You’ll Be Shocked By The Amount Of Sugar These Foods Actually Contain!

Posted on 6 April, 2018 by Paul in

portion of kelloggs crunchy nut cornflakes with a set of weighing scales and a pile of 33 grams of sugar and a box of kelloggs crunchy nut in the background

Our Sweet Journey

mock up of 2 heinz baked beans tins with one label saying beanz meanz sugarz and another saying heinz are celebrating 50 yearz of sugarz (sic)

Our team here in the office at Web Design Review like to think we’re different to the stereotype people working in our industry.

You know the type – the morbidly obese web developer who can’t function without a bag of Dorito’s on hand. Or the geeky SEO expert with twigs for arms, who has never heard of a protein shake. And let’s not get started on the designer whose creative skills are fuelled by energy drinks.

We Are Not A Bunch Of Fatties!

The guys in our office have always failed to live up to the stereotypes. Several of the team visit the gym at least a couple times a week – and one has the biceps to prove it! He’s certainly more than friendly with a protein shake!

The reality is that, while we conduct our thorough research on web design companies across the length and breadth of the UK, we like to keep our snacking healthy. They say a healthy body equals a healthy mind, so we make the effort. We’d be lying if we said we never enjoy a treat though.

It was just after the New Year that as a team we decided to try become even more health conscious and watch what we were eating. This was nothing to do with us living in fear of being charged more for our treats when the new Sugar Tax is introduced of course!

Are You Conscious Of The Amount Of Sugar In Your Food?

And So It Began!

It was last Monday to be precise when one of our female members of staff (who shall remain nameless) was waxing lyrical about how she was looking forward to a sugar binge over Easter as ‘I’ve hardly had anything with much sugar in it since Christmas!’

Really, thought I. Now credit where it was due, this researcher was the driving force behind swapping the office milk from semi-skimmed to skimmed. Furthermore, she used to take one sugar in her tea and stopped doing so after starting the health kick. BUT, I confess myself mildly amused at the pontificating about her low sugar diet while she munched away on Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Cornflakes.

Bitter experience (and fatherhood) has taught me that Crunchy Nut may be ‘ludicrously tasty’ but they also contain ludicrous levels of sugar. So, my devious little mind (and pen) decided to see just how unhealthy my colleagues were and keep a secret journal of the unhealthiest snacks brought in to Web Design Review HQ before unleashing my findings on them in this blog.

Bet I’ll be popular when they read this!

Monday 26th March 2018

Here it is! The original offender that spawned the idea of causing maximum distress as I shatter the ideals of my colleague’s healthy lifestyles. I just wish I’d thought of the idea so I could publish before Easter and ruin their chocolate filled weekend!

Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Cornflakes – 90g Bowl

portion of kelloggs crunchy nut cornflakes with a set of weighing scales and a pile of 33 grams of sugar and a box of kelloggs crunchy nut in the background

Total Sugar: 33g – Or 8.25 Teaspoons

Now I already knew this after my other half objected in, what can only be described as, very strong terms to me feeding our 12-month-old Crunchy Nut Flakes.

My anonymous colleague enjoys a bowl of these every day, convinced that now they are drowned in skimmed rather than semi-skimmed they are a healthy breakfast choice.

I look forward to Little Miss Healthy in the office’s reaction to this news!

Coca Cola – 330ml Can

can of coca cola classic with a set of weighing scales and a pile of 35 grams of sugar

Total Sugar: 35g – Or 8.75 Teaspoons

Lunchtime, and Leanne returned to the office with a very healthy salad choice from our local Tesco. No material there, but then I spy the selected beverage accompaniment.

Oh Leanne – with that amount of sugar coursing through your veins it’s no surprise you’ve energy left for the gym after work!

Pure Orange Juice – 500ml Bottle

330ml bottle of tesco pure orange juice with a set of weighing scales and a pile of 51 grams of sugar

Total Sugar: 51g – Or 12.75 Teaspoons

I’ve already mentioned Captain Biceps AKA Luke, one of our lead researchers and a keen rugby player. After his lunch (and second protein shake of the day) he guzzled a bottle of orange juice, same as every day. More than once he’s told me it’s a healthier alternative to coffee.

I don’t enjoy breaking this news, and I am slightly concerned I’ll be victim to a bone crunching rugby tackle, but I can assure my athletic friend, never have I had a coffee with over a dozen sugars!

Tuesday 27th March 2018

Another day, another offender! I’ve not set out to target her, but Louise provided a feast of things I could use to add her to the naughty list. Anyone get the feeling she’ll need a pay rise to cover the sugar tax!

Oreo Original – 154g

10 individual oreo biscuits in a pile with a set of weighing scales and a pile of 110 grams of sugar and an unopened packet of oreo original biscuits in the background

Total Sugar: 110g – Or 27.5 Teaspoons

We’d not been in the office an hour when Louise whipped a pack of Oreo’s out to enjoy with her morning cup of tea. Bless her, she always tells us she’ll only have 3 biscuits or so but within half an hour the empty packet lay in the bin – ready for my devious little paws to check on how much sugar was now rotting her teeth!

