5 Common Web Design Misconceptions

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These days, websites are more than just websites. More than ever, they are a critical piece of a business’s marketing strategy. Companies of all sizes are dependent on a successful online presence, which, in turn, means they’re dependent on web design and development professionals.

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t misconceptions about how web design and development works. For whatever reason – and there are plenty – a lot of business owners have misguided ideas about the industry and, more specifically, about designers, agencies, and the web design process.

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Busted! Here’s The Truth Behind These Website Misconceptions

We aim to point out some of those pesky misconceptions (myths, if you will) and what’s actually true.

1. “It’s Easy – Anyone Can Create a Website”

Our ‘favourite’ misconception is that designing and developing websites is easy peesy. Subtly put, it’s not. While there are plenty of sites out there that look simple, basic, or effortless, it’s safe to say that they didn’t just turn out that way without a load of hard work and a thorough, well thought out process.

Every single feature on a site needs to be thought through properly to ensure that it meets the overall goals of not only the site, but the business as well.

That then trickles down to design (making sure that the features are easy to use, readable, and accessible) and development (making sure that the site is fast, uses proper coding techniques, and works consistently on all devices). All of these equals hours and hours of hard work.

2. “I Can Just Copy Their Site”

Please, please, please don’t do this. You’ve probably looked at your competitors site and thought “this is amazing and it’s exactly what we want – let’s do the same thing”, but, that is a pretty terrible idea. For starters, it’s illegal. But just as important, it’s a terrible strategy, too.

Other websites should only serve as an inspiration for what they’re doing right (and even what they’re doing not so right). Copying someone else means your company blends in and has no real personality or brand of its own.

This “me too” mentality makes your company just like every other and won’t stand out in any way, which means you’re not showing any advantage over your competitors. This shows potential customers they have no real reason to pick you over someone else who has done a better job of communicating their brand and their message. Not only this, but would you want your great ideas ripped off and imitated?

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3. “Any Change I Want On My Website Should Be Free”

Let’s get straight to the point using an effective analogy.  Imagine buying a car. It comes with a warranty in which the manufacturer or dealer covers quite a bit for a limited time. Now imagine that after the warranty was up, you demanded your services be free. You’d probably be laughed at and told where to go. So why expect that from a web design company?

Many designers will give you a support period that starts after the site goes live and ends after a certain amount of time. During this time if any issues come up, they’ll get fixed at no additional cost. Some terms may apply, but generally speaking, it’s common practice for this grace period to be included in the contract.

Once it’s up, it’s up, you can’t expect work for free, otherwise it’s the company paying for it themselves.

4. “Designers Should Do Everything I Tell Them To”

Of course you hired your design agency, so it’s understandable that you may think you get to call all the shots. You’re paying for the project after all!

Well, I hate to break it to you, but that’s not exactly right. You don’t (or shouldn’t) hire a web designer just to have them do exactly what you want. After all, you hire them for their expertise. They aren’t just creating pretty designs for design sake. They’re doing it to reach a higher goal – to help your business succeed and make more money.

That doesn’t mean you can’t offer constructive feedback though – that’s critical to the process. Not being flexible and open to the ideas and expertise of the professional you hired will mean the end result won’t be as brilliant as it potentially could be.

Instead, trust them, they know what they’re doing and have the knowledge to drive traffic and turn visitors into leads and customers. If they don’t know how to do that, get a new web design agency.

5. “My Site Is Done, Here Come A Wave Of Visitors”

It’s nice to think this would be the case, and we really wish it was. However, just because you launched a new site doesn’t mean is going to “go viral”.

For starters, how would people know that it’s even been launched? More importantly, your website isn’t the end all of your marketing efforts – or at least it shouldn’t be. No, your website is the hub of your digital marketing.

Your website – and therefore your business – needs to be promoted. Whether that’s the job of your web agency depends on the agency (some do marketing, some don’t). Either way, growing your business through your website requires a team effort and a combination of good marketing and website optimisation. Don’t just assume that your website will give an immediate ROI (Return On Investment) It requires a bit more effort than that.

Not just this, but everything takes a bit of time.

Thanks For Reading

There you have it, the most common web design misconceptions revealed for that they really are – the truth. Let us know which one shocked you the most.

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You’re welcome to share this infograph on your own websites. All we ask is that you provide a credit by linking back to this page. Click the infograph for a high quality .png.

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infographic about the 5 most common misconceptions about hiring a website designer

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