Setting Up A New Website? What Should You Ask Your Web Designer?

Posted on 17 February, 2018 by Paul in

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Here at Web Design Review our business is to help you find the web designer who best suits your needs. It’s a very competitive field these days and with so much choice it’s easy to get confused and receive conflicting advice. This blog aims to explain what you need to ask companies before you go ahead and hire them.

What Is Included In The Package You’re Buying And How Much Will It Cost? 

There are a wide variety of services offered by web designers. These go from the very basics of creating a design and making the website for you, to the more technical services such as web hosting and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). It also pays to check if the price covers the design and setup only or includes ongoing support.

Remember you are likely to want to make changes as your business develops so it is worthwhile investing in extra support. When agreeing the terms of the package it is ESSENTIAL to get all the details in writing. This prevents confusion and disagreements at a later date.

1) Web Hosting And Domain Names

Part and parcel of setting up a website is the process of web hosting and registering a domain name. Web hosting is when you rent space on a web server for your page to be available to the general public on the internet.

Not all web design companies offer this service so keep it in mind as it is essential. A domain name is the name of your website online and allows it to be used in the URL. You can also use your domain name in your email addresses for the business creating more professional impression.

It’s worth asking the web designer if you will own the registration of the domain name as part of your agreement.

2) Location, Location, Location

Web design being the industry it is, face to face meeting between designers and clients are rare. Due to this it’s not essential to have a web designer who is based a few miles from you. That said it’s advisable to work with a company who are based in the same country.

It means you’re operating under the same laws and makes communication easier as you’ve no time zone differences to worry about.

3) Do They Have A Track Record?

It’s an easy thing to overlook but it can be a good indicator of a web designer’s abilities to check how long they’ve been in business for. That’s not to say new start ups should be avoided but it’s a sad fact not all web designers are in business long. A company who have been around a while are likely to be available in the future should you require further support.

4) What Work Have They Done Before?

A web designer whose own website does not contain a portfolio showcasing work they have done for previous clients should be avoided. When looking through a designer’s portfolio consider how those designs make you feel. Are the sites something you’d be proud to have showcasing your business?

5) Have They Any References From Past Clients?

One way of discovering whether a web designer is someone you could work with is to check with their previous clients. Ask them questions about the service you received, if they were satisfied and, most importantly, would they recommend them.

6) Do You Feel You Can Establish A Good Working Relationship With Them?

The web designer you work with needs to be someone you feel you can trust. The quality of the work they produce will impact on your company’s fortunes so make sure you feel comfortable working alongside them.

7) What Timescale Are They Suggesting?

You most likely will have a target date for having your website up and running online. Be sure to discuss this with your web designer so you both understand what your goals are. This way you both understand when tasks will be completed and timeframes are realistic and agreed.

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How Can Web Design Review Help You?

As simple as these steps outlined above sound, researching a number of web design companies can be a time-consuming process. That’s where we at Web Design Review come in. We’ve researched web designers across the UK and have broken down the services offered the 10 we would recommend. We have created a handy tool where you can obtain a quote based on your requirements in one single enquiry. It helps you save time and therefore money.

Every day we publish new blog posts on a variety of subjects. Most are discussing the technicalities of web design, marketing, social media and the like. However we do like to have fun and post the occasional light-hearted post. Keep in touch with us via our Facebook page or by following us on Twitter. All our latest content is available as soon as it’s published on our social media platforms.

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