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Rating: 9.4 out of 103rd PLACE - Review Of Heart Internet

Heart Internet claim to be Europe’s leading web hosting company, and our research has found this claim to be a fair one.

With their Headquarters based here in the UK (the only one of our Top 10 Hosting companies to be so) they have spent well over a decade ensuring they are abreast of technological advances. Our team found their servers performance to be of a level comparable to their American rivals.

Heart offer a variety of packages to support their client’s. This means it doesn’t matter if you have a small personal blog website or a multinational corporation with complex requirements – Heart Internet can meet your needs.

Overall we were impressed by Heart’s simple pricing structure, and the variation of services they offer.

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AN OVERVIEW OFHeart Internet


Heart use a robust cloud hosting platform to ensure maximum page loading speed for their clients. They use up to date Intel processors to ensure their servers are designed to provide your visitors with the best possible experience – namely a fast running website. They also offer Premium Hosting solutions which will see even more of Heart’s vast resources dedicated to keeping your website running super-fast, keeping visitors happy, and impressing Google’s bots.


As with most Hosting Companies, Heart have bold claims regarding uptime of their servers. However, they back this up with a Compensation offer available if this drops below 99.99%. This really impressed our team, as did the contingencies they have in place to counter potential problems that are beyond their control – such as fire or flood.


Heart’s support team is based in the UK and are available 24/7 to attend to any issues you may experience. Their website contains an in depth database offering simple solutions to the most common issues you may encounter. With over 1000 articles most problems can be dealt with here, but if you have neither the time, nor inclination, to read over these you can call any time to speak with a knowledgeable, trained member of the Heart team.


Heart keep their servers under 24 hour lock and key – both physically and metaphorically. The physical servers are kept secure from intruders, and the most up to date firewalls are employed to keep the data on your website safe from hackers.
With your website itself, Heart offer packages that include adding SSL certificates. This allows visitors to enter information into your site with confidence.

Gold Badge Award

We have awarded Heart Internet our prestigious Gold Badge Award.

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Are Heart Internet Right For You?

Rated 9.4 out of 10.

The web hosting market is dominated by huge US companies, many of whom actually come under the same parent group.

With Heart you can buy safe in the knowledge you are supporting a UK company and that the servers your site is stored upon are in Britain.

Of course, Heart’s UK based support team are a big selling point for many.

Heart give you have a variety of options depending on your requirements. Basic hosting packages are competitively priced but for consumers who are in need of more you have the ability to select higher specification packages.

By the same token, customers looking for dedicated hosting are catered for and two packages are available depending on the complexity of your needs.

Heart Internet Service Overview

Who Are Heart Internet?

Heart Internet were founded in 2004 and are based in the UK. They place huge emphasis on the fact they ‘evolve’ as technology advances – and our findings support this. They use cutting edge hardware and software in all areas. This enhances the client experience and plays a significant role in our positive review.

Web Hosting

The basic web hosting packages offered by Heart are more than adequate for the average small business. Our favourite feature of this service is how Heart promote it on their website. Rather than burying precise storage and bandwidth in the terms and calling them ‘unlimited’ they clearly state the limits before you buy. This provides clarity for you – and it must be said, these limits are not insignificant.

Premium Hosting

If you need that little more to cover extra traffic, or a content heavy website, then Heart have the solution. Their Premium hosting plans give you not just extra space, but even space just for your site. This reduces the chances of extra traffic on other customer’s websites slowing yours down.

As you can imagine, by upgrading to Premium extra perks are included – one is that your site will be on a server that is monitored at all times. So you need not worry about downtime.

Dedicated Hosting

For customers who require a Dedicated Hosting plan, Heart have 2 options available. Both packages allow you to customise the server for your needs and provide the option to add extra bandwidth if the sites are content and media heavy.

Heart work with you to ensure relevant plugins are installed to keep your own dedicated server running at the highest level of optimisation.

Email Hosting

Heart offer the service whereby a business with a domain name can host email mailboxes making use of it. Rather than using a generic Hotmail or Gmail account you can use your domain to provide a professional impression to your customers. This helps streamline your business email accounts and Heart offer Spam protection and ActiveSYNC syncrontsation as standard.

Domain Name

The provision of registering domain names is a staple of most hosting companies. We found however that Heart stood out for the user friendly management system they use. For customers registering multiple domains, their Domain Robot makes managing these domains easy. Heart are so confident you’ll be impressed they offer free domain transfer to other companies.

Final Thoughts

Heart Internet provide all the services one could expect from a web hosting company. We believe these more than meet the industry standard and we’re hugely impressed by their Uptime Guarantee which provides compensation for client’s when Heart’s uptime falls below 99.99%. As that is higher than the industry average it is well worth emphasising!


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Customer Testimonials

We’ve looked across a number of review sites at what people have to say about Heart Internet. Customer feedback says a great deal about a company’s service and we were impressed with our discoveries. The vast majority were overwhelmingly positive, telling stories of speedy resolutions to any issues experienced.

On the negative reviews, Heart have responded offering to make direct contact to try find solutions to the issue the reviewer has had.

Read Heart Internet’s Testimonials

Click the below to read customer testimonials we have found online for Heart Internet.

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Contact Details

Heart Internet Ltd, 2 Castle Quay, Castle Boulevard
Nottingham, NG7 1FW, United Kingdom
0330 660 0255

Contact Details

Heart Internet Ltd, 2 Castle Quay, Castle Boulevard, Nottingham, NG7 1FW, United Kingdom

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