What You Need To Know About Web Hosting In 2019

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Updated 23rd August 2018

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It’s fair to say that web design gives you the opportunity to express your creative side. You can work with a wide range of graphics, fonts and layouts to make your website personal to you. This design element is exciting and fun, but then someone mentions web hosting to you.

Now, since you’re new to web design you start scratching your head – What exactly is web hosting? What does it involve? Most importantly, how does it affect me? Well, we’ve broken it down to give a simple and basic introduction.

So, what is web hosting?

For a website to be available to the public on the internet it needs to be stored on a computer known as a web server. The owner of this computer is called a web host and they will rent out the web space.

What Else Do The Web Host Companies Do?

A web host company offer a range of services in addition to their primary role of providing you with space on their server.

They also offer domain name registration where you reserve a name on the internet for a set period. Using a domain name makes a website name memorable and allows you to use it in your URL. This also enables you to use email hosting services so your domain name is in your email rather than a generic @gmail.com or @hotmail.co.uk email address.

Web hosting companies also offer SSL services where you can have a secure connection to a browser so your visitors can use your site in the confidence any information they input is secure, which is particularly important when financial details are involved.

What Will Be Included In My Web Hosting Plan?

When you buy web hosting services there are different parts which will dictate the performance of your site on the internet. These are:

1) Bandwidth

Your amount of bandwidth will determine the speed of your site. It means how much data your website can transfer over a set period of time, so the more bandwidth you use the faster your site will be.

2) Uptime

This will tell you the percentage of the time that a hosting server will run for. Therefore more uptime is better.

3) Disk Space

Disk space is measured in megabytes and will determine how much storage space the host will provide for your site. You’ll need more disk space if you’re using larger amounts of video and media as everything on your site uses your disk space and media uses higher amounts.

4) Programming Services

There are different programming languages you can use when creating a website and web hosting packages allow you to use these different languages such as ASP, HTML and PHP in addition to standard databases.

5) Customer Services

It is well worth considering what customer service options a web hosting company offer as they are vital if you experience technical problems with your site. Different web hosts offer services such as chat, phone support or email contact.

What Are The Different Types Of Web Hosting?

There are three different types of web server hosting services. Here’s an explanation of each one:

1) Shared Server Hosting

Shared web hosting is pretty self-explanatory. The service provider will host multiple websites from a single web server which all have individual domain names. The benefits are it is the least costly option however it is not suitable for sites which have high volumes of traffic.

2) Cloud Server Hosting

Cloud server hosting is when hosting services are made available on demand via the Internet. Rather than being provided by a single or shared server, cloud server hosting services are provided by multiple connected servers that comprise what is known as a cloud

3) Dedicated Server Hosting

A dedicated server is where the whole server is used by one single customer with no other websites sharing it. This gives a customer total flexibility and control over the server’s security systems and software. In many cases the web host will then also look after the administration and related services.

Final Thoughts

Web hosting can be quite daunting when you’re first looking into your options so it’s important to consider your needs and decide accordingly. There are also a huge amount of web hosting companies offering a range of services, so it can pay to shop around.

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infographic talking about what you need to know about website hosting in 2019

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