Hysterical & Relatable Comics About Married Life From Artist Yehuda

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comic illustrations of everyday life with a wife

Laughter is good for the soul, ‘they’ say. So, when life gets stressful, it’s good to take time to relax and enjoy something lighthearted. At Web Design Review, we love to root out things that make us laugh – and that we hope will make you laugh, too. When we came across these illustrations from Yehuda Adi Devir, we just had to  share them with you.

Illustrator Yehuda is based in Tel Aviv and he specialises in colourful, unique and captivating comics that are hugely popular. His skills in character design have led to a series of fabulous comics featuring his wife Maya.It’s obvious from the illustrations that Maya provides Yehuda with plenty of inspiration on a daily basis.

Covering all kinds of domestic adventures, the comics offer a humorous interpretation of daily life that everyone can relate to! It’s not surprising that the comics are really popular with long-suffering husbands, either. They capture the true struggle of married life, with side-splittingly funny illustrations that even wives will have to laugh at!

We’ve collated a whole load of our favourites here for you to enjoy. Let us know in the comments which one you relate most too, and why.

The Comics That Left Us In Hysterics

1. Cold Feet

comic showing married life

What is it about women wanting to warm their feet on their husband or partner? Every man in the universe must be able to relate to this comic. Whether your wife is one of those women who puts her ice-cold feet on your back in bed, or does what Maya’s doing in this illustration, you know how it feels.

For the women reading this post, think of your poor husband turning into a block of ice next time you want to use him as a foot-warmer!

2. Attack Of The Hot Wife

illustration of couple showering together

How do women stand the shower being so hot it feels like your skin’s being melted away? Sharing the shower with your wife should be a pleasure. I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t feel like you’ve stepped into hell!

Women claim that a ‘nice hot shower’ is relaxing and good for the skin. I’m not sure, however, that a ‘nice hot shower’ is actually meant to involve scalding hot water. Surely you should be able to enjoy a shower together without getting second degree burns in the process!

3. Her Magic Touch

illustration of couple cuddling

This one is cute, and reminds us that whilst women can drive men crazy sometimes, they really do have a magic touch. Is there anything better or more soothing than settling in your wife’s arms after a hard, stressful day?

No matter what’s gone on during the day, it can all be erased with a back rub! It must be that mothering instinct that makes women so good at soothing their stressed-out husbands!

4. The Warmth Thief

illustartion of what married life is like

Who can relate to this? Clearly Yehuda’s wife thinks that he’s a hot water bottle or portable heater with nothing better to do than keep her warm. It’s a little like the cold feet illustration – women always seem to be cold, whilst men are warm.

It’s nice when your wife snuggles up to you in bed – most of the time – but there’s got to be limits! Poor Yehuda! How’s a man supposed to support his family if his wife won’t let him get dressed and go to work?!

5. Ikea Troubles

comic showing ikea troubles

When it comes to flat-pack furniture from Ikea, even the bravest of men are tempted to run and hide. Why do Ikea make instructions so vague? What’s more, is there anything worse than when your wife steps in and seems to put the flat-pack furniture together in five minutes?

Yehuda’s self-mockery in this comic is hilarious. He’s admitted defeat to the fact that Maya can DIY better than he can! But he still manages to capture that despair over the fact that Maya is never going to let him forget it. Could she look any more smug?

6. The Wifeinator

illustration of what its like living with a wife

A true laugh-out-loud illustration here! When it comes to managing the house and taking care of creepy-crawlies, women really do seem to have it all under control, even if their methods may be a little excessive.

Does one little roach really require full-on assault gear? Safe to say that bugs won’t be taking up residence in Yehuda’s and Maya’s home anytime soon! Just love the expression on Yehuda’s face, too.

7. Complex Cooking

comic of a wifes complex cooking

How does one bowl of cereal create that amount of dishes? In fact, why is it that whatever gets prepared in terms of food, there are always a mountain of dishes in the sink? I have a sneaky suspicion that it’s because the husband is usually expected to handle the washing up.

Are mountains of dishes a woman’s revenge for…well, any of those things that you’ve done but didn’t even realise were a problem, like opening another milk when there’s already one open?

