10 Times Lunarbaboon Showed Us How To Parent

Posted on 1 April, 2018 by Rachel in

father and son silouhettes walking in distance across dark land at sunset with a sky and stars in oranges and purple

They’re your infants, your toddlers and your *gulp* teenagers but they’ll always be your baby. You both love them unconditionally and wish they’d shut up once in a while all at the same time. Don’t worry that’s totally normal.

Lunarbaboon is back to shower us in his fatherly wisdom.

Lesson 1: Unconditional Love

6 panel comic strip in shades of grey showing parents being cool about their son announcing hes gay

Its should go without saying. Your kids will love whomever they love. But unfortunately, not everyone is this cool. Accept it, love it, it’s not a big deal.

Lesson 2: Meaningful Compliments

4 panel comic strip in shades of grey and green depicting a father complimenting his daughters intelligence rather than looks

Smash the stereotypes, it’s 2018. Our little girls are engineers, doctors and CEO’s. Pretty and princess just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Lesson 3: Sharing

6 panel comic strip in shades of grey showing a daughter calling everything mine and father handing over bills

Have yours hit the “mine” stage yet? It’ll annoy you for a while and you may even feel you’ve instilled the wrong values. Remember sharing is caring. Hand over those bills and see if they still call everything ‘mine’!

Lesson 4: Support Them

4 panel comic strip in shades of grey showing a father complimenting his sons gorey drawing

If you’re like me, every little thing they do will be an absolute miracle in your eyes. It’s not a bad thing. You drew a crime scene? Oh my goodness, how precious!

Lesson 5: Don’t Raise An Asshole

6 panel comic strip in shades of grey showing a father teaching his son about acceptance and differences

Easier than it sounds. It’s not Freudian psychology, just set a good example. Love, acceptance and an open mind will give them a good start.

Lesson 6: Time to Yourselves

6 panel comic strip in shades of grey depicting parents sitting down for a rest while children play hide and seek

Oh Lord knows you need it! Get it where you can. Your tactics may be a little sneaky but needs, must. Send them hiding and taking a nap.

Lesson 7: The Jokes Gotten Old

4 panel comic strip in shades of grey showing a man who appears to be telling the start of a cliche joke but is actually being factual

Stop the labels. End the divides. We’re all one. Don’t let your kids fall victim to the age old “It’s just a joke…” line. They may just turn out to be assholes.

Lesson 8: Powerful Women

6 panel comic strip in shades of grey showing an old woman mistaking a father teaching his daughter about madame curie for them having a tea party

Teach our sons and daughters about powerful role models. Ms Curie would approve, if it wasn’t the radium thing…

Lesson 9: You Can’t Win

5 panel comic strip in shades of grey showing a father in an endless cycle of making snacks for kids and cleaning up after them

The cycle is repetitive, the mess is a pain in the ass. Leave it, they won’t be little forever, let the house be messy. Join in with the play instead.

Lesson 10: All The Time In The World

6 panel comic strip in shades of grey showing a father giving all his time to his kids

And finally, forget the brand name clothes, the newest consoles or the coolest holidays. In the end all that matters is your time. Give it in abundance and you’ll do just fine!

What Have We Learned?

Well, Christopher Grady, the genius behind Lunarbaboon, is the parenting guru we all deserve. They won’t always be little enjoy it while you can! We love his take on fatherhood and hope you do too!

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