Mother’s Day – Our Top 10 Fictional Mummies Of 2018!

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queen elizabeth wearing crown and jewels looking creepy

With Mothers Day fast approaching (your welcome for the reminder gentlemen) we’ve decided to focus on matriarchs this week.

To help celebrate we’re also running a competition for you to win a free gift for the special mother in your life.

Here at Web Design Review we spend our time reviewing web design companies and sharing our findings with our visitors. However, in honour of the approaching date, we have turned our attentions to mums. Rather than starting a war in the office over whose mum is the best we have decided to review our favourite ten fictional mothers.

Who Are Our Top Ten Mother of 2018?

1) Agnes Brown

agnes brown laying on right side

Foul mouthed Dubliner Mrs Brown would be ‘feckin delighted’ at coming in at number 1 on our rankings, voted by our small team of web designers. To be honest we dare’nt put her anywhere else.

You’ve only to see the way she verbally tears anyone who gets in her way (especially Grandad and her daughter in law) to be terrified of upsetting her.

So, we crown ‘the Queen of Dublin town’, Queen of our favourite mums.

2) Gail Platt

gail platt in the dock with hands pressed up to glass with family watching on

Gail is mum to Nick, David and Sarah Louise on the cobbles of Coronation Street and have they put her through the mill. From Nick running away to Gretna Green aged 16 to marry Leanne Battersby, Sarah Lou’s pregnancy at the age of 14, through to David shoving her down the stairs, the three have brought her enough trouble to test a saint.

Lesser women would have disowned the three and moved to the Sahara! Instead Gail spends her time marrying inappropriate men who are cheats, thieves and even serial killers. Gail Trump has a ring to it, don’t you think?

3) Queen Elizabeth II

queen elizabeth wearing crown and jewels looking creepy
Her Royal Highness may only have four children of her own (wonder if she was too posh to push) but is one of the most revered women on earth according to a few of our team at Web Design Review. At times it feels ‘Our Lizzie’ is de facto mum to the whole country.

It wasn’t always this way. After Princess Diana died in 1997 such was the national outrage at ‘The Firms’ reaction that it was thought the monarchy may be abolished.

Now there’s a Channel 5 series we’d all tune in to watch; how Her Maj and co coped with life on a high-rise Hackney council estate!

4) Peggy Mitchell

grant and phil mitchell stand either side of their mother peggy outside the queen victoria pub

Elizabeth may be Queen of England but there’s only one Queen of the East End. Peggy may have a raised a violent alcoholic in Phil, a wannabe gangster with Grant, and cocaine addicted bimbo in Sam but she was far too busy ordering punters to ‘get out of her pub’. A much loved lady, especially by one of our more weird team of web designers!

That’s while pinching her best friend’s husband! With that shrieking Cockney accent we think Frank was bonkers. Besides, for all Peggy’s attributes, her earrings weren’t a patch on Pat’s.

5) Marge Simpson

madge simpson dressed in a bikini on all fours

One look at Marge Simpson nee Bouvier always begs the same question. What on earth is the secret to that hairstyle? With it being America, one wonders if Marge is the proud owner of a concealed carry permit and hides a snub nose revolver in there.

That said, if there was a firearm on Marge’s person we reckon Homer would get one right between the eyes.

6) Barbara Royle

barbara royle sat on jim royles knee

She might be common as muck, a stereotypical Mancunian housewife but who wouldn’t want a doormat like Barbs catering to their every whim like she does Jim and Denise.

Is there anyone who honestly doesn’t have days they wish they could just pop to their mums for beans on toast every single night?

7) Molly Weasley

molly weasley pointing her hand at the camera

Most mum’s will scoff at seeing Mrs Weasley in this list. The facts are, her kids spend the vast majority of the year at boarding school and we’d all love to have magical powers to help with the housework.

A flick of the wand and the dishes are sparkling, the clothes are all ironed, and tea is on the table. Makes the fact she dispatches the family to school for months at a time seem rather selfish doesn’t it?

8) Vy Smith-Wilkes

a family portrait of the main characters in the fresh prince of bel air

Another woman who some will accuse of abdicating her maternal responsibilities is Vy Smith-Wilkes, mum to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

She packed Will off 3500 miles from West Philadelphia to a posh part of California as ‘she wanted him away from the hoodlums and gangs’. Someone could maybe point out that Los Angeles is gang capital of the world!

No different to leaving the EU but staying in the Customs Union if you ask me. Vy obviously just decided he was too much hassle so shipped him away. The beauty of having a rich sibling!

9) Mummy Pig

daddy pig george peppa and mummy pig on a sunny day

Mummy to 2 toddlers Peppa and George, Mummy Pig is a firm favourite of children up and down the country. Personally, it’s the fact she can put up with Peppa’s know it all attitude that impresses me most!

Her sarcastic mocking of Daddy Pig seems to be her favourite pastime, although is that not a hobby of all females in relationships. She’s also a firm lover of jumping in muddy puddles, showing her children (and mine!) how much fun it supposedly is.

Isn’t every parent grateful for a cartoon pig that encourages their child to jump in mud?

10) Edina Monsoon

the five title characters in absolutely fabulous

We’ve included Edina for one reason alone. Truly this woman is the definition of being Absolutely Fabulous.

Yes, she’s self-obsessed. Yes, she’s neurotic. Yes, she’s partial to illegal stimulants. And yes, she puts Edina first. But she’s great fun to watch.

She also loves her daughter Saffy (even if she is terrified of her).

Web Design Review Mother’s Day Competition

Mums are one of the most precious gifts we have. We’ll be treating the special women in our lives on Sunday 11 March and think you should to. So, we’ve decided we want to help one lucky reader make Mother’s Day that little bit more special.

We have decided we would like to send a bouquet of flowers and special balloon from our friends at Interflora to one lucky mother.

The bouquet package is worth a total of £50 and will be delivered to the chosen lady for Mother’s Day itself.

All you need to do to enter is like our Facebook page, then simply like and share this post by tagging 5 friends in the comments and tell us who should be at number 1. The post is available below.

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How To Enter

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The draw will take place at 11am next Friday 9 March. The winner will then be contacted before 12 noon to arrange the delivery details. Please note the delivery address must be a UK postal address.

Good Luck Everyone

Who Is Your Favourite Fictional Mother?

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