8. Beach Body Ready?

illustration of a couple at the beach

Ah, that familiar summer beach nightmare. Why do all the other men on the beach have perfectly defined six-packs? Is it some kind of conspiracy to shame the rest of us who have a beer gut instead of a six-pack?

There’s nothing worse than going to the beach with your toned wife in her bikini, feeling shamed by your own body. I can imagine there’s a lot of you guys who can relate to Yehuda’s feelings in this comic!

9. What Happens When You See Logan

comic of a couple after watching a film

If you haven’t seen Logan, then what cave have you been living in? It’s an action film, meant to be exciting, thrilling and to spice up your relationship, perhaps. Isn’t it just incredibly frustrating that women seem to be able to cry rivers over just about everything?

Watching any movie with your wife can be a bit of a rollercoaster, to be honest. She might blame hormones – in which case hormones have got an awful lot to answer for! Yehuda could do well if he took out shares in a tissue-manufacturing company!

10. A Typical Night Out

illustration of a typical night out for a couple

It takes a man ten minutes to get ready for a night out. But for some reason it seems to take women ten hours. There’s the whole showering routine, the checking Facebook and Instagram before styling her hair.

Then comes the makeup routine, which takes longer than you could possibly imagine.

Finally, she’s ready to put on her dress…which she immediately decides she hates and proceeds to try on every single dress in her walk-in wardrobe before deciding the original one wasn’t so bad after all.

The same process is repeated with the shoes, which have to match the dress, and the clutch, which has to match the shoes and the dress. It’s a never-ending process that surely drives every man to distraction!

11. Sudden Weight Gain

Find a woman who isn’t bothered by the number on the scales and you’ll have found a rare and endangered creature! It’s a cruel trick that Yehuda depicts in this comic, but hilariously funny at the same time.

The facial expressions just crack me up. I wonder if Yehuda was getting his revenge for Maya’s cold feet attack the night before! He’ll end up paying for this trick, but whatever the cost his face tells you it’s absolutely worth it!

12. Bad Hair Day

bad hair day

Just looking at this comic makes me want to wince, and then run and hide in the wardrobe! I don’t understand why women do this to themselves…willingly. I have to say, though, I’d probably turn into a hulk-like monster of fury if I ever had to wax my legs, too.

Men quickly learn to keep well out of the way of their wives when waxing is taking place. A woman in the process of waxing is a truly fearsome beast!

13. The Proposal She’s Been Waiting For

proposal image

She’s clearly been dropping hints for a long time, and he’s finally gotten the message. It kind of takes the romance out of the proposal, though. She didn’t even give him the chance to finish his sentence.

Eager doesn’t come close to describing her response! But look at their faces! How can you not be moved by the emotion captured in this comic, and the expressions of love that they both share.

14. A Walk In The Park

walk in the park image

Women can turn into possessive animals when it comes to their men. Maya isn’t going to stand for all those other women – and the token man – eyeing Yehuda up appreciatively. She’ll fight for her man, even if Yehuda is clearly enjoying the attention he’s getting.

Beards seem to be a woman-magnet these days, so it’s hard to tell whether it’s Yehuda’s beard or his ass that is getting the attention!

15. Winter Is Coming

comic image

Whilst women celebrate winter because they no longer have to torture themselves with waxing, men have a different view.

Let’s face it, they married a beautifully waxed, toned and gorgeous bride, but come winter their bride begins to resemble a primate. A primate who doesn’t care how hairy they are because it’s winter and no one is going to see. Except their husband. Ladies, think of your husband, please!

16.  Valentines Day

valentines day comic image

Of course she knows what day it is! She can pretend that she doesn’t, but it’s a well known fact that no woman EVER forgets Valentine’s Day. If her husband forgets, then he’s in huge trouble – and will never hear the end of it.

Women love to be spoiled on Valentine’s Day, and it’s a surefire way to get into big trouble if you arrive home without a bunch of flowers.

Yehuda’s got this figured out, for sure. Perhaps he’s learned from experience, or perhaps he’s just genuinely a romantic guy.

17. Wrapping Up

wrapping up comic image

Here’s another reason men don’t really like winter. Not only does their wife turn into a hairy primate, but she wraps herself in so many layers it’s like going out with an Egyptian mummy!

