Optimising For Mobile – 10 Tips To Make Your Site As Effective As Possible

Posted on 5 March, 2018 by Rachel in

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The opportunity to create your own business has come on leaps and bounds since the dawn of the internet. Personal computers have allowed anyone with a fantastic idea to connect with others and get it out there. Over the past decade this fast-paced, modern approach to business has advanced even further with the advent of the mobile device. These pocket-sized marvels have allowed us to both run our businesses and feed our consumerism on the go.

10 Ways To Take Advantage

Here are our top 10 tips for taking full advantage by optimising effectively in the age of the mobile business.

1) Keep Content Short And Sweet

Mobile devices for browsing are convenient to use when out and about or if a user wishes to look up a piece of information fast. Think about the message you’re trying to convey and make it concise and to the point.

2) Carefully Plan Your Layout

What looks appealing and easy to navigate on a desk top isn’t always optimal for a mobile device. Have a play around with designs, with particular emphasis on the navigation. If it becomes less convenient, chances are your visitors will look elsewhere.

3) Create For Multiple Devices

Don’t isolate a large portion of the population by only catering to one device brand. Mobile emulators can be accessed online at no cost and allow you to optimise your display to any given brand and screen size. Be thorough in your testing. Be aware that just because it works for an Android device, it may not work for an iPhone or iPad.

4) Make It Thumb Friendly

This point also leans heavily on the convenience a user is expecting when browsing a website on a mobile device. Your navigation tools should be large enough that they can be operated with a thumb without the risk of pressing other buttons. Having to zoom in is an inconvenience that should be avoided.

5) Use Mobile Icons

Mobile icons allow the user to scan the text for call to action buttons, rather than sifting through for the link to ‘message you’. Adding call to action buttons for visitors to share your content on social media is also a gentle encouragement for your users to easily share content they find interesting or useful.

6) Make Contact Details Visible

As with mobile icons, your contact details should be displayed clearly and easily visible at a glance. If your users are also customers, you may find that they wish to carry out their transactions over the phone or more directly via email. You may have readers who want to offer more private feedback on a topic you’ve covered. Make this an easy option.

7) Provide a Link To Your Main Site

Although you’re optimising your site for mobile devices, there may be users who want to access more information via your main site. Give them an accessible option to navigate over.

8) Keep Branding Intact

A key component of branding is its ability to be recognisable at a glance through colour scheme, logo and content. Keep your mobile optimised site consistent with your main site and any other aspect of your business or product.

9) Go Easy On Images and Graphics

A slow loading site isn’t appealing to users looking for convenience. Studies have shown over half of users will leave a site that fails to load in just 3 seconds. Large or heavy images and graphics take precious seconds off your load time. Images themselves are a quick way of both drawing attention and conveying a message quickly, just limit them to the necessary.

10) Optimise For Mobile SEO

Adding keywords to your SEO that specifically target mobile users, such as their mobile behaviour is a very easy way to further expose your mobile site. Stay on top of changing trends and regularly update your SEO to work best for you.

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Use these tips as the basis of designing your mobile site and don’t get left behind tethered to the desktop. If you think there’s something we’ve missed then we’d love to hear it or let us know how any of the above work out for you! Contact us via our Facebook page or tweet us.

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