How To Choose A Web Design Company: 5 Essential Questions in 2019

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Planning to hire the best web design and development company to bring your ideas to life? Well, you need to read this helpful article first before taking a step in the right direction.

Making the right choice when choosing a website design company for your business, no matter how big or small it is, can be difficult. Just going to Google and typing in “web design company” brings back thousands of options, that at face value, all appear exactly the same.

You’ll probably try to narrow your search (maybe by taking a look at the top 10 UK web design companies), and start looking at each portfolio. This is a fab start, but will only give you a partial picture of the value they can provide in growing your business.

So, in addition to exploring their previous work you should find out the answers to the questions below, before making an order. Getting solid answers to these 5 questions can help minimise the risk that your website design project will have issues, go over budget, or provide little to no value for growing your business.

Questions To Ask Before Deciding On a Web Designer

We aim to prevent the risk of you choosing the wrong agency, as that could be a pitiful waste of time and money. To protect you and your business against that potential mistake, it’s important to know and understand how a a web design company can meet your criteria.

1. What is the fully inclusive cost for my website?

Unless you are a large or established business, we suggest you seek out companies with flat project based pricing. If you are a startup or small business, you probably don’t have a huge budget. You’ll want to make sure you get a final cost for the project prior to beginning work so you’re not hit with surprise additional costs.

It’s important to be aware of clear payment terms and a billing procedure for extra features or work outside the project’s initial scope. This way, you can guarantee that your deadlines and budget will be met.

2. Can you talk me through your process?

Having a distinct and easy to follow process is critical for your websites success. If a company has a clear process, this shows a great sign of reliability, consistency and attention to quality. A website design and development process usually includes key steps: research, planning, site development, design, testing and launch.

While asking questions, do remember to ask who will be the specific person you will be in touch with throughout the creation of your website, as most companies have project managers.

3. How long has your company been in business For? Tell me about your team?

You should want to stick with your web design company for a while. Generally, it can be difficult for development teams to get into other’s work. There is extra time and work that will cost you money, if this is the route you have to take. So, you want to work with a firm that isn’t going anywhere.

Big or small teams both have their pros and cons. Typically, the smaller the firm the lower the costs. However, size has it’s advantages. If one employee at a large firm is ill, there are other workers there to pick up the slack. I suggest picking a firm that is made up of 6 or more employees. At 6 + employees, a web development firm should have at least two designers and two developers. It’s an insured layer of protection for your project.

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4. Will the site be responsive across all devices and browsers? 

Did you know over 50% of all websites are now viewed on mobile devices? Your website should be built to be mobile ready. These days, that means that the site is “responsive.” This means the site design changes (responds) to the dimensions of the screen on which it is viewed.

If a company do create their websites to be responsive from the get go, you’ll probably, but it’s best to be sure.

5. Do you offer a warranty or maintenance service? 

Think of it this way, a website is like a car. It requires ongoing maintenance and support, while you have to change the oil.

Every day the web is changing. Web browsers are being updated, new viruses are being born and new functionality is being introduced. Your site may function beautifully today, and be broken tomorrow. You need to prepare yourself for ongoing costs. It’s handy to know how the firm you’re going to hire for your website development is going to handle that.

Ready To Chat With Web Design Companies?

Well there you have it, some major questions you should ask before hiring a web design company. Now you can ensure you get a result-oriented partner to help you get the desired results based outcome.

Visit our reviews of the UK’s best web design companies to find the right web design team for you.

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