Looking at the amount of clothes Maya is wearing is actually making me sweat. How does she not overheat under all those layers? Women clearly feel the cold way more than men do, that’s for sure.

18. Not So Sweet Dreams

If your wife is awake because she can’t sleep, then there’s one guarantee in marriage – she’s going to make sure that you’re awake, too! She wants the company, or she wants you to share in her misery.

Whichever it is, sleep is not going to happen for you if she’s unable to sleep. It’s infuriating, maddening – in fact Yehuda’s face captures all the emotions perfectly.

Why can’t she just lie awake on her own? Why does it have to be something she needs to share?

19. Personal Travel Pillow

How attractive! What man doesn’t dream of being used as a pillow by a woman who is snoring and drooling – on the bus of all places? It seems that women have a distorted view of what their husbands are actually for.

It happens all the time – whether you’re a pillow while they sleep on public transport, or a foot rest on another occasion, wives like to treat their husbands like inanimate objects a lot of the time.

20. Selfie!

selfie comic image

There’s a growing trend in society these days to capture the perfect selfie. Women must take dozens of selfies every day, but they’re always happy to pose.

Unfortunately, like Yehuda shows in this comic, these perfect shots aren’t really all that perfect. Maya’s clearly over-excited about the fact that Yehuda’s agreed to a couple’s selfie. Since it’s really a picture of Maya’s hair, it’s probably not what Yehuda had in mind when he suggested it.

21. Movie Nightmovie night with a wife illustration

There’s nothing like a bit of role-play to keep things interesting. Yehuda and Maya look like a couple of total bad-asses in this comic re-enactment of John Wick 2.

Let’s just hope that in real life they have more success than the characters they’re pretending to be! I can, however, totally imagine Yehuda and Maya as a pair of top-of-the-range hitmen!

22. Team Workout

comic showing teamwork in marriage

Taking working out together to a whole new level! Who knew that your wife could turn into a workout coach extraordinaire?

Forget going to the gym – clearly this kind of workout pays off – look at those muscles.

Have to say, though, rather Yehuda than me! It makes me hurt just imagining doing press ups with Maya on my back like that. Never mind the grimace on Yehuda’s face – I’d be crying!

23. Valentines Day

illustration of valentines day for a married couple

Aww isn’t this sweet? Sometimes all you need is a good old hug. Despite the comic nature of Yehuda’s art about his wife, it’s clear that they’re madly in love. Isn’t this just the most uplifting illustration?

Just look at Maya’s expression! It’s great to see another side to Yehuda and Maya’s relationship – a big contrast to the other illustrations that are more tongue-in-cheek.

24. Smooth Travelling

comic of travelling as a married couple

It’s surprisingly difficult to keep your hands to yourself on the bus. I think all regular bus riders can share a story or two of awkward moments brushing against strangers…

Perhaps that granny doesn’t even have a destination and just gets a ride for the thrills – and who could blame her if that’s the case! As a relatively short person, I can totally relate to the horror of being virtually wedged into another traveler’s armpit!

25. Creative Costumes

illustration of married couple dressing up as each other

When you get married it should be written within the contract that you have to attend all costume parties as a clever duo! Although Yehuda clearly isn’t happy in this illustration, I have to side with Maya.

Couple’s costumes are an awesome opportunity to have some serious fun! We all need to indulge our playful side from time to time. Yehuda needs to stop sulking and embrace the fun that Maya’s totally into!

26. Happy Birthday

illustration of birthday celebrations as a couple

I could think of worse ways of being woken up on my birthday! Yehuda may not enjoy Maya’s surprise for him (perhaps he’s not a morning person!) but it’s great to be spoiled on your birthday.

Maya might have gone a little bit over the top, but hopefully the surprise was followed by breakfast in bed. Birthdays should be celebrated in style! Just maybe wait until his eyes are open next time, Maya!

27. Festive Celebrations

comic of festive celebrations for a couple

This one is making me hungry just looking at it. I just love that moment when you take the first bite out of a tasty pastry.

Maya isn’t happy about how much Yehuda is enjoying it, though. In fact, she looks like she’d like to snatch it out of his hand and stamp on it.

