Lunarbaboon Part 2 – Marriage and Relationships

Posted on 18 March, 2018 by Rachel in

image showing a drawn father and son laying on the surface of a grey moon looking up at a ombre purple to black sky

We’re obsessed with the blunt wit of Christopher Grady at the minute. His all too relatable web comic ‘Lunarbaboon’ is taking the internet by storm. So much so we recently published a parenthood collection of his web comics.

This time around we went a little different:

We’ve Collected Our top Ten Lunarbaboon Comics About Marriage And Relationships!

So sit back grab a cuppa and prepare to laugh.

Marriage is a living organism. It doesn’t stay still, it’s ever changing and adapting. Christopher has captured that change perfectly with these strips below:

1) Valentines

4 panel comic strip in shades of grey depicting a husband and wife talking about valentines gifts

There comes a point in your marriage where the pageantry of ‘special’ occasions just isn’t important anymore. You’d much rather save for that nice lamp you saw on Instagram than receive a bunch of flowers.

2) Wedding Day

6 panel comic strip n shades of grey depicting husband and wife looking at wedding photos

Maybe it’s been so long that you don’t even recognise your wedding photos! Has it really been that long!?

3) Sexy Beast

6 panel comic strip in shades of grey depicting a married coupllediscussing husbands looks

There’s no one like your life partner to tell you how it is and give you that pep talk when you need it. You’re a sexy beast after all…

4) Netflix And Chill?

5 panel comic strip in mostly greys with one multicoloured panel depicting a couple deciding to watch netflix instead of going out

We’re all guilty of this one even before accumulating years of marriage. It’s easy to put off activities in favour of Netflix. Afterwards, however, Netflix and chill takes on a different meaning.

5) TV?

8 panel comic strip in shades of grey depicting a married couple discussing what tv shows to watch

Been there! Oh! just imagine the betrayal of watching an episode without your dear spouse. That’s divorce talk right there!

6) Favourite Parent

6 panel comic strip in shades of grey depicting a married couple argue over whos best parent

Playing favourite parents is a thing. A competition which is taken very seriously. So, practice being the cool one now. In all honestly though dads can never compete with the “I birthed you” card

7) Sexy Time

8 panel comic strip in shades of grey depicting a man who thinks his wife is waiting for him but its his pet cat

Not quite what was imagined. Several years in and it isn’t what it used to be in the bedroom department!

8) Eating Out

Going out for dinner isn’t the same either. The getting to know you part is over. You’re just savouring the fact there’ll be no washing up at the end.


5 panel comic strip in mostly greys with a yellow and blue ikea logo depicting a married couple having alone time in ikea

Realistically when do you and your partner get time to sit and reconnect? With children? Rarely! It sounds a bit depressing…

10) Space

4 panel comic strip in shades of grey showing a married couple jetting off into space

But fear not! It’s not all bad news. Despite all these changes they’ll still be the only one for you and you couldn’t imagine being apart!

We loved this collection! Chris Grady’s minimalist style coupled with his easy going satire had us empathising on a personal level. You can check out The full Lunarbaboon collection over at Or check back here soon, when we hope to share some more of our favourites with you!

What did you think? Do you have a favourite? or one you think should be in our list?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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