Lunarbaboon Comics Provide A Hilarious & Heartwarming Guide To Parenting, Marriage and Relationships

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grey background with a simple white picture of a man and child with the word lunarbaboon written in white

Feeling The Sunday Blues? Lunarbaboon Will Lift Your Spirits.

The ‘Lunarbaboon’ comics are the brainchild of Christopher Grady and they’re taking the internet by storm lately. Christopher is a husband, father and elementary school teacher living in Toronto, Canada. His comics capture the often hilarious nature of family life, parenting and marriage.

Chris has created lovable characters who share their all-too-relatable journey through relationships and parenting. He has a talent for perfectly capturing relevant topics with minimalist styling and the web comics have attracted a huge following.

In interviews Chris has often opened up about how Lunarbaboon first began. He’s been very honest in discussions about his struggles with depression and anxiety. For Chris, creating the Lunarbaboon comics is a kind of therapy tool that allows him to creatively express his own thoughts and experiences.

We’ve collated 25 of our favourite Lunarbaboon strips and we can’t think of a better way to wrap up the week than sitting down with a cup of tea and sharing the fun with you.

Parenting Lunarbaboon Style

1) Smashing male stereotypes, with humour and cake

six panel comic strip in shades of grey depicting a father who likes cooking

Stereotypes for children is a hot topic these days. Boys can be mocked and bullied by their friends if they’re seen to be enjoying ‘girly’ activities. Chris tackles male stereotypes in a humorous manner, managing to get a perfect balance between the seriousness of the issue and a light-hearted twist. Who can argue with the idea that cake is the solution to almost every problem?

2) You Love ‘em But Don’t Always Like ‘em

four panel comic strip in shades of grey depicting a father annoyed by his son eating pasta

I don’t think there’s a parent alive that can’t sympathise with this one! Fussy kids, refusing to eat the food you’ve slavishly prepared for them, drive parents to distraction every day of the year. There’s no denying that you love your kids, but sometimes you want to do exactly what Chris has captured in this great strip – or maybe worse. When it comes to kids being a pain in the butt, there’s universal agreement that loving ‘em doesn’t mean you always like them all that much!

3) Teach Them Young

six panel comic strip in shades of grey depicting a father talking to his baby daughter about feminism

This strip is great, and one of my favourites. It highlights Chris’ stance against injustice in the world and promotes a kind of feminist view that every girl needs to embrace. Kids are never too young to learn to fight for what matters most, and it’s important they learn that it’s okay to be angry – at the right things!

4) Listening And Respecting

six panel comic strip depicting a father teaching his son to respect his mother

Teaching children about listening and respect is really important in this day and age. Chris has tackled the subject with humour that doesn’t take away from the seriousness of the issue. It has a great impact, reinforcing how parents should be demonstrating these things to their kids, not just telling them.

The fact that the strip shows the kid hero-worshipping his dad for his ‘moves’ is a perfect message to fathers everywhere.

5) Nerd Alert!

four panel strip in shades of grey depicting a father teaching his son to learn from others

When it comes to attitudes towards people who are perhaps a bit ‘different’, parents can learn a lot from this strip. It’s a sentiment that should be shouted from the rooftops at every opportunity.

The enthusiasm from the son has clearly been learnt from the father – and what makes it so powerful is that it’s not the attitude you’d probably expect. Comics have great lessons they can teach all of us, and Chris has mastered the art perfectly.

6) Unconditional Love

6 panel comic strip in shades of grey showing parents being cool about their son announcing hes gay

Kids deserve unconditional love, but often they don’t get it from their parents. This strip tackles a difficult issue in a way that’s quite hard-hitting. Your kids aren’t necessarily going to fit into the stereotypes you imagine for them.

The cool parents aren’t the ones who buy their kids great gifts and let them stay up late. The cool parents are the ones who accept their kids unconditionally and love them without limits.

7) Meaningful Compliments

4 panel comic strip in shades of grey and green depicting a father complimenting his daughters intelligence rather than looks

Chris’ comics are always on point when it comes to breaking down stereotypes. This one is a great reminder that whilst little girls may be princesses in their fathers’ eyes, they can be smart and professional, too.