Yehuda’s clearly taunting her with how much he’s enjoying his treat. I’d love to know what Maya was thinking!

28. Let’s Go To The Beach

comic showing what its like at a beach as a married couple

A real roll on the floor laughing moment with this one! Maya doesn’t want any eyes on Yehuda’s behind other than her own – and who can blame her?

Yehuda looks rather too excited about the prospect of some naked sunbathing. I wonder how this one was resolved.

I have a sneaky suspicion that Maya might have won – perhaps by warning Yehuda of the danger of burning his buns!

29. Party Time

illustration by artist yehuda

Clearly, it’s Maya’s birthday this time! Yehuda knows what his wife likes – and what’s more, her gift doesn’t even come with an expensive price tag.

Everybody wins with this kind of birthday present. Her face is just a picture of absolute joy! Party time takes on a whole new meaning in this illustration.

What wife wouldn’t appreciate this kind of birthday party?

30. Stylish Shaving

comic of a husbands shaving routine

If Maya knew what Yehuda was thinking of, I wonder how she’d react? Some women simply can’t resist a beard – but others would prefer the Latino lover look that Yehuda is imagining.

I hope Yehuda knows what he’s doing here, and that his fantasy doesn’t fall flat when Maya sees the result. It’s often the case that our fantasies don’t match up to the reality.

Be careful, Yehuda!

31. Moving Day

moving day illustration

Moving day can be crazy. How do we manage to accumulate so much junk in such a short amount of time?

Women can turn into demanding monsters that resemble drill sergeants during the stress of moving day. I think Maya is perhaps expecting a little bit too much of Yehuda in this one! I could use him around my house when I move in a few weeks, though!

32. WWE Aftermath

wwe illustration

Talk about laying the smack down!

Maya’s sure got some powerful moves, and Yehuda’s not going to live this one down any time soon. Taken down by his wife who probably weighs 100lb soaking wet!

What an embarrassment. I feel for him, sure – but I’ve also got incredible admiration for Maya’s skills. There’s something about women wrestlers that’s incredibly exciting.

33. Passover Day

comic illustration

Poor Yehuda! Maya’s just taunting him here, and he looks like he could cry at the thought of missing out on such an amazing sandwich!

I’d be crying too in his position – and looking at it is sure making me hungry, too. Being so close and having to watch Maya enjoy the deliciousness must be torture!

C’mon Maya, cut the sandwich in half. Isn’t that what marriage is about – sharing everything?

34. Home Search

home search illustration

Aww how sad! It looks like Yehuda has given up on the search for a new home – but Maya is ever positive that the right place is just around the corner.

Women are very good at keeping up a positivity when are feeling hopeless, and Maya is no exception. Men need that kind of up-beat spirit around them. You never know what opportunities are just out of sight if you don’t keep looking.

35. Happy Anniversary

anniversary illustration

It still counts!

Where would we be without phone alarms and reminders, after all. In this day and age, it’s so analogue to rely on your own memory when it comes to important dates like birthdays and anniversaries.

Yehuda’s made sure that he’s never going to be in the dog-house by setting up calendar reminders. Maya doesn’t need to know that the only reason he remembered was because his phone told him!

36. Mirror Mirror On The Car

comic illustration

I don’t think it’s possible for women to walk past their reflection without stopping for at least 5 minutes to check they look perfect.

I hope there aren’t a lot of parked cars on the road they’re walking down, or it could take a very long time. What is it about women needing to check their reflection all the time? Do they think that their hair, clothes and makeup will suddenly become a mess the moment they can’t see their reflection?

37. Safety First

illustration art

Yehuda looks just a little bit too smug in this one. Personally, I can’t blame Maya for her proactive approach to cutting onions. No one wants to risk onion-crying and having your mascara running down your face!

If Yehuda thinks Maya’s going to extreme lengths, perhaps he should take a turn at cutting the onions himself. That would soon wipe the smile off his face, for sure!

38. Rewarding Exercise

exercise illustration

Maya’s got the right idea in my book. For me, exercise is an excuse to refuel on my favourite treats. Yes, I know that’s not the point of it, and clearly Yehuda is frustrated, but c’mon, it’s Nutella! At least Maya’s using the exercise equipment. In my house, it would just turn into a fancy (and expensive) coat rack!

