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Castus Web Design are exactly that – a web design company. Unlike many of their competitors, who offer a variety of SEO, social media, marketing and branding services, they have zeroed in on designing and developing superb websites.

This specialist approach ensures they haven’t allowed themselves to get distracted by other areas they don’t have the skills to provide a first-class service in.

We found that a website created by Castus was, in almost all cases, aesthetically pleasing and placed great emphasis on the user experience. What really stood out was how clear the user journey was. Clear calls to action are a hallmark of Castus.

Alongside websites, we also reviewed a number of Apps developed by Castus. Again, we found these incredibly easy to use and this tipped the balance and led us to place Castus among our Top 10 Web Design Companies for Summer 2018. This also saw us agree they were more than worthy of our ‘Gold Badge Award’.

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Web Design

Castus have a proven track record of designing and developing websites that are high quality. They specialise in bespoke websites, unique to each client and all work is undertaken in-house. One of Castus’ biggest pluses in our reviewer’s eyes is the way they keep their coding as simple as possible. This reduces the actual size of the website online and makes a difference in hosting requirements.


With ecommerce websites, the team at Castus have created sites using a variety of different CMS platforms. In the opinion of the Web Design Review researchers the chosen platform was typically the most effective for the client. Not only this but the scale of different payment options available on these sites showcases the variety of skills in the Castus office.


Castus also offer a branding service for clients. Whether it is a complete overhaul of your companies existing marketing material or a simple alteration to your existing branding to bring it in line with your new website Castus have a specialist team ready to help. Our team found these branding projects typically focus on enhancing, rather than dominating, the actual content.

Mobile Apps

As smartphone use grows so does the number of businesses making use of an App. Castus offer an App development service which our team’s review found to place at its heart, user friendliness. We also found that app development through Castus is not limited to mobile. They also design and create web applications and business management tools.

Gold Badge Award

We have awarded Red Cloud our prestigious Gold Badge Award.

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Are Castus Web Design Right For You?

Rated 8.9 out of 10.

Castus Web Design are based in central Sheffield, South Yorkshire and have concentrated their business on web design. And our team feel that this focus has enabled them to stand above many of their rivals in the industry.

Castus have a proven track record of designing and building websites which, not only look fantastic, but also have simple navigation and use for the visitor.

We feel this makes Castus well worth considering for any business looking solely for a website. That said, if you are seeking a company which also offer expert marketing advice then Castus may not quite be right for you.

That said, it is refreshing to see a web designer that keeps it simple and doesn’t attempt to sell services they are not fully proficient in.

Who Are Castus And What Can They Do for You

Castus Web Design are based in Sheffield and came across to us as a young, dynamic team focused almost exclusively on designing and developing websites. They offer very little in marketing services, which does mark them as different to many other web design companies. But in terms of designing, few can touch the level of quality and functional tools Castus offer their clients.

Web Design

Castus core business is designing and building websites and our team found that this was reflected in the quality of their output. Many of the Castus-built websites our team looked over are clearly designed with significant emphasis placed on the user experience. Websites that are easy to navigate, yet aesthetically pleasing are the hallmark of Castus.


Our review team explored a number of ecommerce websites previously built by Castus. We found they are built using a number of different platforms, showing they have great development skills by using the CMS most appropriate to the client needs.
Not only this, by making coding as lightweight as possible, the adding of additional content is a simpler process for the site owner once it has gone live.

Responsive Web Design

As part of the whole design process we found that Castus keep under consideration how the website will behave on mobile platforms. This reflects the boom in the use of mobile devices to view websites. Castus’ process ensures that all websites that they design and build are fully optimised to respond to different mobile platforms.

Business Applications

Many businesses now choose to supplement their website with a mobile App. This is an area we found Castus can assist you by building a bespoke App. Not only this, they also have a service which sees web apps and/or business management tools created specific to your needs. Our team found many of these apps were designed in a manner to add to the website project and added value to the client.


One of the services offered alongside web design and developing your website by Castus, is a branding option. They provide the option for rebranding your existing materials so as to provide consistency with your new website. Our team felt these rebranding projects where overwhelmingly successful and created significant value for their clients.

Final Thoughts

Where Castus Web Design differ from many web design companies in that they don’t broadcast themselves as SEO experts, and unlike many competitors don’t offer an SEO service. That’s not to say a website built by Castus is SEO unfriendly. We found their lightweight coding strategy tends to reap SEO rewards. By not focusing on off site SEO, Castus full attention is instead on designing websites – and this shows.


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Customer Testimonials

Our team of researchers uncovered several reviews online of Castus Web Design which were overwhelmingly positive and complimentary of the service they had provided.

We always keep in mind reviews aren’t always strictly accurate, but the sheer number of positive reviews indicate to our team of researchers that Castus are very highly regarded by their previous clients.

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