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Rating: 8.3 out of 1010th PLACE - Review Of IPage

With a promise to keep things simple, married to an array of freebies and offers, IPage have a package for all comers.

They have chosen to avoid bamboozling customers requiring a shared hosting platform by offering one package that covers all the needs a small to medium site may require.

In addition, website owners requiring either VPS/Cloud or Dedicated Hosting provisions are catered for, with IPage’s cutting edge technology available across a number of packages.

With every package including an array of offers, including one click website install and online advertising credits – whatever your needs and whatever your budget – IPage have an offer for you.

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Whichever hosting type you select, you can be confident that IPage are one of the industry leaders when it comes to page loading speed. And with no limits set for bandwidth on any of the plans on offer, your visitors will never be left frustrated as your site loads.


Industry testing has seen IPage consistently ranked as having you of the highest levels of uptime of all the giants in web hosting. A recent study found them meeting the industry standard of 99.9% consistently. With UPS Backup and 24/7 monitoring in place IPage take uptime seriously – and the results speak for themselves.


Online tutorials, 24/7 live chat and phone support. Whatever your favoured method of contact in the event of queries or issues, IPage have you covered. Unlike some IPage offer exactly the same support services to all customers, regardless of their package.


Your package comes with a free SSL certificate included, plus all the standard malware and hacking prevention software you will require. Customers also have access to an Enhanced Security Suite that is valued at over £100 that allows them to configure their precise security requirements, allowing those with confidence and experience to tailor their hosting to their needs.

Gold Badge Award

We have awarded IPage our prestigious Gold Badge Award.

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Are IPage Right For You?

Rated 8.3 out of 10.

Free advertising credits. Free website builder. Included domain name. SSL certificate as standard. A hosting package with IPage provides so much more than just the provision of hosting your website.

Pre-installed WordPress themes allow customers on limited budgets to design their own website at no additional cost, while email accounts using your free domain name are included too.

The powerful, modern servers located in IPage’s two separate data centres have deservedly earned them a reputation for servicing fast websites that have outstanding rates of uptime.

What’s so impressive is customers don’t need to purchase the larger, more expensive packages to unlock these features – they come as standard regardless of your contract with them.

IPage Service Overview

Who Are IPage?

Heart Internet were founded in 2004 and are based in the UK. They place huge emphasis on the fact they ‘evolve’ as technology advances – and our findings support this. They use cutting edge hardware and software in all areas. This enhances the client experience and plays a significant role in our positive review.

Web Hosting

IPage are based in the USA and have been operating for over a decade. In this time they’ve developed a loyal customer base.

With various offers included in all their packages, while offering powerful VPS and Dedicated plans – IPage have solutions for the vast majority of website owners.

Shared Hosting

Rather than copying the competition and offering various levels of shared hosting plans, IPage provide a single package for those requiring this service.

And included with this is a free domain, digital advertising credits, an SSL certificate and one click install website builders for many different types of website, be it ecommerce or blogging.

Dedicated Hosting

With a Dedicated package from IPage you can look forward to full control of the server supporting your website. With optional root access you can decide how your website is hosted to maximise its performance.

Across the 3 packages available you’ll receive a minimum of 3 IPs, 5 TB of bandwidth and prices start from as little as £120 per month which is hugely competitive.

As with all of IPage’s hosting provisions they include a free domain, unlimited emails and a promise there are no hidden charges. You’ll also have the advantage of expert support at the end of the phone or on Live Chat as and when you require it.

VPS Hosting

For larger websites IPage offer VPS/Cloud Hosting across 3 different packages that start at rates of less than £20. The tech specifications are available for review by developers.

The features you receive include a cPanel area and pre-installed scripts. You can also view the precise amounts of storage, bandwidth and IP addresses included.

WordPress Hosting

For owners of a WordPress website, or indeed those looking to create one, IPage offer 2 packages with a plethora of features. With a customised control panel that assists you in developing your site, through to pre-installed plugins, your needs are covered.

As with all their packages you receive a free domain and unlimited storage and bandwidth although we did find one aspect of this service slightly worrying in that malware removal services only come with the higher priced package.

Final Thoughts

With a reputation for providing speedy websites, industry leading levels of uptime and an array of additional free gifts, IPage are a giant in the hosting market and are well worthy of consideration regardless of your website needs.

We’ve awarded them our Gold Badge Award based on our findings of a company that have kept the jargon to a minimum and focused on providing a quality service to every customer – regardless of the package they have purchased.


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Customer Testimonials

IPage have loyal customer base and this is reflected with many third-party review sites containing mainly positive feedback.

The main focus of negative reviewers is the fact that in order to benefit from IPage’s discounted rates, customers are required to pay annual fees upfront.

Read IPage’s Testimonials

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Contact Details

IPage, 10 Corporate Drive, Suite 300, Burlington, MA 01803, USA

Contact Details

IPage, 10 Corporate Drive, Suite 300, Burlington, MA 01803, USA

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