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Rating: 8.5 out of 109th PLACE - Review Of IPower

They may not be the most eye catching, with a simple website and basic logo, but IPower are one of the serious players in the hosting world.

Proving a corporate feel, and with plans named Pro, Pro Plus and such, it is clear where the market that they are targeting.

For those versed in the language of web hosting, the specifications are easily identified. For those new to the market, our reviewers noted, that they’d likely be overwhelmed by the sheer depth of technical language and lack of plain English explanations.

Yet with every hosting type covered and the features clearly explained on their detailed package comparison page, website owners can trust IPower to supply them information of exactly what they provide.

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banner image with the ipower logo repeated over 50 times in a random spread out pattern with a grey filter over



Let’s be clear, if your sole focus is speed then IPower should feature prominently in your list of possible providers. They utilise Dual OC-48 Connections on Diverse Backbones to ensure customers websites are never lacking for bandwidth. And third-party checks have found their page load times to be industry leading.


With servers spread across multiple locations, around the clock network monitoring and a combination of UPS powered and diesel backup generators it’s no surprise third party testing has found IPower’s uptime rate exceeding 98.5%.


Every IPower hosted website benefits from secure FTP (File Transfer Protocol). This means that all data transferred from their servers is encrypted and illegible to any malicious hackers in the unlikely event of an attack. An SSL certificate Is also available and comes as standard with many plans, including ecommerce hosting packages.


Whether you’d rather speak to IPower’s support team over the phone or via live chat – no matter the time of day you can. Our reviewers were most impressed by the fact UK customers have a UK based number to call rather than having to dial through to an expensive American line.

Gold Badge Award

We have awarded IPower our prestigious Gold Badge Award.

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Are IPower Right For You?

Rated 8.5 out of 10.

IPower tick all the boxes for our review team in terms of the services they offer, details they go into about technical specifications on their website and results of service tests (uptime rate, page load speed et al).

Rather than trying to be all things to all men, they’ve clearly identified experienced hosting customers and developers with the language on their website and, the lack of layman’s language is clearly not deliberate.

With detailed comparison tables that showcase exactly what different levels of packages will include through to a range of products related to web development rather than hosting, IPower are a hosting guru’s dream.

For beginners and those not au fait with the specialist hosting language the truth is we feel that IPower’s website and content will quickly overwhelm and confuse them with the lack of an FAQ page a negative in our view.

IPower Service Overview

Who Are IPower?

IPower were founded in 2001 by Tomas Gorny in the US. In 2007 they merged with the Endurance International Group who had spent much of the decade purchasing hosting providers.
The fact Endurance and IPower merged rather than Endurance merely purchasing a controlling stake is testament to the growth and financial clout of IPower at that point. And they’ve continued to grow year on year since.
They currently provide hosting services to over 2 million websites worldwide, in addition to serving thousands more customers with services other than hosting. They are truly an online service providing giant.

Shared Hosting

IPower’s shared services come in 3 levels of packages which dictates the precise features. With their corporate brand the names – Starter, Pro and Pro Plus – are self-explanatory.

The Starter package is clearly signed as offering a limit of 5GB storage and 250GB bandwidth, making it unsuitable for all but small blogging sites. No ecommerce features are included either.

However, the Pro plans include unlimited space and bandwidth, as well as a free domain, additional email accounts and space, not to mention all the tools you require to establish an ecommerce website.

VPS Hosting

Like any large web hosting provider, VPS/Cloud hosting services are available for customers whose needs extend beyond a shared server and a dedicated IP address.

As with the shared plans, customers have a choice of 3 plans – Basic, Business and Optimum. The choice of plan dictates the precise specifications. Basic for example includes 40GB of storage space, while the Optimum plan offers 120GB.

Your exact requirements will dictate which plan is best if you’ve decided VPS is the hosting type for you, but all boast features including a free domain, 13 pre-installed scripts (including PHP & Python), raw log access for greater customisation and MySQL Databases.

Dedicated Hosting

Our review team were very surprised upon checking the dedicated hosting packages available from IPower. For a company who target the corporate market – and presumably larger organisations with huge websites that require a dedicated server – we found the packages specifications were significantly lower than many of their competitors.

However, the pricing of these packages is largely similar to, and indeed exceeds, the costs of their main rivals.

This isn’t to say the technology or features are lacking – quite the opposite, with high quality server performance, professional support and the ability to configure the server to your site’s needs. Our sole concern was the pricing that exceeds rivals that offer up to 10 x the disk space and bandwidth limits.

Additional Services

Unlike most hosting providers, IPower offer far more then just domain services in addition to web hosting. Many offer functions such as website building tools, malware protection and site optimisation for their hosting customers, but IPower have opened these services up to any site owner.

From as little as £2.00 per month, IPower can backup your website, even if it’s hosted elsewhere, just in case of data loss. Also on offer for less than £2.00 per month is malware and virus protection, allowing you peace of mind that criminals and hackers are kept at bay.

Likewise, if your website lacks an SSL Security Certificate, IPower can provide you with one.

Even if you’ve decided to host your website with a different provider it can be worth checking IPower’s costs if these services aren’t included in your package.

Final Thoughts

The sheer size of IPower provide reassurance to customers. Any provider hosting in excess of 2 million websites can be relied upon to provide a quality level of service you can trust.

Whether it’s the cutting-edge technology they use, industry standard page load speeds or various specialist features they can include there are many reasons to place your website on their servers.

We’ve overlooked their rather bland website and awarded IPower our Gold Badge Award.


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Customer Testimonials

Online reviews and testimonials of IPower are rarely in the middle ground. Most love their no-nonsense service that gets on with the job, however some feel the service wasn’t the greatest.

It’s worth noting the vast majority of negative reviews were from customers complaining of auto renewal costs – a practice the company has since made opt-in.

Read IPower’s Testimonials

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Contact Details

Ipower, 10 Corporate Drive, Suite 300, Burlington, MA 01803, USA
0808 234 9308

Contact Details

Ipower, 10 Corporate Drive, Suite 300, Burlington, MA, 01803, USA

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