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Rating: 8.9 out of 107th PLACE - Review Of Green Geeks

GreenGeeks definitely live up to their name. Incredibly sustainable and eco-friendly, and providing lots of detailed technical information on their well-designed website.

We were hugely impressed with their excellent descriptions and explanations of a number of these terms, right in their copy. Any prospective customer new to the world of choosing a web hosting company will appreciate having fewer terms to look up.

GreenGeeks eco-friendly stance is backed up with their energy efficient hosting platform, designed for maximum use and no waste.

Not only this, they invest 3 times the amount of amperage they pull from the grid back into it through Bonneville Environmental Foundation. Because of this, all websites hosted through them aren’t just carbon-neutral, they’re carbon-reducing.

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banner image with the greengeeks logo repeated over 50 times in a random spread out pattern with a grey filter over



Right out of the gate, they mention having the ‘best speed technology’ and boy, do they provide a big, detailed list of why that’s so. Whether they are describing their ‘screaming fast’ cutting-edge solid-state hard drives, ultra-optimised web and database servers, customised in-house caching technology, free content delivery network (CDN), and HTTP/2 and PHP7 enabled. If you’re a tech-head, you’ll be nodding approvingly at their offerings. If you’re new, rest assured that your website pages will load lightening fast.


Much like their content about speed, GreenGeeks don’t just tell you they’re secure, they explain how and why. First up is their hosting account isolation, designed with their own dedicated computing resources and secured virtual file system. This means that other users’ sites won’t have an impact on their site, no matter how much site traffic or demands on computing resources. Like most web hosting companies, they have a 99.9% uptime guarantee.


Greengeeks’ isolation technology provides users with their own secure virtualised file system. It ensures that accounts can’t see or access each other’s accounts. Real-time security scanning isolates any possible detected malware from spreading and identifies problems before they can grow. They also have a combo of their own and third-party software to allow their system admins to identify possible threats and harmful attacks across their network, giving them a chance to create security rules before an attack even becomes a problem.


Live chat is provided around the clock, 24/7/365. But for the fastest support, they recommend logging into their customers’ Account Manger and submitting a support request over email, with a 15-20-minute average resolution timeframe. Phone support is offered weekdays from 9 AM to 12:00 AM EST, with shorter hours (9AM to 8PM EST) on Saturdays and Sundays. They also have hundreds of FAQs, help articles, and how-to’s in their Knowledge Base, along with hundreds of website tutorials.

Gold Badge Award

We have awarded Green Geeks our prestigious Gold Badge Award.

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Are Green Geeks Right For You?

Rated 8.9 out of 10.

GreenGeeks is the perfect choice for someone who wants to work with a company that shares their eco-friendly values. However, paramount to any customer’s needs are their speed, security and reliability.

Reviewing their website, you also get a sense of the real people behind this enterprise, with management head shots, short bios, and an entreaty to customers from the CEO to contact him directly if they are having any unresolved issues.

Their website has great user experience, is clean and streamlined and navigation is simple. They have several awards and lots of recognition – scroll through them all to get a sense of how respected they are.

They offer similar guarantees to most other web hosting companies, but we like how they specifically point out that you can keep your domain, even if you cancel their hosting services.

Green Geeks Service Overview

Who Are Green Geeks?

GreenGeeks were founded in California and they have been in business for over 10 years and have hosted over 300, 000 websites. Added together, their management team has over 40 years of experience in web hosting.

They place a huge emphasis on their carbon-friendly ethos, and this has carved them a significant niche in the crowded hosting market.

Web Hosting

Unlike other hosting companies, GreenGeeks doesn’t offer a variety of plan levels for web hosting. They recommend their web hosting to small business owners or individuals. Their web hosting plan includes unlimited solid-state drive web space and data transfer, secure IMAP/POP3 email accounts, unlimited domains (on one account).

They also offer free domain name registration or transfer, a free ‘drag n’ drop’ website builder and templates, and a free website transfer service.

Anyone interested in an ecommerce website will like their free Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL and shopping cart installation. As of writing this plan is on sale, several dollars per month off their regular fee. They also appeal to the ‘geeks’ by being developer friendly in their offerings.

WordPress Hosting

Their WordPress hosting offers 1-click WordPress install, automatic updates, WordPress migration from a different hosting provider, enhanced security, daily backups, latest technology for top speeds and performance.

All this is combined with SSD web space and data transfer, a free Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL, free CloudFlare CDN integration, and WP-CLI, SSH, Git, Custom PHP.ini. For the non techies, in order, command-line interface, secure shell, version control system, and essential configuration files.

Reseller Hosting

Anyone interested in reseller hosting will have their choice between five plans – Reseller 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50. The plan names’ numbers correspond to the number of cPanel accounts offered for each – for example, Reseller 10 offers 10 cPanel accounts, and the Reseller 50 plan offers 50 of them.

All plans are similar, offering unlimited SSD web space and bandwidth, and include the WHMC license. To keep reseller’s management on the simple side, they offer wholesale account pricing, free account migrations, built-in scalable hosting, and their by-now familiar super-fast performance.

They also offer wholesale domains, the ability to customise DNS with private white label and their own logo and colour scheme. On the same page as their plans, they also have a comprehensive and extensive series of FAQs to help make a reseller’s decision even easier to make.

VPS Hosting

Their five plans for scalable VPS hosting are based on the number of GB RAM included, with options of 1 GB, 2 GB, 3 GB, 4 GB, and then jumping to 8 GB.

All plans have increasing amounts of SSD RAID-10 storage and GBs of premium bandwidth. Each plan has four cores, and provision is based in the United States.

Also included in each plan is a VPS management control panel, a CPANEL/WHM license, free migration, a nightly backup, and free enom domain reseller account. They promise quick provision, with verified orders ready to use in under one minute.

Final Thoughts

GreenGeeks offer all the services one would expect of a modern, large scale web hosting provider. Where they have carved out a niche for themselves is their commitment to carbon neutrality and this has gained them a large group of customers.

for a website owner who is concious of their business’ potential impact on the environment GreenGeeks stand tall as a leading option.


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Customer Testimonials

On Google Reviews, GreenGeeks have an average of 4.6 stars out of 5 for their 376 reviews. Reviewers mention choosing GreenGeeks thanks to their sustainable, eco-friendly ethos, and have good things to say about customer support and up-time. One 5-star reviewer mentions amongst his praise that his website has never been down – 100% uptime.

Over on Trustpilot, GreenGeeks have a 5-star rating, with almost a perfect score of 9.5 out 10. Over and over, people mention their great friendly customer service, quick resolution of issues, and overall great customer satisfaction.

Read GreenGeeks’ Testimonials

Click the below to read customer testimonials we have found online for GreenGeeks.

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Contact Details

GreenGeeks, 5739 Kanan Rd, Suite 300, Agoura Hills, CA 91301, USA

Contact Details

GreenGeeks, 5739 Kanan Rd, Suite 300, Agoura Hills, CA 91301, USA

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