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Rating: 9.2 out of 105th PLACE - Review Of Web Hosting Pad

If you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful provider for your hosting needs, you won’t need to look further than Web Hosting Pad.

Key to their ethos is putting customers first. They know what side their bread’s buttered on and realise they wouldn’t even exist without their valued clients. They remember their roots – they started out small, with just a couple of servers, but never lost sight of their dreams to provide a quality, affordable hosting experience.

Their website has a refreshingly simple and clean design, creating a positive browsing experience for any visitor. It’s easy to navigate, and doesn’t resort to techno-babble or jargon, although visitors who aren’t up to speed on web hosting acronyms might need to do some light internet research. This could be easily fixed with well-placed, responsive hover descriptions.

We also like how transparent they are. They provide handy comparison charts with other leading web hosting service details and prices so that you can see at a glance how they stack up against their competition. And their VPS hosting pages makes it clear, right up front that their VPS hosting accounts are run through VPS Depot, their sister company.

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We failed to find any information or claims about speed on their website. The closest we found was the suggestion that upgrading to Power Plan Plus promises more speed and power. Two independent review websites observed that their speeds and load times are below average. This might not matter if one is hosting a personal blog or starting out with a very small business, but with some of the cheapest rates around, you might be getting what you pay for here.


Perhaps because they know their low prices will attract a large number of people new to web hosting, the company offers round the clock support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.
Their large KNOWLEDGEBASE includes a glossary, video tutorials, FAQs, and learning resources. ‘Fast and friendly support’ includes live chat, phone support, and email, along with separate contact information for sales, billing, and marketing.


WebHostingPad boasts a 99% Uptime Guarantee. Web chatter found in quick internet searches indicates that this might not actually be the case for users.
Again, this may not matter if it’s a simple blog that requires hosting, but this could spell disaster for a beginner ecommerce site’s conversion rate. They do offer a 30-day money back guarantee though, which is great.


Again, perhaps because their low prices are mainly meant for beginner users, they only mention secure and reliable service in their home page content, but don’t elaborate. For their shared hosting, WordPress hosting, Weebly hosting and email-only hosting, they provide bullet points and pull-down charts, from which a more advanced user may be able to divine meaning. For VPS hosting, powered by their sister company, VPS, more detailed information is provided, including a comprehensive list of security features.

Gold Badge Award

We have awarded Web Hosting Pad our prestigious Gold Badge Award.

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Are Web Hosting Pad Right For You?

Rated 9.2 out of 10.

As mentioned previously, the bottom line is that their web hosting offerings are probably best for beginners and who doesn’t need a lot of bells and whistles in their package.

A person new to web hosting is not going to be overwhelmed with copious, difficult to understand content here, although resorting to industry brand names and acronyms without elaborating might be a bit daunting.

Web Hosting Pad excel in offering a no-frills service and their pricing structure reflects this. They are perfect for low tech, simple websites operating on a lower budget.

And many non-savvy users might not even notice any of the possible less than average speeds and upload time, or other potential drawbacks, and the service might meet their needs perfectly, at the right price.

Web Hosting Pad Service Overview

Who Are Web Hosting Pad?

Web Hosting Pad are based just outside of Chicago, Illinois in the United States and have been in the business of web hosting since 2005. Their mission is to provide affordable, hassle-free hosting at prices that work for everyone, be it small personal blogging sites through to multinational organisations.

Shared Web Hosting

Their shared hosting plans offer unlimited hosting, bandwidth, email accounts, along with unlimited add on and sub-domains. It also includes a Weebly Website Builder. This is a drag-n-drop website builder that is a mobile-friendly, highly customisable platform with built-in ecommerce themes, SEO tools and a drag-n-drop design.

Customers also get 1-click WordPress Install. The two plans they offer are their Power Plan, and their Power Plan Plus. When our team reviewed the extensive charts listing their services, it appears that the Power Plan Plus includes SSL certificate, spam filter in the price, twice as much computing power, SSD Database Storage, premium backup service, SSH Access in its monthly price tag.