39. Street Biters

illustration art

I think we can tell who the clear winner here is! Those pesky bugs are a nightmare. No matter what you try to fight them with, they don’t seem to care.

In fact, fighting them just seems to make them more angry – and they bring in the reinforcements!

40. Follow Yehuda!

Yehuda illustration

We’re glad his work is getting the recognition it really deserves! Yehuda has gathered an awful lot of loyal followers who eagerly look forward to new posts.

The Reveal!

Let’s take a look at the true life faces behind the adorable comics we have come to love…

image of illustration artist yehuda

Aww, just like their characters!

Get to know Yehuda a bit better and shop his impressive work via the Yehuda Website, where you can also keep up to date with his latest illustrations via the blog.

Popularity and Expansion

Yehuda’s comics have gotten so popular, he now has an ongoing series called ‘One Of Those Days’. The series is all about the little things in life that every couple will relate to. From wardrobe woes to Game of Thrones all night marathons, you will be sure to crack a smile! Let’s take a look at some of our favourites from this collection!

41. Game Of Thrones Time!

game of thrones time

When you get married it should be written within the vows to never watch an episode without your other half. In fact, it should be grounds for divorce!

There’s nothing more disappointing than discovering that your spouse has cheated and watched ahead without you. Bingeing on box sets should always be done together – without exception!

42. Procrastination illustration artist procrastination drawing

The Funko Pop Figurines just make this even cooler! If I was Yehuda, I wouldn’t mind the interruption. I’m terrible at procrastination, so I’m up for any excuse.

What better excuse can there be than to blame it on your wife! Although, if Maya is preventing Yehuda from drawing new comics, then he needs to boot her off her lap pronto!

43. Drunken Rescue

illustration artist drunk drawing

Women can be lightweights when it comes to alcohol – although I suspect Maya had a slurp rather than a sip! Luckily, she has Yehuda to be her knight in shining armour who can both rescue her and take care of her when she’s hungover.

Women love strong and dependable men who display chivalry!

44. Habits That Bite

illustration artist habits drawing

“I can stop whenever I want” they claim – yeah right! This is just truly gross.

I’ve never been a nail biter, but clearly Yehuda has got a serious problem! I share Maya’s disgust – I would hate to have to watch my spouse doing this!

45. Sniff Test

illustration artists drawing of couple

Well how else are you going to convince yourself that showering can wait?

Personally, I’m all in favour of the sniff test. I don’t want to waste water unnecessarily! It’s great when your spouse has the same approach, too. There’s no need to justify using the sniff test when your partner does the same. It’s a match made in heaven!

46. Traumatizing Trims

illustration artist drawing of married life

We all know the vicious cycle of women’s haircuts. They go to the hairdresser wanting a specific look, and somehow come out hating it. Even though they’ve been raving about how much they love that look.

Yehuda’s obviously got this one in hand – he’s learned what he needs to say without even having to look up from Instagram! Women are so over-dramatic sometimes!

47. Tired Times

illustration artist draws sleeping as a couple

Sometimes a shower just has to wait. Life is too short to spend in the shower. Once you settle into the routine of marriage, those high standards you had at the beginning start to slip. You get into a position where you’re much more comfortable with disorder and dirt! There are much better ways to spend your time, after all!

48. A Hairy Situation

illustration artist draws chores as a couple

It’s just infinite amounts of hair EVERYWHERE! Some women seem to shed more hair than a Golden Retriever – and that’s saying something. There’s no avoiding hair-shedding in women.

Yehuda must know by now that he’s fighting a losing battle. Better to just give up and grab the vacuum cleaner instead!

Men quickly learn to take cover when their wife is brushing her hair!

49. Knocking On Heavens Door

illustration of couple fighting over toilet

Women just don’t understand that a man needs to take his time in the bathroom. These things can’t be rushed.

Even so, we all know that spending an hour in the bathroom is a great means on catching up on social media and having some peace and quiet! Maya should be glad that it’s not a book that Yehuda’s reading!

50. Caraoke

illustration of couple singing in the car

Carpool Karaoke has spawned a great new trend – and there’s nothing better than cranking the car stereo up to 11 and belting out your favourites with your spouse. It’s a great stress-buster and tension-reliever.

