Your Google Ranking – The Reasons To Plan For The Long Haul

Posted on 1 March, 2018 by Paul in

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Following our recent blog posts on how to improve your ranking in Google and other search engines, today we are exploring the reasons why, unfortunately, you need to plan for the long haul.

As great as it would be to be on Google’s first page in response to a search getting there isn’t an overnight process. We’ve explored why and share those reasons with you.

The 8 Reasons SEO Takes Time

1) SEO Is Constantly Evolving

Google alone change their algorithms 500-600 times each year, that’s nearly twice every day! Because of this you’ll need to be alert to what those changes are and adapt accordingly.

2) Rankings Take Time

Google themselves have advised it takes between 8 and 12 months to see tangible results from a good SEO strategy. Therefore, don’t get disheartened after a few weeks.

3) SEO Is Competitive

It’s worth remembering that you won’t be the only business trying to improve their SEO. The industry was worth in excess of £40 billion in 2016 so neglecting your SEO, even for a short period, can prove very costly.

4) SEO Returns Will Compound

SEO grows over time and will rise month on month as the effort you’ve put in the previous month counts in your favour.

5) SEO Is A Form Of Advertising

SEO should be classed as a key part of your marketing strategy. Ranking amongst the upper elechons on Google will increase your exposure to consumers.

6) Freshen Your Content To Please Google

A key part of an SEO strategy is both posting new content on your site but also updating old content. Google is known to reward this.

7) Abandoning SEO Is Costly

It’s easy and understandable to get downhearted after a few months working hard on your SEO and seeing no results. However you should not just quit. Doing so means all the time and money you’ve invested is wasted.

8) Keep SEO Constant

Your SEO strategy needs to remain constant as stopping and starting will negatively impact your rank.

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As we have seen the key to SEO is consistency over time. Stay diligent and stick with it because the rewards of a ranking on the first page of Google can be enormous.

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