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Rating: 9.5 out of 102ND PLACE - Review Of Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting puts it all on the line with their slogan: A Web Hosting Company That Stands By You.

They have locations on both the east (Virginia Beach, Virginia) and west (Los Angeles, California) coasts of the USA. The company was founded in 2001 meaning they have almost 18 years of experience to help their customers – mainly small and mid-sized businesses realise their online goals.

They offer various packages for hosting – business, VPS, reseller, WordPress, managed, and even offer their Premier Support to all of their clients – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

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banner image with inmotion hosting logo repeated over 50 times in a random spread out pattern with a grey filter over

AN OVERVIEW OFInmotion Hosting


If you’re looking for speed, look no further. Even if you have a large blog, ecommerce store, or any website that requires a lot of input and output, InMotion’s unlocked CPUs will help keep your website loading quickly with their solid state drives.
Their SSD hosting means your data transfers will remain incredibly fast, especially since their shared servers are on 1Gbps networks. In their tests against mechanical hard disks, their SSDs consistently outperform on input/output transfers.


Guaranteeing 99.9% uptime, Inmotion’s SSD hosting servers use RAID cards with battery-backed, non-volatile caching. In layperson’s terms, if there is a sudden power loss, your data will be safe and your site will remain live online.
Their exclusive Max Speed Zones include a choice of data centres for their Business Hosting and VPS solutions. Their west coast data centre in LA is connected through One Wilshire – which Wired magazine has called ‘the most connected building’ in the world.


Current customers can live chat, phone, email and log tickets through their 24/7 Premier Support. But InMotion’s comprehensive support centre also includes tools and resources, FAQs, email tutorials, website tutorials, education channels, a YouTube channel, and even community support.
They are also happy to speak at your level – whether you’re a pro or just starting out in the world of web hosting. Make a cuppa and sit yourself down, there are lots of brilliant resources to read and watch!


InMotion Hosting prides themselves on their enhanced security measures. They will create and implement the best solutions to keep your server secure – from setting up CSF/LFD (ConfigServer and Firewall/ Login Failure Daemon or OSSsec (a host-based intrusion detection system).
They also boast a multi-layer defence. They provide defences against unplanned outages and offer multi-layer high performance switches that layer through various scripts and APIs (application programming interface) to change the routing inside the network, when needed.

Gold Badge Award

We have awarded Inmotion Hosting our prestigious Gold Badge Award.

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Are Inmotion Hosting Right For You?

Rated 9.5 out of 10.

With nearly 20 years of experience, it’s fair to say that InMotion Hosting have seen it all, fixed anything that can break, and have solutions to handle any size of website.

Their round-the-clock service means that no matter when you choose to contact them, you will reach friendly, informative assistance. And no need to have a large long-distance phone bill – they are also available over Skype.

Another huge plus in our view is that when you do contact them, regardless of the issue, you can be assured that you will be working with a seasoned professional.

Support associates are only allowed to operate the live chat, phone lines or support emails upon completion of InMotion’s rigorous training program – 160 hours that includes training on every question that a customer might have.

Inmotion Hosting Service Overview

Who Are Inmotion Hosting?

Founded in 2001, InMotion Hosting have locations in Los Angeles, California and Virginia Beach, Virginia. But don’t let those beachy vibes fool you, this company believes in working hard to provide your business with the web hosting solution you need.

We really like their 90-day money back guarantee – their transparency about this pushes them above some of their competition, especially for anyone who is once bitten and twice shy.

Web Hosting

Their web hosting network uses Linux and Unix operating systems. The network is monitored around the clock for any unusual activity, and performance is continually benchmarked. Having these processes in place means that they can respond quickly to any short-term issues and help them grow their system.

Having an optimum system helps them outperform their competitors, along with passing their reliability, speed and economy on to their customers.

Business Hosting

Their shared business hosting is an excellent choice for anyone with a static website, or who needs data-base driven CMS, or customized applications. They provide a free drag-and-drop website builder, along with the option to install WordPress, Joomla or PrestaShop, and also offer a free domain name, which is normally valued at $14.99 USD.

Their free solid-state drive is up to twenty times faster than spinning drives. Their business hosting options include Launch (shared hosting, all skill levels), Power (their top seller and a good choice for small business) and Pro (developers and growing businesses).

VPS Hosting

Here you can choose between Managed VPS servers and their Self-managed VPS servers. Their managed ones include server management and security updates. They also include InMotion’s 1-on-1 SysAdmin service called LaunchAssist, providing a quick start for customers, as well as cPanel, which makes updating email, database and domain settings easy.

Managed VPS safeguards data with free, private secure sockets layer (SSL) and automated backups. InMotion advises that this is most practical option. For anyone more comfortable with the command line, their self-managed servers give the most freedom to configure and customise their server.

Reseller Hosting

Their reseller hosting plans are customizable and white label ready (no branding, a fully supported product made by one company, but sold by someone else). From time to time they offer free cPanel account transfers.

Their 6 plans range from beginner to a plan that promises top-of-the-line performance. Bandwidth ranges from 800GB for the most basic package, all the way up to 6TB. All packages get at least one dedicated IP address, again, the most expensive plan includes 5 of them.

WordPress Hosting

InMotion Hosting can also help you with everything WordPress. Their platform promises WordPress hosting that is ten times faster, with managed security that protects against hacking and malware, and automatic security patches.

You can either migrate your website to them or start a new website with pre-installed WordPress.

Managed Hosting

If you really want some save some serious time and want one-stop shopping, consider their managed hosting. They will handle everything. Do you need enhanced security? They’ll create the best solutions to keep your server secure.

Does your platform need optimising? They can cover that. They’ll help you come up with the best solution to serve your needs.

Final Thoughts

InMotion Hosting have all bases covered regardless of customer requirements. From basic shared, through to technical, developer level reseller packages, they are a one stop shop for anyone in the market for web hosting services.

Our team where particularly impressed by their customer service offerings and the expertise their training program provides.


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Customer Testimonials

We had a look at various review sites to see what kind of feedback customers give about their experiences with InMotion Hosting.

Third-party online review sites included positive feedback, complimenting fast servers, excellent customer service, with several reviews mentioning the staff member by name. Many customers are long term, which is always a good sign.

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Contact Details

Inmotion Hosting, 6100 Center Drive, Suite 1190, Los Angeles, CA 90045, USA

Contact Details

Inmotion Hosting, 6100 Center Drive, Suite 1190, Los Angeles, CA 90045, USA

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