Just make sure the windows aren’t open. You could earn yourself some funny looks from passers-by otherwise.

51. She’s Got My Back

illustration of couple having each others backs

It’s a good job that women are great at multi-tasking. A good back scratch is heaven, and Maya doesn’t even need to stop what she’s doing.

Back scratching should be recognised as a marital duty in my opinion. Anyone who won’t scratch your back isn’t the person for you!

52. My Other Half

illustration of couple in the rain

Isn’t this just the typical scene of a man making sure that his wife stays dry while he gets soaked in the rain?

If you’re thinking that you wouldn’t do that for your wife or girlfriend, then you’re missing a trick. Women like to be protected – and that includes protection from the elements.

Yehuda doesn’t look to be the in the greatest of moods, but then, neither would I in that rain. He knows that he’d suffer more if he tried to share the umbrella.

53. Workaholic

illustration of couple after work

Sometimes you just need someone to ensure that you stop working at a reasonable time. Workaholics need someone like Yehuda to put their foot down and say no.

This comic actually captures one of the biggest problems in modern society. There are simply too many workaholics whose insistence on working ridiculously long hours literally makes them ill.

54. She Bought Me A Present

illustration of couple playing with new present

We’ve all been there. We receive a gift from our spouse, and we love it – but it turns out that so do they. So is it really a present or is that just a clever way of buying yourself something and making it look like you’re being generous?

Yehuda looks like he isn’t getting his hands on his ‘present’ any time soon.

55. Anything I Can Do, She Can Do Better

illustration of couple painting

Isn’t it frustrating when you put a whole load of effort into creating something, and then your spouse goes ahead and produces something ten times better?

But Yehuda looks so proud of himself in this illustration. Maya, however, is just showing off!

56. Weight Lifting

illustration of couple after shopping trip

Oh, the irony! Women have the assumption that men are glorified pack horses. I have a sneaky suspicion that they only take men along on shopping trips to carry the bags.

This is an incredibly relatable illustration – one I suspect many men can sympathise with.

Of course, the ladies will look at this in indignation and wonder why he even expected her to carry a single bag!

57. Nobody Is Perfect

illustration of couple looking in mirror

That moment when you gaze into the mirror and see your flabby reflection is a painful one. But at least Yehuda and Maya are in the same boat and can share each other’s pain!

No one is perfect – not even those toned guys who have six packs you’d kill for. We all have something that we’re not happy with when we gaze into the mirror.

58. Love Hurts

illustration of couple cuddling up

Either Yehuda is oblivious of the fact that he’s resting on Maya’s hair, or he’s doing it on purpose. I think it’s the former of these options, to be honest. It’s a reminder that love really does hurt sometime – literally. That doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with the relationship. It’s just the way things are!


59. ZZZzzz

illustration artists drawing of a husband and wife

Now isn’t this just the sweetest depiction of true love! Yehuda and Maya are such a cute couple, and the expression on Yehuda’s face as he holds his sleeping wife is adorable.

Marriage has its ups and downs, but in the end, it’s these moments that really matter.

What Yehuda Says About His Latest Work:

My inspiration is my everyday life with my wife…Our comic series ‘One of those days’ is based on real life moments that happened to us and was about creating a fun memories by illustration.

Who knew marriage could be so much fun? The pre-wedding love affair has been presented endlessly as the height of romance, but we think that the everyday love that these two share, from the weird habits and quirks to simply helping each other carry the shopping, is much more romantic in its simple and lasting beauty.

“My wife, Maya, and have been together for almost 8 years,” Yehuda says. “We met long ago in our military service after a long period of friendship, we started dating and got married a year and a half ago.”

Maya is an artist herself and collaborates with her husband to make the ‘One Of Those Days’ series. “The working process is me and my wife, Maya, together. Usually after something interesting for illustration happens to us, we tighten the concept and do a few composition sketches, After that I sit down and start working. When I finish, Maya adds her suggestions for improvement, suggesting colour, typography and so on. All of this process takes no more than a day.”

Whether you cringed or cried at these illustrations, we hope you enjoyed taking a look at them with us.

Meet Web Design Review

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