The Walking Dead Theories: What’s Going To Happen To Negan?..

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the walking dead theorys

the walking dead theorys

Negan…What are your thoughts on the shows new villain? Our web design team all have different opinions. The unpopular opinion is, he’s a likable character that I just can’t be annoyed at, even though he took out my two favourite characters. He brings comedy to the show and really makes the point that it isn’t focusing on the war of the walkers anymore, but rather the battle of the brave survivors.

I’ve heard many complaints about Season 7, and how there is barley been any screen time for walkers, but this series was never intended to be just another cliche zombie show, as Robert Kirkman stated from the very beginning.

The Walking Dead Theories:

Honestly, I admire Negans survival strategy. He’s trying to keep his group alive, just like Rick, but he’s obviously doing a much better job at it. I’d rather continue watching Negan and Lucille partner up against the weak, but unfortunately that’s inevitable, we all know that they will meet their end…but just how will it happen?

*These theory’s are in regard to the TV show, as it’s not known they will go in the same direction as the comics*

Theory 1: Carl Will Be The Hero?

Will Carl overshadow his dad and become the groups new hero? The kid has no fear and seems to want to prove that he can be brave like Rick, too. Is he capable of killing Negan by himself, though?

Theory 2: The Mysterious Enid?

Can I just throw out there that Enid is incredibly shady?! She sneaks out continuously and returns back to Alexandria with nothing, without even a scratch? Suspicious much? Has anyone else linked her to Negan? Perhaps she’s his niece, daughter even? Perhaps not. But if she is connected to Negan, just how will this story line pan out? Will she protect Carl and Alexandria, or is she only there working as a spy and planning the ultimate betrayal against everyone?

the walking dead theory

Theory 3: Maggie Will Seek Her Revenge?

Maggie watched Lucille bash in the brains of her unborn babys father, and the only loved one she had left, after watching all of her family get killed, one by one. She wants revenge, but will she get to Negan in time to have it?

Theory 4: Saviors Betrayal?

I think it’s quite a popular theory, but will Negans men turn against him? It’s been shown that the likes of Dwight (and now Daryl) have been scared into working as his hench men. Will they all gain some courage and join forces to take over what he has created or to take back their freedom?

What Do You Think?

How do you think Negan will meet his end? When? And by who? Share your thoughts and theories!

the walking dead theory

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