Lunarbaboon Comic Captures Heartwarming Parenthood Journey

Posted on 11 March, 2018 by Rachel in

grey background with a simple white picture of a man and child with the word lunarbaboon written in white

Feeling The Sunday Blues? Lunarbaboon Will Lift Your Spirits.

These comics, named ‘Lunarbaboon’ are the brainchild of Christopher Grady a husband, father and elementary school teacher living in Toronto. His comics show the uplifting and sometimes hilarious journey that Chris and his wife have embarked upon with their two children.

Chris has expertly crafted loveable characters who share their all too relatable trip through parenthood.

Fatherhood is a journey. It comes with bumps and detours along the way. Christopher Grady perfectly captures relevant topics in a positive fashion through his minimalist styling.

In various interviews, Chris has often opened up about how Lunarbaboon came about. He has been very honest in talking about his struggles with depression and anxiety. When he rips scenarios and thoughts from his own life and puts them to paper to share with the world, Chris acknowledges that he is using his craft as a therapy tool.

We couldn’t think of a better way to wrap up the week than sitting back with a cup of tea and counting down our favourite strips.

1) Smashing male stereotypes, with humour and cake

six panel comic strip in shades of grey depicting a father who likes cooking

We love how the subject of male and female activities has been approached here.

2) You Love ‘em But Don’t Always Like ‘em

four panel comic strip in shades of grey depicting a father annoyed by his son eating pasta

Its true! Sometimes you’ve just got to admit your kid can be a pain in the ass. Chris doesn’t shy away from this sometimes-taboo topic that we can all relate to.

3) Teach Them Young

six panel comic strip in shades of grey depicting a father talking to his baby daughter about feminism

This might be my favourite. Despite the crying, we love the idea that Chris is pushing feminism right from the get go.

4) Listening And Respecting

six panel comic strip depicting a father teaching his son to respect his mother

This comic is so on topic right now. All credit to Chris for using his medium to tackle a current issue. Throwing in a little humour he’s managed to take this strip from quite a serious topic to fun and informative. What an amazing attitude to have and teach our children.

5) Nerd Alert!

four panel strip in shades of grey depicting a father teaching his son to learn from others

We just love the sentiment here and the unspoken connection between the father and son. Learning from each other and those around you is a bit of a running theme throughout ‘Lunarbaboon’

It was almost impossible to choose our favourites as there were just so many that made us laugh or brought a tear to our eyes. All very relatable, all on topic and all just beautifully created in 2-3 tone panels.
These were our favourites but there’s plenty more to lift and inspire you. Go check out the rest of the Lunarbaboon Webcomic and let us know what your favourites are. Leave a comment below or feel free to share with your friends.

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