Unmasking SEO Myths Ready For 2019

Posted on 17 March, 2018 by Rachel in

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Updated 23rd August 2018

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There are lots of conflicting facts surrounding SEO. It’s constantly evolving and site owners need to be on top of this if they wish to keep ranking.

11 Myths Unmasked Ready For 2019

1) Google Isn’t actively checking My Website

Google bots crawl through every single page checking for red flags. These can include broken backlinks, spam activity and low-quality content.

2) If I Do Everything Right, I’ll Rank On The First Page Of SERP’s

If an agency guarantees you the first page of a SERP, it’s likely not to be a reputable company. Ranking takes patience and long-term commitment. There is no guarantee.

3) My Site Doesn’t Have Ecommerce So It Doesn’t Need To Be HTTPS Encrypted

Google is now using your HTTPS status as a ranking factor as a way to safeguard their users. Whether your site has ecommerce or not, it’s best to get it encrypted.

4) I Don’t Need To Optimise My Images

Google isn’t able to read images yet. Adding accurate titles and descriptive alt tags significantly helps your SEO rankings.

5) Social Media Has No Effect On My Rankings

All exposure is good for your rankings. Link clicks on social media and shares which enable others to view your content does help your SEO ranking. It’s also a convenient way to share your pages.

6) I Have To Use Keywords As Many Times As Possible with My content

If you over stuff your page with keywords google views your page as low-quality content. This can harm your ranking. Do use relevant key words and phrases.

7) Users Will Figure Out where They Need To Go On My Website

If there are broken links or dead ends in your navigation system, Google will pick up on this. Use a clear and simple navigation menu with broad categories and subcategories.

8) I’m A Small Business, I’ll never Rank Anyway So What’s The Point

It’s very possible to rank within local searches, even as a small business. Google has recently made local SEO a big priority. Be consistent and patient and you may rank highly.

9) Nobody’s Looking at My Site On Mobile

Mobile browsing is increasing rapidly and has been for several years. Even if you believe nobody is viewing your site on a mobile at the moment, there’s a high chance they will begin to soon. Stay ahead of the game.

10) I Paid For SEO Once I’m Done, Right?

SEO is always evolving and improving. To continue ranking, you need to be consistently improving and evolving along with it. This may mean investing more money at times.

11) There’s No Way I could Keep Up With All The Changes Happening In SEO

It can seem challenging to keep up with all the changes. However, there are hundreds of blogs that break these changes down in to manageable techniques.

Final Thoughts

SEO is an extremely important factor to your website, whether that be ecommerce or not. As an ever-changing concept it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Use these points as a basis for your sites improvement. Let us know in the comment section below what approaches you’ve employed and how they’ve worked for you.

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infographic about unmasking seo myths ready for 2019

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