7 More Web Design trends To Watch Out For In 2018

Posted on 13 June, 2018 by Rachel in

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Technology is evolving at a phenomenal rate, and web design is keeping up! Web design is used for more than just aesthetics, It’s being used to engage visitors, convert leads into customers and keep sites ranking high on search engines.

We’ve complied 7 more web design trends to do just that!

Check Out these 7 Latest Web Design Trends

1) Natural Photography

All sites now how imagery and photography and have done for a long time. Photographs are used to convey a message about your site at a glance before reading a word.

Stock imagery which in previous years has been seen everywhere is now on its way out! Internet users have become wise to the in-genuine feel that these stock images have.

More natural and original photography is taking its place. It gives a more unique and personable feel to your site.

2) Material Design

Material design Is a language created and pioneered by Google which has expanded across the web.

At its core material design is all about user experience, it makes use of grid based layouts, depth and perception and animation to deliver a much more user friendly and easy to decipher and navigate site.

3) Card Design

In its simplest form card design is another layout style.

It is one which compartmentalises elements to create the concept of very separate entities on the same site.

This has become extremely popular as it’s a design most social media platforms use and one which almost all internet users are familiar and comfortable with.

4) Bold colours

For a time, classical pale colours were used in a classy and sophisticated way.

Though still attractive on the surface, designers have found that bold colours work better for purpose. Bold colours are used to draw the users eye to the most important areas of a site and stand out.

5) Micro Interactions

Micro interactions are exactly what they sound like, small interactions based on one component of your design.

Examples would be the option to share a video or story from a website to your social media page or changing a setting on a site.

They are small interactions which change and personalise the users experience of your site to make it more enjoyable.

6) Videos and Animation

Videos and animation are another way to absorb and engage your visitors.

Videos have the ability to portray your brand without the user reading a body of text. They can get an authentic and legitimate feel across by telling a story in an easily digestible way.

Animation to a lesser degree adds a level of unique intrigue to your site.

7) Infographic Design

Infographics just like this one, are a way to break down complex or large concepts which would otherwise require pages of off-putting text.

They give the reader the ability to scan the information easily and still take in the important points.

Long Story Short…

Web design is something every successful site owner should keep on top of. It’s very easy to become complacent and find you are losing traffic and engagement.

Use these tips as a guide to staying on top of the trends!
Let us know in the comments section below what other trends you employ on your site!

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