At this point I must apologise to her two little boys who will probably never be allowed an Oreo again!

McDonald’s Strawberry Milkshake – 500ml

a mcdonalds strawberry milkshake cup with a set of weighing scales and a pile of 74 grams of sugar and the mcdonalds logo in the background

Total Sugar: 74g – Or 18.5 Teaspoons

The Tuesday lunchtime treat this week was McDonalds. Louise, bless her, chose her usual Chicken Select meal. Previously she’s declined to order a burger on the grounds ‘it’s bad for you’.

Well Lou, all that good work avoiding the burger, and for what! Her choice of a Strawberry Milkshake and its huge sugar content ruin any semblance of claiming this to be ‘the healthy choice’. Bottled water next time, eh???

Werther’s Original – 135g Pack

werther's original sweets in a pile with a set of weighing scales and a pile of 97 grams of sugar and an unopened packet of werther's original butter candies in the background

Total Sugar:97g – Or 24.25 Teaspoons

As 3pm approached I looked over to Louise’s desk and noticed an open bag of Werther’s Originals. Feeling peckish, I crept over to her desk, in full stealth mode on a military operation to liberate a couple from her desk, and sample them for myself.

Imagine my disappointment when after creating a cunning distraction I discovered the packet was empty! Disappointment turned to malevolent glee when I asked how long the pack had been there and she informed me she’d nibbled her way through the pack since opening them on the bus to work.

Very sly the way she snacked away on the QT all day. Tut tut!

Muller Corner Peach and Apricot Yogurt – 150g

a tub of muller peach and mango corner yogurt with a set of weighing scales and a pile of 21 grams of sugar and an unopened tub of muller yogurts in the background

Total Sugar: 21g – Or 5.36 Teaspoons

Louise’s mid-afternoon snack was a Muller yoghurt – and it must be said they’ve become a staple of her office snacking routine with a six-pack arriving at least once a week.

The fact she managed to throw half of the fruity yumminess over her t shirt whilst on the phone to a web designers we’re currently reviewing might be a silver lining. All that sugar soaking into the fabric rather than her bloodstream is a good thing, right? I just hope she reacts with the same professionalism she did to her accident when reading this breakdown of her days sugar consumption.

Thursday 29th March 2018

Wednesday I and my malicious notebook were out of the office trying to get some decent photos to inspire our readers to enter the Web Design Review West Yorkshire Photographer of the Year 2018 competition we have just launched. So, my colleagues were spared my forensic examination of their sugar consumption for a day!

On the subject of forensic examinations, I (or more to the point, my photos) were subjected to one Thursday morning. One look at the competition post will tell you my photos didn’t quite make the cut – this despite taking my life in my hands in a field attempting to showcase the beauty of the Yorkshire Dales. I learned 3 vital lessons during my day as a photographer:

1) Enter a field containing cows and they may show some interest in you. I’d put being surrounded by 8 cows having a sniff of you and mooing away in the same league as sitting in a delivery room as you witness the ‘miracle of life’.

2) When in said field, whatever you do, watch where you’re walking. Cow pats aren’t dried at this time of year and leave a rather revolting aroma for you to discover as you navigate the 20 miles home.

3) I’m absolutely useless at photography!

Heinz Baked Beans In Tomato Sauce – 415g Tin

portion of heinz baked beans with a set of weighing scales and a pile of 20 grams of sugar and a tin of heinz baked beans in the background

Total Sugar: 20g – Or 5 Teaspoons

It took me less than an hour to have an opportunity to whip out my notebook again – this time courtesy of Nicola. In training for a Three Peaks Challenge for charity she sat down to a breakfast of good, old beans on toast, complete with wholemeal bread to ensure maximum health benefit.

Unlucky Nic – the bad news is your ‘healthy’ breakfast contains more sugar than my bacon and fried egg sandwich! Heinz may mean Beanz, but they also mean massive sugar content too! All that said, a few tins before the run and she’ll have energy to burn.

Innocent Kids Mango And Pineapple Smoothie – 180ml Pack

carton of innocent peaches and passion fruit just for kids smoothie with a set of weighing scales and a pile of 22 grams of sugar

Total Sugar: 22g – Or 5.5 Teaspoons

As soon as I checked this I wished I hadn’t. Louise is yet again our culprit and I’ll probably be facing a workplace bullying case by next week!

Louise has a habit of buying bits for home during her lunch break including bits for her boys and Thursday saw her pick up some smoothies. As she’s prone to doing, she decided to ‘test one, just to make sure it’s ok for them’ during the afternoon while she worked on creating some images for our blog posts.

It appears Louise’s thieving ways have come back to haunt her wouldn’t you agree?

