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Rating: 9.3 out of 104th PLACE - Review Of Hostgator

HostGator’s tag line, ‘Web Hosting Made Easy And Affordable!’ is reflected in the clean, simple design of their website.

They’ve gone in for the cute factor, with their adorable alligator mascot called Snappy. You can also see this sense of fun in the quirky names they’ve chosen for some of their web hosting plans – ‘Hatchling’, ‘Baby’ or the more sedate, for understandable reasons, ‘Business’.

But don’t let such levity fool you into thinking that they’re not serious. This American company, now based in Houston and Austin Texas, was founded in Florida dormitory room back in 2002.

It has been ranked as one of the fastest growing companies, not just in Texas, but in the entire United States. They also have several international offices and are considered one of the biggest web hosts on Earth.

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banner image with the hostgator logo repeated over 50 times in a random spread out pattern with a grey filter over



Unfortunately, you will struggle to find information on HostGator’s website about their speed. From other online sources we’ve been able to determine that their load speed is average, but nothing to brag about. This may matter to you greatly if you’re working on increasing your page rank on Google as Google loves quick-loading pages, but if you are a beginner or hobbyist it may be less of an issue.


Blog posts with helpful instructions, written so that beginners can understand. HostGator has been blogging since 2007, so they have a large arsenal of posts that include categories on web hosting tips, marketing, startup and small business. Their online support portal contains over 500 video tutorials, and almost 700 help articles. Clients can also access their forums on a wide number of topics. And of course, they have support over the phone, live chat and email, 24 hours, 7 days each week, every single day of the year.


HostGator really shines here. One of the first things we noticed is that they have a 45-day money back guarantee. With the web hosting world that is littered with 30-day contracts, that’s a whole extra fortnight for you to determine whether they are the right hosting company for your site. They also offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee and SSL certification as well.


Site backup and restore available for purchase at checkout. Servers are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, and every single day of the year. For their VPS hosting plans, they provide increased reliability, with multiple layers of security and bandwidth provide the maximum in server dependability. Their VPS servers are kept in a top-notch data centre with redundant power and HVAC units to maintain optimum ambient temperatures. Their RAID 10-disk configuration ensures that your website receives maximum data protection.

Gold Badge Award

We have awarded Hostgator our prestigious Gold Badge Award.

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Are Hostgator Right For You?

Rated 9.3 out of 10.

HostGator is one of the largest and most popular web hosting companies out there. In 2016 they received many awards, winning several categories in PC Editor’ Choice awards.

Amongst these were Best Web Hosting of 2016, Best Dedicated Web Hosting of 2016, Best Managed WordPress Web Hosting of 2016, Best Shared Web Hosting of 2016. That year they also won Best Web Hosting 2016 at Hosting Advice, and Best Web Hosting for Business 2016 at WP Beginner.

HostGator now has 16 years of experience providing web hosting services worldwide. If you are just starting out yourself, sticking with a tried-and-tested brand will give you peace of mind.

They also offer a number of freebies with each hosting plan. These include free transfers – website, domain, MYSQL, or script. They also have offers available for customers with credits on Google Adwords and Bing Ads, along with free SSL certification.

Hostgator Service Overview

Who Are Hostgator?

Hostgator are unquestionably one of the largest web hosting providers on the planet. They were originally founded in a dormitory in Florida during 2000.

Since then the company has gone from strength to strength. A move to Texas hasn’t slowed their growth and they are regular recipients of numerous prestigious hosting awards.

Web Hosting

You can choose from three plans: Hatchling, Baby, or their recommended Business. Depending on when you are shopping around for web hosting, you might be able to sign up when they are offering a discount, sometimes up to 60% off.

All but Hatchling offers unlimited domains (Hatchling only offers a single domain), one-click install, unmetered bandwidth and a free SSL Certificate. Their Business plan also offers a free upgrade to positive SSL, a free dedicated IP address and free SEO tools.

WordPress Hosting

Their WordPress hosting uses the same plan names (Hatchling, Baby or Business) and the same features as their web hosting. If you already have a WordPress blog hosted elsewhere, HostGator can transfer it for you, free of charge.

Like their all their hosting packages, features include an easy-to-use control panel, unmetered bandwidth (customers aren’t charged based on their diskspace or bandwidth use), and unlimited subdomains, FTP accounts, and email accounts.

Cloud Hosting

If you need something a bit quicker, HostGator affirms that their cloud hosting offerings are twice as fast. This is thanks to low-density servers, high-end hardware and multiple caching layers. In plainer language, this means that the content on your website will be managed more effectively, with higher processing speeds, especially your dynamic, adaptive content.

If you need more flexibility along with speed, cloud hosting may be the right choice as it is four times more scalable. No more worrying about a big traffic spike interrupting your service. Cloud hosting also comes with their intuitive dashboard, full of handy information on site performance and metrics, all at a glance.

VPS Hosting

If you need virtual private server hosting (VPS), HostGator offers three packages: Snappy 2000, their recommended Snappy 4000, and Snappy 8000. Their RAM offerings correspond with their names – for example, the Snappy 2000 offers 2 GB of RAM (or 2000 MB), Snappy 4000 with 4GB and Snappy 8000 with 8 GB.

Choose VPS hosting if you want to have complete control and customisation abilities without the hefty price tag of a dedicated server. And no need to share – the fully autonomous virtual server is allocated to your website. Their VPS hosting is reliable, with several network security layers and bandwidth providers to keep their servers dependable.

It’s also easily scalable so you can start small and increase your resources as needed. There are also a number of ways you can customise the software and functionality, site development tools, and weekly off-site backups.

Final Thoughts

Hostgator’s website and branding might appear a little gimmicky, but behind that is a serious company that are respected in both the web hosting industry and beyond.

With their huge expansion and numerous awards we’ve found them to be amongst the top hosting providers on the planet, with the 45 day cooling off period especially impressing our team of reviewers.


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Customer Testimonials

Like most large companies, HostGator has an average review rating, with reviews that range from customers complaining about less than satisfactory service to glowing reviews from happy customers.

From a quick scan of reviews on Google and Trustpilot, it does appear that HostGator does monitor and respond to both negative and positive reviews.

Read Hostgator’s Testimonials

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Contact Details

Hostgator, 5005 Mitchelldale, Suite #100, Houston, TX 77092, USA
(866) 964 – 2867

Contact Details

Hostgator, 5005 Mitchelldale, Suite #100, Houston, TX 77092, USA

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