5 Top Tips For Creating Your Social Media Strategy

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5 Top Tips For Creating Your Social Media Strategy

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Everyone uses social media, which is why it’s developed into such a useful marketing tool. By using platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you will definitely increase traffic to your website and reap the rewards that come as a result.

The only issue is that most people aren’t using social media marketing as effectively as possible. To help you out, here are the best tips around.

1) Find Your Target Market

A big part of deciding which social media channels you’ll go down is finding your target market. If your target audience is full of teenagers, then Facebook may be lower down your list of priorities, with Instagram and Snapchat as your primary focus.

Likewise, if you’re interested in targeting older generations, then Facebook will be your main port of call, and you might not even need a Snapchat or Instagram strategy. Find your target market, and it will help you get a sense of what direction to go in.

2) Post Regularly

Always make sure you keep your social media updated periodically. If you’re only posting once a week, then you’re really never seeing the benefits of social media marketing. Ideally, you want to produce multiple posts per day – particularly when using Twitter or Facebook. Instagram can still work with just a post per day, but the key is keeping your followers entertained and engaged. Otherwise, they’ll unfollow you as your account just doesn’t offer anything to them.

3) Understand Peak Posting Times

It goes without saying that social media posts need to be carefully scheduled for peak times. This is where you’ll get the most engagement, and could generate more followers. If you post something at 3 am, what are the chances of your followers seeing it? Very slim. But, if you post at 8 am, or between 4 pm and 10 pm, then you’re hitting the peak times. This is where more people will be online, meaning there’s more chance your posts will get seen.

4) Offer Something To Your Followers

I touched upon this when talking about the importance of regular posting, but it deserves a standalone point. Why should people follow your social media accounts? You need to provide them with something that they don’t get anywhere else.

Are you sharing exclusive content with them? Is this the best place for them to interact with you and actually receive replies? Perhaps you run giveaways from time to time? Your social media needs to give people a reason to follow you. If you use it as somewhere to just regurgitate information from your website, then no one will follow you! Offer them something extra, and the followers will soon come sweeping in.

5) Get More Followers

An integral part of social media marketing is growing your follower count. This means more people will see your posts all the time, and there’s more chance of them clicking on any links you have that direct them to your site. With the right strategy, you can boost web traffic, improve brand awareness, and build an outstanding online reputation!

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