Giving your kids compliments is a great thing, but make sure you’re not stereotyping them when you do. Girls can be doctors, engineers and CEOs, too! This strip reminds parents to never stop encouraging our kids to dream big.

8) Sharing

6 panel comic strip in shades of grey showing a daughter calling everything mine and father handing over bills

This is a real laugh out loud strip if ever there was one. What parent doesn’t remember their kids’ ‘mine’ stage with groans? (If yours haven’t got there yet, they will, and then you’ll understand!) The ‘mine’ stage seems to last forever, and most parents start to wonder if they’ve got the whole parenting thing right.

You want to teach your kids to share, but they don’t listen. So why not take Chris’ advice and hand over your bills when your little daring wants to call everything ‘mine!’. Sharing is caring, right?

9) Support Them

4 panel comic strip in shades of grey showing a father complimenting his sons gorey drawing

If you’re anything like me, every little thing your kids do will be a complete miracle in your eyes. Well, maybe not quite everything…but, hey, every kid has an off day. Chris’ strip is great advice for parents who might be tempted to be embarrassed by something their kid has done. Support them. Encourage them. Be proud of them. Even if they have drawn a crime scene…on your wall.

10) Don’t Raise an Asshole

6 panel comic strip in shades of grey showing a father teaching his son about acceptance and differences

Kids are like sponges when it comes to learning from the adults in their lives. What you do, they’ll copy, thinking it’s the right thing to do. Setting a good example, like the father in this strip goes a long way.

Teach them about love, acceptance and having an open mind, and you’ll set them up for life. Kids need to learn the difference between being cool and being an asshole!

11) Time to Yourselves

6 panel comic strip in shades of grey depicting parents sitting down for a rest while children play hide and seek

Sometimes parents need to get sneaky when it comes to making time for themselves. What better way to have a little grown-up time than playing a game of hide and seek with your kids! They go hide, you count…and ‘forget’ to go looking for a little while.

The kids will think they’ve found the best place to hide – and you’ll remember what it’s like not to be a slave to small humans for five minutes.

12) The Jokes Gotten Old

4 panel comic strip in shades of grey showing a man who appears to be telling the start of a cliche joke but is actually being factual

Labels and stereotypes have no place in the 21st century. This strip hits back at a world that tends to see minority groups as the joke material and reminds us that the world is a better place when we accept each other. This is something parents should teach their kids at every opportunity. People should never be the butt of jokes, not in this day and age. Jokes that poke fun at people hurt, and that’s not cool.

13) Powerful Women

6 panel comic strip in shades of grey showing an old woman mistaking a father teaching his daughter about madame curie for them having a tea party

There are plenty of powerful role models that parents can teach their kids about. Encourage your sons and daughters to dream big and tell them about the people you admire and respect. Inspire them with stories of powerful men and women who have changed the world.

You never know, your kid might go on to change the world because of it. Chris’ strip doesn’t just hit out at the ‘tea party’ stereotype, it offers a great alternative.

14) You Can’t Win

5 panel comic strip in shades of grey showing a father in an endless cycle of making snacks for kids and cleaning up after them

The cycle for parents of small children seems never ending. How do the kids manage to make so much mess in so little time? It seems like you only have to turn your back for a minute and they’ve created more chaos than you’d ever imagined possible. There’s no getting away from it, though. Kids are messy, but they won’t be little forever. The cycle will end. When they leave for university…maybe.

15) All The Time In The World

6 panel comic strip in shades of grey showing a father giving all his time to his kids

Make the most of every moment you have free to spend with your kids. That’s what they’re going to remember the most. Kids may ask for the latest gadgets and toys, but what they need most is your time, your love and your patience. Give it to them in abundance.

This is a message every parent needs to know, and Chris captures it perfectly. Time and love make for great parents and happy kids.