WordPress Hosting

There are three plans to choose from here. WP Basic, WP Pro, and WP Premium. The maximum number of sites increases with each plan, i.e., WP Basic has 5, Pro has 10, and Premium has 25. The computing power increases with each plan too, with Pro having twice as much as Basic, and Premium having 3 times as much.

All have unlimited email accounts, storage space and parked domains. SSL Certificate is only included in the price for WP Premium. Similarly, all their security features are included in their Premium plan, and depending on the item, they either aren’t included on Basic or Pro, or can be added. However these features do incur an additional fee.

Weebly Hosting

Four plans on offer here: Simple, Starter, Pro, and Business. Weebly and hosting are included on all plans, and except for Simple, with a maximum number of 5 pages, all other plans have unlimited pages. All come with unlimited email accounts, a free domain offer, full cPanel, and web and mobile support. Only their Business plan includes SSL Security.

Ecommerce features aren’t included at all on Basic, only starting as options on the Starter, Pro, and Business plans. There’s a limit of 10 products on Starter, but unlimited products are available if you shell out for Pro or Business. In short, their charts really steer the visitor toward their Business plan as it’s the one that offers most of what appears on the list in their chart.

Their Design features are also loaded more heavily toward their Pro and Business plans, with significantly less features available with the lower price point plans.

Email Hosting

Web Hosting Pad’s email hosting service does exactly what it says on the tin. This option is best for anyone who just needs an email address for their business or personal life. For an annual fee, their email hosting provides webmail, POP3 and IMAP support, unlimited email accounts, email forwarders, and email auto-responders. A Spam Assassin spam filter is also provided.

However, potential customers shoould be aware prior to purchase of this service: a domain must be purchased separately. They have two plans: PadMail, with 1GB of disk space, and PadMail Plus with 5GB/10GB.

VPS Hosting

Web Hosting Pad offer VPS hosting through their sister-site, VPS Depot. Here you’ll find the largest number of plans on offer, six in total, that include Beginner, Pro, Premium, Super, Ultra, and Managed. All feature unlimited cPanel accounts, domains and subdomains, email accounts, email sending, MySQL databases, and FTP accounts.

Their free features include cPanel/WHM which is a over £250 annually worth of value, Softaculous, setup, website migration (with restrictions, we advise reviewing their terms of service), firewall, and a reseller account.

Disk space ranges from 20GB for their Beginner plan all the way up to 300 GB for Managed. Like you would expect, the amount of bandwidth, memory and number of IPs also increase correspondingly with the packages. Web Hosting Pad’s website offers a handy, detailed chart for comparison purposes.

Final Thoughts

It is fair to say that Web Hosting Pad offer neither the fastest hosting, nor the highest levels of uptime. However, our reviewers have awarded them our Gold Badge Award due to their no-frills packages.

Their strength lies with their jargon free, low cost services. They make no bones about their low prices, (amongst the lowest in the industry) nor have delusions of grandeur claiming to be the biggest and best hosting provider available. If you’re running a large, complex website with large volumes of traffic we’d suggest looking elsewhere.

But for a small website, particularly a personal or blogging site, they are likely to be the perfect fit – offering a simple, hassle free experience at a fraction of the cost of their rivals.


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Customer Testimonials

We looked at reviews for Web Hosting Pad on TrustPilot and Google. On Google they have a 4.1 rating out of 5 with 70 reviews posted. Several of the reviewers identify themselves as amateurs and praise their customer service team for being helpful and quick to provide solutions. There are numerous 5-star ratings with brief, positive praise.

Web Hosting Pad have addressed all negative reviews, but it is unclear whether anything was ever resolved.

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Contact Details

WebHostingPad, 318 Half Day Rd, Suite 197 Buffalo Grove, IL 60089, USA
+1 847 346 1801

Contact Details

WebHostingPad, 318 Half Day Rd, Suite 197 Buffalo Grove, IL 60089, USA

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