress with the draft and create a digital masterpiece.

Their Work

The Logo Creative focuses on simplicity. Their truly iconic designs are distinctive, memorable and timeless.

This company have impressed some established platforms, such as Flipboard, by appearing as as a feature and mention for their services.

Visit their professional portfolio for an idea of their skill set.


Our Thoughts

The logo Creative stand out as much more than a logo design studio. They aim to connect the dots, analyse patterns and solve business and design problems. This is done through design strategy and good design that speaks directly to your brands target audience.


Our Final Thoughts

Now that you have a good amount of information to help you make a decision, you can confidently make the right choice and select your winning logo design company to work on your project.

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