Marriage and Relationships Lunarbaboon Style

1) Valentines

4 panel comic strip in shades of grey depicting a husband and wife talking about valentines gifts

Valentine’s Day is a big thing for those early on in their marriage or relationship. Further down the line, though, you’ll get to a point where the pageantry of ‘special’ occasions isn’t all that important. Strong relationships don’t depend on flowers and chocolates but on companionship and love. Chris captures a relationship that is solid – but in an honest and humorous way, which is brilliant.

2) Wedding Day

6 panel comic strip n shades of grey depicting husband and wife looking at wedding photos

They say that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your relationship. On the day, you’ll think that you’ll never forget a single detail. Memories fade, though, and it can be fun to dig out the wedding photo album.

You might be surprised by all the things you’ve forgotten – though hopefully not like the characters in this strip!

3) Sexy Beast

6 panel comic strip in shades of grey depicting a married coupllediscussing husbands looks

In a relationship, you should be able to depend on your life partner to tell things as they are. We all have down days when we’re feeling fat and ugly and useless (at least I hope that’s not just me!).

Being in a relationship means there’s always someone there to give you a pep talk and an ego boost when you need it the most. Our partners know just how to put a smile back on our face.

4) Netflix And Chill?

5 panel comic strip in mostly greys with one multicoloured panel depicting a couple deciding to watch netflix instead of going out

Even without accumulating years of marriage, it’s great to be comfortable enough with someone to waste an evening streaming Netflix. In fact, it’s all too easy to put off other things in favour of Netflix. For married couples, Netflix and chill is a chance to spend time together, relaxing and not worrying about the demands of daily life.

5) TV?

8 panel comic strip in shades of grey depicting a married couple discussing what tv shows to watch

I’m pretty sure Chris was spying on me and my partner when he drew this strip. It’s astonishing how many bickering sessions have begun over not being able to find anything to watch on TV.

That’s without even discussing what happens when you discover that your partner has had the audacity to watch an episode without you. I’m sure that’s grounds for divorce for many couples!!

6) Favourite Parent

6 panel comic strip in shades of grey depicting a married couple argue over whos best parent

When you have kids, competing with your partner over who’s your kids’ favourite parent is a pretty serious competition. Parents will go to all kinds of extremes to win this one. Chris has nailed this situation in this strip.

I mean, there’s no dad on earth who can compete with the “I birthed you” card that mums get to play.

7) Sexy Time

8 panel comic strip in shades of grey depicting a man who thinks his wife is waiting for him but its his pet cat

This was so not what I was expecting at the beginning of the strip! Neither, I imagine, was it what poor man was expecting, either. This is a real corker of a comic that can’t help but make you laugh. Even the strongest relationships suffer in the bedroom department after years of marriage!

8) Eating Out

Getting to know someone over dinner is often the highlight of a relationship to start with. After several years, though, going out for a meal is more about not having to do the washing up at the end.

Conversation over dinner isn’t as important. It’s enough just to spend time together, with no pressure to impress your partner with witty conversation.


5 panel comic strip in mostly greys with a yellow and blue ikea logo depicting a married couple having alone time in ikea

For couples with kids, there are rarely any chances to sit down together and reconnect. When there are kids around, there’s always something that needs to be dealt with. This strip made me laugh out loud, though.

I’m fairly sure Ikea is the least likely place couples are likely to reconnect. In my experience, it’s more likely to be a place where divorce proceedings begin…

10) Space

4 panel comic strip in shades of grey showing a married couple jetting off into space

The dreaded, “I need space” conversation takes on a new twist in this hilarious strip. Relationships have their ups and downs, but the message in Chris’ Lunarbaboon comics is that choose what, you’re better together.

The World According To Lunarbaboon

That’s it, the end of our top 25 Lunarbaboon web comic strips. We’ve loved sharing our favourites from the Lunarbaboon comics with you. Chris Grady’s minimalist style coupled with his easy-going satire has had us empathising on a personal level, as well as laughing out loud. Hot topics dealt with in a humorous way is a great approach, in our opinion.

You can check out the full Lunarbaboon collection over at What did you think? Do you have a favourite or one you think should be in our list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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