Geeky Reasons To Use Social Media For Ecommerce Marketing?

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infographic about ecommerce websites and the geeky reasons why you should use social media marketing in 2019

banner about ecommerce websites and the geeky reasons why you should use social media marketing in 2019
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Social media has become ingrained into every part of our lives. We like, share and check-in everywhere. It’s now being employed as a handy tool for ecommerce marketing

The 9 Main Reasons

1) Crucial Numbers

  • 92% of business owners agree that social media is important for their business. It offers exposure to an easily accessible audience.
  • World wide there are over 920 million active social media users. This is across the platforms of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like.
  • By the end of this year this number is expected to reach 2.6 Billion!

2) Clever Targeting

Social Media has adapted to cater to advertising and marketing. It enables you to target ads at your preferred demographic. This is exponentially easier than appealing to the masses and hoping it reaches your target.

  • In fact, 95.8% of business said Facebook produced the best ROI.

3) Personalisation

Users of social media are willing to put a staggering amount of personal information online. This makes it the easiest platform to personalise ads to a specific demographic.

  • 61% of customers are more likely to buy if the company delivers quality content.
  • 73% Will give personal information in return for relevant content.

4) Maintaining Relationships

Social media enables you to be more personable with your customers. You can write informal appealing content as well as share other relevant content. The average user spends 1 hour 40 minutes scrolling through their timeline.

It’s likely that they’ll find the content that appeals to them and revisit.

5) Brand Awareness

Social media has made it extremely accessible to share information. This is beneficial for your brand awareness as existing customers can share and tag you in posts for their friends to see.

  • 26% of global internet users watch branded videos.
  • Videos generate 40% more traffic to sites.

6) Customer Support

Social media has brought the age of instant messaging into the mainstream. Customers now expect almost instant replies. The time of waiting days for an email or letter has past.

  • 67% of consumers turn to social media for customer support.

7) Cost Efficiency

Social networks are, in essence, a completely free platform. There are added extras such as ‘boosted posts’ which cost. But this cost is miniscule in comparison to traditional advertising methods.

  • These miniscule costs add up to a staggering average of around £25.14 Billion annual revenue across the platforms!

8) Higher Ranking

Social media can positively affect your SEO ranking in quite a large way. Generating leads from social media link clicks can see you climb the ranks.

  • 40 Is the optimal character number to entice people through your media posts.

9) More Conversations

Social Media is encouraging more conversations between marketers and customers. The channels offered are a much easier form of communication than the standard ‘[email protected]’ email.

  • 1 in 10 online purchases comes through social media.
  • 78% of consumers say social media has directly influenced their decision to purchase a product.

Long Story, Short…

Social media can be used as a gateway to an extensive audience. One which can be categorised and targeted with relevant content. It’s features are growing more to accommodate ecommerce pages every year. So, if you aren’t already on it, Why not?

Let us know in the comments section below how you use social media as either a consumer or marketer!

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infographic about ecommerce websites and the geeky reasons why you should use social media marketing in 2019

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