Friday 30th March 2018

Good Friday may be a Bank Holiday but most of our team were hard at work Friday morning, none more so than me and my little black book of sugary sins. More than once a comment on ‘blowing the diet,’ ‘making up for those missed calories,’ and ‘deserving mountains of chocolate’ was passed. I just rolled my eyes, my little mind awash with schemes to destroy their Easter treat plans.

It was tough guys, but I resisted the urge to spill and jump on a sugary soapbox to deliver a sermon the Pope would be proud of.

Cadbury Mini Eggs Easter Egg – 130g

broken cadbury easter egg and group of mini egg sweets with a set of weighing scales and a pile of 74 grams of sugar and a cadbury mini egg easter egg box in the background

Total Sugar: 74g – Or 18.5 Teaspoons

You can’t fault our boss here at Web Design Review. The Christmas night out set him back over £500 so maybe he erred on the side of caution by giving us each an Easter Egg to reward our hard work. Louise announced her plans to give hers to the boys to share (I’m not including that to try stop you making a formal complaint about bullying Lou, honestly – it’s just a lovely thing to do!)

But one of our designers, James, couldn’t hold back and dived straight in. James recently quit smoking for health reasons and was a big supporter of the ‘Change To Skimmed Milk’ campaign so likes to think he’s a healthy bloke nowadays. Maybe he’ll think twice about demolishing a full Egg and accompaniments in less than 5 minutes next year, now he can see just how much sugar is in them!

Old Jamaican Ginger Beer – 330ml Can

can of old jamaica ginger beer with a set of weighing scales and a pile of 50 grams of sugar

Total Sugar: 50g – Or 12.5 Teaspoons

You’ll never get me drinking this stuff! Far too bitter for me and for that reason I didn’t bat an eye when Luke cracked one open shortly before lunchtime.

So, imagine my shock when I realised it contained more sugar than a can of Coca-Cola. The very same Coca-Cola Luke has repeatedly chastised me for drinking as it’s ‘drinking pure sugar that mate’! My quick venture to his desk to look at the image he was designing had yielded far better results than I’d anticipated and, yet again, Web Design Review’s very own Body Beautiful was on the naughty list.

Chicken Sweet & Sour Takeaway – 500g Large Portion

a portion of sweet and sour chicken with a set of weighing scales and a pile of 90 grams of sugar and a sweet and sour icon in the background

Total Sugar: 90g – Or 22.5 Teaspoons

It’s not unusual for colleagues to have WhatsApp groups these days, and we’re no exception. We use it to share ideas, designs and crucially, have a bit of a laugh. Nicola was trying to have a laugh sending us all a photo of her Sweet & Sour Takeaway. An attempt at inspiring jealousy Nic?

Yet the joke’s on her I reckon as I couldn’t resist checking out the average sugar content of a Chicken Sweet & Sour from a Chinese Takeaway. I distinctly recall receiving a lecture on my weekly ritual of a fish supper being unhealthy. One doesn’t like to gloat…….

Sweet Nothings Or A National Scandal?

Safe to say, the publishing of this blog will probably lead to a rather awkward few days. The health obsessed know-it-all’s will hopefully be silenced, and I can enjoy my cans of Coke and fish suppers in peace.

My biggest concern if I’m honest is if Louise is upset and tells her mum. I met her a few months ago and, to be honest, she’s rather scary!

On A Serious Note

But in all seriousness, what is truly scary is the level of sugar in our favourite foods and drinks, and the fact companies hide this from us with clever labelling. As a parent I like to think I’m conscious of what my one year old consumes and limit his sugar intake. But discovering the sugar content of baked beans was frightening. All jokes aside the amount of sugar in popular foods should not just be made obvious, but in some cases, regulation should be the answer.

Whether the Government and in particular, Public Health England’s efforts to force these companies to change the amount of sugar they put in our food remains to be seen. Some have tried finding loopholes to get around the newly imposed Sugar Tax. Public Health England have long warned of soaring levels of much sugar they are consuming.

One solution many propose is the use of artificial sweeteners, and at first glance the idea has merit. However studies have shown that help cause weight gain and obesity. In fact, I’ve found that using sweeteners in drinks such as tea and coffee as a replacement for sugar made them less enjoyable. As a result my consumption of soft drinks (and therefore sugar) actually increased dramatically. So coffee with two is the healthiest option for me!

It is to the credit of Public Health England and other Government bodies that this issue is now being tackled. I’m sure my colleagues will agree with me that there is more to do in both the regulation of companies and the education of consumers.

Was You Shocked By The Amount Of Sugar In The Above Food?

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You’ll not be surprised to learn that Web Design Review HQ is a hive of activity. Especially given the amount of sugar the team consume every day! We spend those days completing in depth research and reviews into web design companies operating across the length and breadth of the UK. We conduct this research so you don’t have to. Saving you and your business time, effort and money.

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