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So, you’ve built your website!

Congratulations this is one of the best tools you have, whether it is used for promoting a product, idea or you simply wanted to put something out there.

You’ve perfected your target audience and built traffic, don’t loose them to a painfully slow speed.

Reasons your website is moving at a snails pace

1) Social Media Buttons

Social Media is a very useful tool in promoting your website, it offers your readers a fast and effective way to share your material with others.

The social media buttons often found on websites can however, have the detrimental affect of slowing down your sites load time.

2) Ad Network Code

Your ad network can be a great source of passive income from your site. If you’re going to have an ad network, be sure to do your research and find one that will optimise your speed and not slow it down.

3) Analytics Tags

Your analytics tags can provide valuable information about your users or customers. Keeping your Ad network code updated can ensure it doesn’t become a drain on your load speed.

4) Java Script Based Functionality

Java script is employed by most websites and is constantly improved. Its created an interactive user experience for many websites, but poorly written code can slow down a website features and load speed.

5) Big unoptimised images

Images are a useful feature to have on your site, they break up large bodies of text and convey a story at a glance.

When using images, the larger, more complicated files are often slower to load. Using a simple format such as .JPG is an effective way to combat this.

6) Overstuffed HTML

Html is one of the most common and overlooked offenders of a slow site. Regularly cleaning up your inefficient or obsolete structures will tackle this drain on your speed.

7) CSS Poor Stylesheets

CSS can be used to utilise a beautiful and manageable site.

However, using an unoptimised or outdated version is a common culprit for slow loading pages. Research the best stylesheet for your site and eliminate any unnecessary elements.

8) Unprofessional JQuery

JQuery is a much more convenient way to run Java script using shorter lines of code, this can come in handy for many reasons especially if you’re regularly updating your site.

When using JQuery be sure to avoid unprofessional elements that can slow down the site.

9) Subpar DNS

When choosing your DNS server be sure to shop around for the most compatible with your site to optimise the speed. Not giving much thought to your DNS can often slow down the features of your site.

10) Hosting Across Too Many domains

Having many domain names can enable parallel downloads. The flip side of this is that it can take much longer to reach the DNS server and slows down your page.

Try not go crazy when buying unnecessary names such as misspelling.

11) Overlooking G-Zip Compression

Using G-Zip compression saves bandwidth, download and retrieval time. Ensuring your users (along with a modern browser) a clean, efficient and fast experience on your site.

12) Bad Queries

Avoid using bad queries, does your query satisfy its request? Is it returning the right information within a reasonable timeframe? If not, it may be time to rewrite.

13) Poorly Written Server Side Code

Server side code grants each user with a customised experience, returning their individual requests within your site. A poorly written code can increase the time each request is returned leaving the user frustrated.

14) Improper Expires or A Cache – Controlled Header

There are many ways improper expires or cache can interfere with a user experience of your site, prematurely logging out being one. Using the most efficient script not only ensures and easy ride for the user but a more timely, efficient site.

15) Outdated Server Side software

As with poorly writer server side code an outdated software can take precious seconds responding to requests, keep your users interested and keep it updated.

16) Third Party flash and Java Plug in

If you’re using plug ins to add fresh elements to your site, such as search engines you’re unfortunately compromising your speed. Plug ins can be a necessity but make sure you aren’t going over board, use them for the essentials and save your prized seconds

Final Thoughts

You probably understand the importance of being online today. But the truth is that having a site for your business simply isn’t enough. According to credible research, there are some alarming facts about speed that you have to understand when it comes to creating a business channel online.

For example, almost half of all your visitors will expect your landing pages to load in under two seconds! You’ll make a poor impression if it takes any longer. Furthermore, 40% of your visitors will leave in frustration and go elsewhere if they have to wait for any longer than three seconds. Breaking it down even further, 14% of your visitors will shop elsewhere if they get irritated at your slow loading speeds, and more than half of online customers will not remain loyal if your site takes an age to load.

In fact for every 1 second your website takes to load your customer satisfaction rate drops by 16%! You could improve your websites conversation rate by a whole 14% just by speeding your site up by 1 second, which is astonishing.

As you can see it’s a big problem, and one that will leave you missing out on a whole bunch of profit. With this in mind, let’s take a look at all the different ways a slow website can damage your sales.

Slow Loading Websites Cost Sales

Many issues can arise through slow loading pages on your website. Honestly, there is no excuse in this day and age, given how easy it can be to make straightforward and effective changes. A slow website will be more than likely to result in a slow business, which nobody wants.

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infographic about 16 reasons why your website is running slow

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