Online Shopping Gone Wrong: The Most Regrettable Purchases!

Posted on 21 March, 2018 by Bekki in

split screen of a wollen blanket advertised with a family and a pile of unwoven wool that somebody recieved

Online shopping: as a consumer it really is a love/hate relationship!

While yes, the ability to shop without stepping a foot outside of your home is convenient and the prices can be second-to-none, it’s hard to deny the many downsides that crawling the world-wide webs retailers, can bring.

Even if you’re the savviest of shoppers, we’ve all probably learnt by now that expectations don’t always meet reality.

It’s quarter to twelve at night and you’re laid in bed exploring the wish app, and oh hello what’s this? A seemingly lovely dress for just £3 – straight into the cart! And so, you wait a whole month for Hong Kong’s equivalent to H&M’s finest to show up in the post.

You eagerly rip it apart from its plastic packaging and…and it’s 5 sizes too small?! Relatable?

The Most Regrettable Purchases From fooled online shoppers:

We have compiled a list of some shocking, yet hilarious times when online shopping proved that sometimes, it’s best to brave the cold and visit the high street after all.

1. Beauty products these days

a face mask that wasn't made for an actual face because its way too small and only fits across forehead

2. Top Tip: Always check the measurements

womans dress looks nothing like it did on the model and is 5 sizes too small

3. Some things are just too good to be true

someone paid £10 for a doll chair they expected to be a desk chair

4. A lovely family blanket from Wish…

Family buys what they expect to be a nice blanket from wish, instead its just a tiny piece of material

5. Ebays Equivalent to 50 Shades of Grey

woman expects to receive 50 shades of grey book but instead just gets sheet of paper showing the actual shades of grey

6. Ebays Best Fashion

woman orders dress off ebay which looks nothing like it does online

7. ‘Picture to scale’ should have been believed

miniature scales which were probably not as expected

8. T-shirt online vs reality

online stock image shows shirt with large print, whereas in reality its tiny

9. Unrealistic dog bed from Amazon

dog bed ordered from amazon turns up unrealistically small

10. This F**king mug!

popular mug has letters messed up so it doesn't make any sense

11. The worst online dress fail

a woman ordered a nice dress online and it looks nowhere close to how it was modelled

 12. Puggin awesome tapestry

misleading tapestry with wave design made up of pugs

13. Questionable tank top from Amazon

a mens normal tank top was ordered from amazon but turned up as a dress

14. When a thoughtful gift goes terrifyingly wrong – Boyfriend pillow with unexpected print

misprinted boyfriend pillow distorts his face in horrifying way

15. Dinosaur pillowcase with child included

unexpected pillow case design shows child using the pillow

16. Trendy New ‘Yeezys’

someone buys yeezy trainers online but instead gets cheap slippers

17. Slender-Man Teddy Bearteddy bear purchased online comes with unusually long legs

18. EBay Halloween costume – Not quite as advertised

Halloween costume that doesn't resemble what it looks like online

19. Unfortunate necklace error

necklace spelling mistake spells 'hoeless' instead of 'hopeless'

20. ‘Lion costume’

lion costume for dogs is ordered online but doenst look anything like its supposed to

That’s all folks, remember to stay suspicious online! If you manage to fall victim to any similar shopping scams, remember to share it with us so we can have a good laugh 😀

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